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  1. Worst thing ever to happen to the Bengals Jay Gruden.
  2. Biggest mistake in Franchise History to have Marvin Gone. Back to the 90's. Wrong Players made the team what it is.
  3. I don't know I think he might just be back for another season.
  4. I for one hope the man can walk again. Dirty yes, did he become hurt because of how plays football absolutely, but hopeful he will be able to walk again for sure.
  5. So Ben owns Cincy?

    Yes, I noticed this as well. I don't know I even searched it out and nothing appears in the actual page.
  6. So Ben owns Cincy?

    WOW. This is just embarrassing.
  7. It was absolutely a let down. The performance on the field was an embarrassment.
  8. George Iloka

    GI is probably my favorite player now... https://www.cincinnati.com/story/sports/nfl/bengals/2017/12/07/bengals-george-iloka-what-we-doing-then-were-not-playing-football-its-just-flag/931727001/
  9. I just don't understand it seems like the Refs and the League is just against us. The penalty on GIO was so bogus and changed the entire game, this one really hurts as a fan!
  10. AJ apparently has a cold. Hope he gets better, before the Super Duper Football Game on Monday Night. http://www.daytondailynews.com/sports/green-limited-bengals-practice-friday/5KrMMB5euBE3bPh43onONN/ Says limited, so hopefully not too bad, I know it is going around, mostly people who got Flu Shots cause I am pretty sure they put Virus in them shots to give you the flu during flu season even though they say they prevent the flu.
  11. The last time he was in he came limping off the field did not see him since, I would think something to do with the foot or toe, and also knee. I think his knee is not well enough and it is causing other issues with the foot area, but that is just my opinion. I guess like they say a Ford is good to look at but Lamborghini's are practical for everyday driving.
  12. 2017 Play off Picture

    that is called HollyWood HollyWood, Peter Griffin.

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