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  1. Anyone going to Nashville. We have 6 of us heading down for the game. We have no car so are hoping to find a tailgate to crash. Happy to provide booze, money, even food, just don't have a spot to party ... There's one other group that responded in the Tailgate Section. Let me know!
  2. Flood

    Tailgait In Nashville November 12th

    Absolutely we can meet up. There's 6 guys but you guys are welcome to hang out if we can find something. I think it's only a 4 hour drive or so should be a few. was looking to see if there's a bus trip or something from Cincinnati.
  3. We are flying in from Toronto for an action packed weekend for my 40th birthday. Big Bengals fan. Looking to hook up with some fans for a tail-gait pre-game. We are flying in pretty light so won't have any gear with us or a vehicle, but are happy to supply beer, food, $$. We have a loft rented right down town across the river from the stadium. Even better if there is a group bus trip going down that would be good too, possible we could buy in without the transport or tickets. Let me know fans. We'll be there Thursday to Sunday. Who Dey!
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