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  1. He is very good wide receiver when he is given the chance and he was a dangerous returner in college. Has to be an upgrade over Ericson.
  2. Original fan '70

    Pick 21 Poll

    Three round guess Round 1: Da'Ron Payne Round 2: James Daniels Round 3: Justin Reid
  3. Original fan '70

    Coaching Staff Changes

    Mentioned the name before but what about John Fassel, Special Teams Coordinator for the LA Rams. If they do a real search, this is someone they should consider. We don't need re-threads like Hue and Jay.
  4. Original fan '70

    2018 Coaching prospects

    What about John Fassel, Special Teams Coach for the LA Rams for the next Bengals coach. He has a similar profile to Harbaugh and his units have been some of the best in the league. Don't think it makes sense to recycle Hue, Jay or Vance.

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