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  1. Yes, I think Bengals will trust the rather young trio they have.
  2. thanks.. that's the Elephant in the room. inside Info? we can just guess what GMs think... so....anyone figure he STARTS? Bengals underachieved and ....is it good to cash out the QB backup? Well....perhaps but for WHAT? would you sell your CAR? Well.... what's the DEAL?
  3. I feel good about fisher's future. Ced O? He may be better at G. Whitworth is a LEADER but age ALWAYS catches up, so, not a long term. I'd think we look for VALUE, but not another high pick rookie. I do like Ohio St c/G Elflein. but not as a top 10 pick. We have to sweat keeping Zeitler.
  4. I REALLY hope the Bengals can keep and USE Burkhead. I was impressed with his play for Nebraska. RB is not only about size or speed. Burkhead has SKILLS to elude,to get an extra yard to see the daylight. Hill and Gino too often have tunnel vision, don't stretch out the run. I think the line has ABILITY but...at times I thought....why call THAT play? Is that how it's supposed to go?
  5. I want DIDI Westbrook rd 2. At #9,rd 1....."best athlete" is probably wise. a QUICK outside pass rusher? DE/LB? O-Line? We invested in High pick DBs... look good at TE, won't go backup Q that high. It could be a year for a big NT/DT as Peko is getting older and is a FA.
  6. QP? I'd say he's a superstar who LIKES his new teammates and their style. He's paid dues. He's not the first guy to join players he likes and respects. Also...I know N Cal.. have been in OKC. I'd rather spend my winters in N Cal. Free agent stars for YEARS have chosen where they want to play,in ALL major sports.
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