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  2. Don't understand all the hate out there for Marvin. By all measures, he left this team better than he found it. Remember when this franchise was Siberia and no credible player or coach wanted anything to do with it? We were doomed to an endless bootloop of Shulas and Coslets and Klingers and Akilis. With the very occasional Blake2Pickens and Boomer/Dillon blips to torment us? For a hot minute in the mid 2000's, it was cool to be a Bengals fan when Palmer and Chad were gracing SI covers. In the early 2010's, the Bengals were holding their own (at least in the regular season) regularly in the Division hunt and always making the playoffs. With that said, it was time. Actually, past time. On most other teams, Marvin Lewis wouldn't have made it past 2010. He got a second life, whether it be because of Mike Brown's loyalty or cheapness. He got to reboot and start over in 2011 with Dalton, Green, Gruden and Zimmer and had a pretty above average run for 4-5 years. But he took the team as far as he could, with some bad breaks thrown in for good measure. Burfict and PacMan sealed his legacy as the biggest playoff loser in history. Unfortunately, that is as high a ceiling that the man could take us. High time for a change. With that said, I'll give the man his due.
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