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  1. AJ Green and drops

    I like what A.J. has brought to the table so far. They have him starting, and they have him at #1 as a rookie. (pressure much?) The only thing he can do is get better. I await the next game, and his break out game will soon be upon us.
  2. [quote name='Cricket' timestamp='1316275202' post='1032082'] And in tomorrow's news: NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has suspended Adam Jones for the remainder of the 2011 season for gambling. [/quote] So does this mean he has a head injury as well?
  3. I had to log back and say this was awesome!! Great Thread!! I couldn't help myself: [img]http://img696.imageshack.us/img696/3263/aliliston630x426ad.png[/img] Anyone notice Beaker?
  4. Brat was hired in before Marvin, If Marvin goes, does Brat become the new Head Coach? (Happened in Dallas...'just sayin') Somebody obviously loves Brat, or he would have been fired seasons ago.
  5. [quote name='Cricket' timestamp='1290283740' post='942921'] So the headline could have read: [b]8-year-old Jets Fan Saves Man from Serious Injury by Breaking his Fall[/b] [/quote] Yeah, but it wouldn't sell papers...
  6. "The Cube" interested? Can he at least be a GM? :sarcasm:
  7. A lot of changes since my last visit! :thumbsup:

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