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  1. I think the Bengals are perfectly happy with Driskel and will try to trade McCarron during the draft if he returns. Dalton is safe until he has a year that has the the Bengals picking in the top five or his contract expires. Hell, if it wasn't for his little tantrum, we'd all be talking about trying to replace a retired Carson Palmer in the draft and Dalton would be playing someplace else. I think an offseason spent in Katy catching passes from Dalton would go a long way to building the chemistry the passing game needs. I think the players are there. I think it makes the most sense on all sides for Eifert (assuming he wants to continue his career) to accept that incentive-laden deal, and for the Bengals to tie all of his incentives to touchdowns. Forget snaps, games, awards. It's all about TDs with him. Use him on passing downs, in the red zone and in two-tight end sets. Jake Fisher is a huge question mark right now, but all indications at the time he was put on IR is that the team expects him back. Ogbuehi has been a disaster, but one thing he's really impressive at is when he pulls in the running game. Could he be moved to LG with Boling going to LT? Could Westerman start full time? I think Andre comes back to give them a solid, not great, option at RT and the Bengals head into the season hoping a new blocking scheme and running approach are what finally gets the talent to come out of their highly drafted tackles. They need to add at least one starting-caliber player to this line, most likely in the draft, but I'm not convinced it absolutely needs to be a tackle. If Quenton Nelson is there at #12 I think the Bengals will sprint to the podium, not even wait for Goodell and announce the pick. I would pick Price in a heartbeat if Nelson isn't there, and I sure hope the Bengals are thinking that way as well. However, I think Marvin's push to bring in better free agents could pay off at this position and the Bengals will either try to poach and opponent's starter and get Ryan Jensen, or look at a "local" boy done good in Weston Richburg. I'd be happy with either. This will be the easiest position to upgrade in free agency IMO. Both Dunlap and Johnson are free agents in 2019. Based on how this team drafts, they very well could take a DE in the first round. I think this could be the year to go DT with one of the first two picks depending on how the board plays out. Geno is a free agent in 2019. Absent an extension in the offseason, I think they'd actually franchise tag him. However, Sims, Billings and Glasgow are all just guys. I think you're right about this position. Midseason I was thinking this was the second-biggest position of need behind O-line. Maybe not so much now with how much Evans and Nickerson have progressed with some playing time. Moving Burfict to MLB could be the thing to fix this unit. I would say this is the position that could make the biggest impact on the defense as a rookie. The backups are garbage (Fejedelem got better, but still, yuck), and so if they see the top safety in the draft looking at them at #12, they need to make that pick. A good centerfield type safety that can lock down the back end in coverage would allow them to play around with moving Iloka or Williams up into the box to confuse QBs and shut down the run. We have two Kam Chancellors, we need an Earl Thomas. While Bullock wasn't losing us games, he is not anything to write home about. The list of free agent kickers is equally unimpressive. Janikowski anyone, Vinatieri? Didn't think so. There needs to be another camp competition though. Hopefully Adam Jones will be used more in this role since he's likely to see a greatly diminished role on defense. If I'm ranking the positions of need I'm doing it like this: O-line D-tackle Safety Linebacker D-end Cornerback Running back Tight end Kicker Wide receiver Quarterback

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