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  1. Go_Bengals should be the next HC. I mean, considering his fountain of knowledge, as was seen from him telling a lot of people they had no clue how an NFL team works, or how an offense works, or how a defense works and his "contacts" around the building. SB bound every season!
  2. Uh. Not. Better to discuss like, real QBs. Plenty of examples to see that QB style is ineffective to winning SBs. RGIII, oh yeah, D Watson and Lamar J, both 1st round one n dones.
  3. Later Huey!!! Pack up ya shit n get the fugg out the building. Only HC title he should have is for his FF team. Not only does he have the .205 record, like 2nd worst ever, that .205 also comes from a coach who not once, but twice played politics/meddeled in the front office of 2 different teams. He will be lucky to land in College Ball. For Palmer. Hi quitter! How's your wife, lol. It is tough to play here, couldn't hop on the surfboard when one simply pleased, here out East, eh Cali boy? 7 years not a Bengal, sure racked up those post season wins after quitting on Cincy. Won one against GB then got blasted 45-10 in the divisional the following week. Big whoop for you. HC coach wise, pretty green. No issues with it. Need to have a good staff to make it work. Last, quit dicking off in the draft with the John Ross'. Wasted pick. OL/DL.
  4. More entertaining than I thought it would ever be. Still don't really care who, as long as Hue, The Loser, is no where near the team.
  5. Stud! BPA! lol. Draft time is cringe-y. Everyone is Todd McShay! Plenty of evidence to show BPA is a horrible way to draft. How you end up with John Ross and not the OL help you need. Derp!
  6. Hue is about done in the NFL, as he should be. Pretty easy to see that he is getting zero interest/calls/interviews from any teams about any position. The Vikings haven't even made an official call, just media speculation. Hue was the "Special Assistant to the head coach". Who is no longer here. And a new HC from outside will laugh Hue and his "title" right out the front door like "You're no special assistant of mine, later!!"
  7. The guy is right. Make noise about it and get noise back. Let me be and I watch the bungs jack up the HC and go back off in the breeze. I have other way more interesting things to do than live on this sad, sad forum ever again. I actually like, do and know shit. How many live electrical meters anyone here been in. 0? Cool. Just a visit. 16 years of Marvin, ya know. Sad to see it end.
  8. Cry if you like. It's been like what, a decade. Get. Over. It. Christ Almighty. Oh no! Banned from the only ever forum with a donate button. I was being quiet. Then you opened your mouth. Let's see. I have done nothing and you just clearly violated rules by name calling. So. Only came to watch the HC drama. Go away fella. Be happy in life. Quit being mad at strangers on the webz.
  9. Welcome to the Marvin-less Puddy cats. Not even gonna wait to start going back to the 90's. Gonna screw this up royally. They can't seriously make HJ the HC. Oh my god.
  10. Go for Cowher, lol.
  11. Legit thought. HC or DC.
  12. #elmerlife Laugh a little, no?
  13. Post deleted before this posted. Still don't like Dalton. Don't have too.
  14. A no name or a big name. No internals. None of these guys who have proven to fail, hue, Joseph, Bowles. They probably play it like they do FA. All the goodies will get taken up. Puddy Cats fart around with McDonald's (McDaniel) while both know they have no intentions and the Puddy Cats go for one of the left overs and then the PR train rolls in.
  15. Sad to see Marv go. He just hasn't been the same coach since that last playoff loss to the Stealers. All the penalties to get Pitt downfield, Joey Porter on the field, etc. Game really showed how staged a lot of NFL has seemed to become. Count me as not seeing much light with Marvin leaving. Mikey didn't have a real good track record before Marvin came along. Marvin's worst year, still better than a lot of the duds before him.

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