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    Bleacher Report listed a Stealers backup that started one game at center, two at left guard and one at tight end as the 25th center.
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    Free Agents tied to our new coaches.

    Jordan Matthews had his best year as a pro under Bicknell. Coming off an injury, I'm not sure he's a fit here.
  3. Richburg is a total Bengals sign. He missed a year with concussion but he's young and good with ties to the area. If they sign him I hope it's to a cheap deal and they hedge their bets. I really don't think the Bengals will go after anybody in that 10-12 million per year range but probably will sign a few guys in the 3-5 million range.
  4. Hey man, I really don't care if you don't agree with something, but don't twist words when they're right there for everybody to see. Your problem seems to be that I won't call Ogbuehi, Bodine and Fisher "Garbage NFL players" and blame everything on them. You act like I haven't offered a way to address the positions in the offseason, and seem to think I'm anointing them the starters right now. If you actually think Mixon was being the fall guy when he said his early struggles were because he wasn't used to running in a timing run game and was free lancing, and if you actually think the offensive coordinator being fired two games into the season because he drew up a playbook that couldn't score a single touchdown wasn't an issue, and if you actually think a longtime coach like Alexander and the team parted ways "mutually" because of anything other than a power struggle over how the running game was blocked, and if you actually think that it wasn't because of Lazor's changes that the running game finally started to take off and averaged over five yards a carry three times and more then four yards a carry twice in the last six games, well if you think all of that is true, then I guess maybe fixing the line is as easy as going out and plugging in three new starters. Or maybe it's a more complicated issue than that and you don't actually care to do any more research and just take the easy fix. And while I'm at it I'll throw a few more stats out there that show why I think the right move is to take a DT at No. 12 and not a LT — 4.61 and 4.15. The first is how many yards per carry the defensive line gives up on runs that went up the middle. That's good for 28th in the NFL, UGLY. The second is how many yards the Bengals gain when running off left tackle, good for 15th. Not great but not terrible. Something else to consider when evaluating needs, when an opponent needed 1-2 yards on 3rd or 4th down, they got it 70 percent of the time! YIKES!!! That's 25th in NFL ranking. When they Bengals ran up the middle they averaged 4.24 yards a carry (12th) and they were actually in the top 10 (8th) for fewest running plays that were stopped for negative yards or no gain. So sure, there's room for improvement, but the offensive line is not the team's biggest problem, the defensive interior is. Now I'd be much more on board with the team going out and spending 10-12 million a year to get a guy like Sheldon Richardson than I would with them spending the same amount on somebody like Nate Solder, Andrew Norwell or Ryan Jensen.
  5. I'm not sure why you're having trouble. We're in a thread about a "quick fix rebuild" where the OP wants to trade away AJ to get offensive linemen, and I think that's the wrong way to go about it. I also think going out and signing the highest priced free agents and using your first two picks in the draft are not the way to go about it, because I don't think the line is as bad as others. I did suggest taking linemen in the draft and signing one to two mid level free agents, so yeah I see a need to foster competition at the position but I also think it's possible Ogbuehi and Fisher win camp battles to start. You're right, I do blame coaching and scheme more for the offense's struggles throughout the early parts of the season, and the blocking scheme didn't change until around week 10 or 11, and you see the running game take off at that point. Mixon (and coaches) absolutely deserve some blame for the running game struggles as well. You may not remember but Mixon was free lancing at the beginning of the season and not running the plays as called because "that's how he did it at Oklahoma". He stopped doing that, and he started gaining yards, imagine that. Also, the running back rotation was a joke and really did more to hold the running game back than anything. I know this will be another unpopular opinion but Jeremy Hill was by far our best running back at the beginning of the season and he had some nice runs, but he was only getting 10 carries a game. That's bullshit, and that's on the coaches.
  6. I saw the line struggle at times, but I also didn't see much creativity in the playbook and the stubbornness of Alexander to change the blocking scheme has been well documented. I also know that they don't start 2018 where they started 2017, rather where they ended 2017, which wasn't bad by your own admission. So what's the big emergency on the line I wonder?
  7. I don't think they'll go into 2018 with anybody but Boling slated to be a starter, unless they sign a big name free agent, the rest of the spots will be filled through camp competition. The purpose of this thread was to discuss a quick fix, and the OP seemed to think we should sacrifice other talented players to secure linemen. I think that's the wrong approach. The Bengals offense didn't suffer because of the line, it suffered because of the plays, and the fact that Mixon couldn't run within the system. The offensive line took a dip in its overall rankings this season without Whitworth and Zietler, but their sack ratio stayed right at 7.3 percent despite the tackle rotation and all the other stuff that was going on. Later on in the season they had to put some other guys on the field due to injuries, but they also changed the running game blocking up quite a bit and you see the results as they averaged more than 4 ypc twice and more than 5 ypc three times in the last six games. So no, I don't think they need a whole new cast of characters to be successful next season.
  8. I'd look at what Whitworth is making with the Rams and expect them to set their price there. If they can't land Solder for that there's not really anybody available that's going to be any better. If they reach for a lineman at No. 12 they might end up passing on the draft's best defensive tackle or linebacker. It's a tough spot.
  9. He could have declined to comment. He could have only commented on the traits he's looking for in linemen. Just going with the overall tone of the article I'd say Hobson is trying to get fans to accept the idea that the instant overhaul on the offensive line just may not be in the cards this offseason and the plan the Bengals go with is that the new coaches will get more out of the current players. I don't doubt they'll draft one or two linemen, but those guys might not start, at least not right away.
  10. All this tells me is that the team hasn't given up on any of those players, so fans should get used to the idea that they'll be retained. If they had no intention of bringing back Bodine, or at least thinking of starting Ogbuehi and Fisher, I'd expect Pollack to know that and say something more along the lines of how he's looking to rebuild the line in his image. I don't take him as a bullshitter, so I don't expect him to mince words when it comes to player evaluations. You have clearly written these guys off, but I don't think they're the hopeless causes you make them out to be.
  11. From Bengals.com http://www.bengals.com/news/article-1/Down-the-line/b242d055-9da4-4fc3-949e-0108c14d8098 "Pollack likes what’s there. He says Ogbuehi and Fisher “are talented guys. Where they were drafted tells you they have talent. We have to try to develop that talent and see if we can get those guys to take the next step.” He also remembers Bodine from the 2014 draft. “He was an impressive guy. I had a really good interview with him at the combine,” Pollack said. Uh oh, looks like Pollack might lose some fans around here.
  12. I don't see any other realistic alternatives. What would you rather do? Cut them and go after free agent replacements? I don't see any free agent tackles I'd be thrilled about, do you? At best I think they'd bring in a mid-level guy to compete with Ogbuehi and Fisher. Do you draft replacements in the first and second round? Do you see any sure fire players that could start day 1 that won't go in the top 10? I don't know that there is that guy in the draft this year. I'd rather spend the draft picks improving the defense and lean on that side of the ball. With Green, Mixon, Bernard and Ross on offense I think that unit should be able to put up points with some new ideas and schemes, and the offensive line won't need the overhaul in personnel.
  13. I think you're a little harder on Bodine and Long than others, but to each their own. My point in the recent drafting of tackles is that throwing a high pick at a tackle isn't a guarantee. If you look at the top tackles in the league there's a pretty common trend, and that's that they were picked in the top 10. There's a few outliers like Whitworth who was drafted to play guard, Ryan Schraeder (undrafted), Donald Penn (undrafted), Jason Peters (undrafted), Terron Amsted (3rd round), David Bakhtiari (4th round). The Bengals aren't in position to draft a tackle in the top 10, and there's not a huge talent gap between the tackles that will be left after that, so I think spending a third round pick or two on the position is not neglecting it, but adding some quality talent that could push for a starting job. They drafted Ogbuehi and Fisher highly because they had the measurable sought in top shelf tackles, and if Pollack thinks he can coach them up they should be given a chance to win starting jobs since both of them are still really young. It's not time to give up on them IMO, since not every pro bowler plays like one right away. If you get Wallace then it's time to show Lafell the door. They don't need a longterm answer, just a veteran that can push and possibly humble Ross enough that he becomes the unquestioned No. 2. In the event Ross is still a turd next season, at least Wallace gives you a vertical threat that Lafell does not. I think the best way to give Marvin and Andy and AJ a chance to win and get deep in the playoffs is with a dominant defense, which is why I would spend 3-4 of my first 5 picks in the draft on that side of the ball.
  14. Considering Spencer Long grades out pretty well in pass pro, and Bodine is pretty good run blocker, and Wallace averaged 14 ypc, and there's not going to be much difference talent-wise between a 1st round tackle and 3rd round tackle in this year's draft, and they've already got two third round picks and could possibly trade McCarron for another giving them the opportunity to take two tackles in the third, and they've already invested first round picks in tackles in recent years.... need I go on?
  15. Now is not the time for a rebuild of any kind. Marvin needs to win with this group or it'll be time to blow it all up in two years when AJ becomes a free agent and Dalton is in the last year of his contract. What they need to do now is resign their own impending free agents, identify one or two free agents that they want to bring in and then have a good draft. My top free agent targets would be center Spencer Long (Washington) and wide receiver Mike Wallace (Baltimore). I'd like to see them bring back Bodine and Smith to the line, but I'd prefer if Bodine was moved to RG. I would try to trade McCarron for a third rounder, assuming he's retained as a RFA, then in the draft I target DT in round 1, MLB in round 2, Safety and OT in round 3, LB in round 4. Once again the season will come down to getting good tackle play and that will be the biggest question mark headed into the season, but the only way the Bengals can avoid that is by spending huge money in free agency as any rookie is by nature a question mark until they hit the field on Sundays, and we all know the Bengals aren't going out and signing two (let alone one) high priced tackle.

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