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  1. Being a complete douchebag is something you've crafted quite well over the years Fred. Supporting those that seemingly can't do what they are paid for and those that are not capable of being a decent human being is also a plus for you. Keep defending those types of results and people. I wish you the best. No worries mods, I'm out. Thanks again to Go for being a class guy.
  2. Nice to see things haven't changed with you Fred. Yes, Marvin has accomplished a lot more than me. Well at least from a financial perspective. He's been paid a sh*t ton of money to win a Super Bowl. With that being his main objective as a coach, you could argue that he hasn't accomplished sh*t. I served this country in our military for 20+ years and have fought in multiple wars. One might argue that I've accomplished quite a bit in my life to this point. So maybe he hasn't accomplished more than me ?? Either way, it's a piss poor comment to make to any poster here.
  3. Love Soundgarden and the music world lost an amazing voice. Audioslave was also another amazing band that he fronted. Still one of my favorites from their first CD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfF4t9-wpCM
  4. Marvin should worry less about how celebrations might impact the youth of this nation and more about how to win a f*cking playoff game. Maybe worry about how a lack of discipline on the part of his players has cost this team dearly ?? Hey kids, don't concern yourself with what it says when a player get arrested, just please don't ever celebrate a job well done. God knows that's what going to lead them down the wrong path in life. A little over the top ?? Sure, but still...
  5. I agree with the pick in regards to what it does for our offense. Taking him over other players available is arguable for sure. However, I don't think stats are going to be the real indicator in judging his success. His speed alone opens things up for other players. Are you going to go one on one with AJ or are you going to double him and chance that speed ?? Accounting for that speed also will be a thought in whether or not an opposing defense wants to try to stack the box. If they don't, that opens things up for our RB's. Also can't forget Eifert running down the middle of the field. There are many weapons and maybe Ross doesn't see the massive stats, but his speed will in fact make things easier for other who may.
  6. I have no problem with seeing someone who just accomplished something be happy about it. Hell, when I crush a meeting at work, I walk out the door pretty pumped up. People enjoy that type of excitement and passion in regards to the work they do. It may be just a sport for entertainment for fans, but to the players, it's their job as well. I suppose that could be different if I were working at a funeral home, but that's another story. Scoring a TD on a great play in front of thousands of people ?? Yeah, I'd be all sorts of stoked !!!
  7. Hey guys !!! Yeah, Go-Bengals has earned my respect for letting us have this conversation on their board. I will be sticking around and giving my thoughts on things here until the Zone is back up, if it comes back up at all. I see some posters from the Zone here already, so it will be like old times. Not being a moderator will certainly have it's pluses !!! FishHook was our call sign in Afghanistan, so I went with that here. Later guys...
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