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  1. I think they did a good effort tonight. I hope they come out ready to be good this year. They seem to be on the track and field. I think it is going to be a good fall season and part of winter season!! PS Marvin looking Pregnant. WHO DEY!!!!
  2. Not a stooler fan of course but that guy was walking like really bad don't want a man to be walking like that cause he got hurt I mean come on I thought he was walking better until I seen him walking last night he was walking so bad.. and it is sad to see someone walking like that after being able to walk and athletic and young. I don't care who it is it is sad. it affect his entire life and his family's life just so sad!
  3. I did not know he was still walking so bad. Goodness. I hope he continues to get better. GOD Bless Him.
  4. Come on Bengals get someone good who can play football without getting tired and needing to take breaks!! WHO DEY!!!!
  5. Red Zone he would bring much to the table 6'5" big body and with AJ Green he would be awesome, I think. He would have to get his form back from Missouri. I was hopeful we would pick him up in the draft right now we could easily pick him up I think he had a DWI in December.
  6. If Marvin does not succeed this year and is rehired I will ____________________________________ (fill in the blank)
  7. LOL Sure am, the Cincinnati Bengals of Hamilton County! WHOOP WHOOP!!
  8. It is clear Marvin is making all the right moves and showing already that he is supposed to be the HC for us for a very long time tender. Right choice right coach the best part of the off season so Far Marvin Lewis coming back and making his decisions on players and personnel known. BOOM YES!!!
  9. If we draft a QB that QB within in two years will be our starter this year is about all Andy Dalton's leash will allow. If he is struggling good chance he will be benched for another early. No more wobbly balls from Andy Dalton the excuses are over.
  10. Lamar Jackson is going to be our only chance to get into the playoffs.
  11. We really should keep Adam he has lost a step but he would be great for the young guys with his experience to learn from!
  12. I think you just walked into something here. Could you imagine if the NFL did mention a local business, without worrying about sponsorship money, but for example just a 10 second statement or clip of local business in that area. Especially where the stadiums are located. That would be pretty cool just run something right before halftime, that would be pretty cool. Check out John's Footwear or Erica's Hair Salon on East 10th Street Barboursville or something!
  13. HAHHAA that will be such a true statement in 62 years. You are smart person. Dilly dilly haha.
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