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  1. I think if we beat Pitt in Pitt then we have a legit shot. I wish KC would have won.
  2. one person jumped up and head butted smith penalty but off setting if that was 55 suspended 3 games. guaranteed.
  3. Smartness is good

    I like don't allow Gang Tackles.
  4. Smartness is good

    HAHAHAHAA.. Oh man nice..
  5. Very cool picture looks just like the Greats, Hendrix, Cobain, Morrison, Mamas and the Papas.
  6. Makes me think Career Ending. Something just is not right with his Genetics. He does not have Football Genes. That is the only reason I am not in the NFL, I don't have those Super Genetics.
  7. John Ross

    lol the best part of this this just might be true, nobody knows apparently lol.
  8. lol... I don't know what you are talking about.
  9. I am shocked by Billings performance, thought for sure he would be clogging up the middle with his size alone.
  10. LOL How can anyone not love this man! LOL!!!
  11. What will you be doing to fill some time since the Bengals are not going to be playing this Sunday watching other Teams? Taking the dog for walk? Going out to Eat? Mow the yard? Play the guitar? Start some trouble in the neighborhood? Go Fishing?
  12. One step closer!! Boom!!!!

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