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  1. 2018 NFL Combine thread

    I think he has just solidified himself as our 1st rd pick
  2. Coaching Staff Changes

    Marcus is being groomed to eventually take his fathers place as HC. You all know how Mikie likes to keep it in the family
  3. What Changes?

    Glad to see Marv got a new contract. I think all he needs is a little more time to put a Championship team together
  4. I had mentioned in the Coaching Carousel thread, that if the Bengals beat baltimore, Marvin will be back. I was told to shut my mouth. Looks like the way things are going I was right.
  5. Bengallifer18

  6. Coaching Staff Changes

    If the Bengals win next week. I bet Marv's not going anywhere
  7. Must be able to giggle in the face of adversity
  8. Gio and Eiffert ready?

    I hope Eiffert Can make it through camp w/o going on PUP
  9. This is all "fake News" by the liberal press .Eifert was never even injured . If the FO just keeps everything the way it is, it will all work out fine In Marvin We Trust
  10. We just need to show a little patience with Marvin, 14 years is hardly a large enough sample size to evaluate his success or lack of same.

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