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  1. Great news. Glad he wasn't too proud to come back when he realized his asking price was too high.
  2. Girevik

    Burfict released

    Bittersweet day. 55 was probably my favorite Bengal recently, but this move was due. Sorry to see him go, but glad the Bengals made the right move. Now if they'll just use some of that money to bring someone else in......
  3. Girevik

    2019 Draft Talk

    Is that smoke I smell?
  4. Girevik

    2019 Free Agency

    Yes, but I'm hoping when he realizes we won't get it he considers staying here.
  5. Girevik

    2019 Free Agency

    I don't know how to take that....
  6. Girevik

    2019 Free Agency

    You do know that no one was allowed to visit, or sign, before today right (I guess technically after 4PM yesterday)? Until today teams could only talk to agents.
  7. Can't say, but I'm pretty sure he didn't have the first overall pick to throw in and provide energy either And for the record, I'm not defending the hire. Just wanted to be accurate.
  8. Taylor served as OC for the Dolphins for 5 games. Comparing 1/3 of a season to 2/3 is splitting hairs.
  9. Girevik

    2019 Draft Talk

    Calm down? I hope they're there to evaluate everyone. I'm not a big Murray fan myself, but I sure hope my team does a full evaluation to be prepared for all scenarios, including him falling or trading up. This isn't Draft Day.
  10. I think it's a bargain. He'll never commit another penalty or give up another sack because he got them all out of the way last year, right?
  11. Girevik

    2019 Draft Talk

    FWIW, he said he heard that from "at least 3" teams. But as I said earlier, I think 95% of what we hear is smoke to try to either confuse or manipulate other teams.
  12. He had said that the base will be 4-3, but also that they will mix it up.
  13. Girevik

    Josh Rosen

    Why would a team trade up if they were confident that Murray would be there for them? But if....GASP.... the Cardinals are talking about taking him, then we better do something!! I believe virtually nothing a team says about the draft, especially at this stage of the game. Everyone thinks they can manipulate others by floating rumors. The only odd thing I see here is if indeed Rosen has washed his social media of the Cardinals, but even that makes no sense. There's almost 2 months of evaluation left before the draft. ANY team making a decision now would be negligent. If this is the one case of a team being straight, and they are asking a 3rd for Rosen, make that deal NOW.
  14. If he's there, I think Oliver is a no-brainer, unless Haskins is there (I don't think either will be).
  15. Girevik

    Josh Rosen

    Rosen had one of the worst supporting casts in the NFL last year. I'd give a 3rd round pick for him in a heart beat. That said, I think the Cards would be stupid to do this, and is probably being overblown based on a comment a college coach made in talking up an opponent. If anything it might be a smoke screen to get a QB hungry team top trade up with them.

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