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  1. Only FedEx Fields, M&T Bank Stadium, and Camden Yards.
  2. Lewis has minor health issue

    Hoping he has a speedy recovery.
  3. Corey Dillion Jeff Blake Takeo Spikes
  4. It's brilliant Dalton can lead a team from the brink of defeat! At the same time, to quote Peyton Manning: “You hear about how many fourth-quarter comebacks that a guy has and I think it means a guy screwed up in the first three quarters.”
  5. Yep. Just take a look at The Skins record for the past twenty years and see what overspending did for them: 5 playoff appearances and 1 bloody playoff win. And the years Was did make the playoffs the Skins didn't splurge during that offseason. Not a coincidence.
  6. Before The Belichick & Brady years The Patriots were on par with all the other mediocre to bad teams in the NFL. There success is very recent in relation to the overall existence and history of the franchise. And as for The Stealers? There's always an exception to any rule. Very few things are 100% guaranteed to apply to all situations. Sarcasm blasted.
  7. Well this explains a lot. According to this article fan loyalty promotes apathy from team owners. The teams that have the most success are ones with fickle fan bases? https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2016/07/the-curse-of-the-loyal-sports-fan/485594/?utm_source=atlfb
  8. Lewis Worried About Kids

    Dang man that's cold. Funny as all hail and true so that's all that matters. LOL.
  9. If Ross plays to his potential; accruing a 1000 yds and hauling in a myriad of touchdowns passes, no one is going to give two sods which part of the round he was drafted in. I agree with the pick. I'm a strong believer in drafting best player available over filling a hole with a player that is a reach at your spot.
  10. Lewis Worried About Kids

    I'm surprised The NFL brought back celebrations? Not that I'm complaining I thought a lot of them were brilliant. The most memorable one being Terrell Owens sharpie incident and Joe Horn hiding a mobile under one of the uprights to make a call after he scored a touchdown.
  11. Peko Bad Mouth's Bengals

    Yeah in the future. I don't see them winning any Superbowls in the next 2 to 3 years; the time Peko is on the team.
  12. Peko Bad Mouth's Bengals

    The Broncos may be talking about championships but they're a long ways away from one, let alone multiple titles.
  13. Bengals defense.

    They need to do something to get over the hump. Both sides of the ball were mediocre last year, with the offense finishing 15th and the defenses finishing 13th, despite the talent they have. Whether it's the D or the O, one of the units have to turn it up to 11, this season for The Bengals to make the playoffs.
  14. Like the versatility. Could be a steal if he makes the cut.
  15. Paul Doucherty is DEAD to me.

    Wow, I read he provoked her beforehand? If she attacked him first, for no reason, then she is just as bad.

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