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  1. Well it's been 12 years since brian passed and i have to say it still gets me, especially coming across this thread, first time I've seen it and I made an account just for it, brian was my brothers best friend, the jeep was my family's jeep, the driver I hope to never see again because his actions took the life of someone who I looked up to, i was 11 when it happened I'm 23 now, yes they all new not to be taking my dads supped up jeep out but they were young, but the driver knew he bad been drinking but drinking wasnt the overall cause, he had warrants we didnt know about when we decided to let him stay with us, and I say drinking wasnt the overall cause because none of them would have ever stepped foot in a vehicle with some they thought had even just Barely been drinking to much, it was fear that caused this wreck, my brother will tell you the driver was fine until a unknown car came up behind them and be freaked thinking my dad had called the cops over the jeep being gone. And knowing he had outstanding warrants he tried to flee, they were hitting 95 in an 85 cj7 when they came up on a bad turn, brian, my brother and dustin were sitting in the back with no seatbelts on when they flipped and were flung a far distance from the jeep, they should of all been gone, but somehow my brother and the dustin came out with minor injuries. Dont know how but they did, ryan was riding in the front as passenger by the driver but they both had seatbelts on and didnt get flung. Brian survived for a few days until his family took him off life support on Christmas morning 2007, i never have looked at Christmas the same since. And in the end of all of this my brother dropped out of high school because he couldn't handle it, it tore him apart and he always blamed himself because he didnt speak up to the driver convincing them to take the jeep, it deeply affected all of us, I always blame myself tho because if I didnt through a spoiled brat fit about wanting to play my brothers xbox they probably would have never gone out looking for something else to do. I dont know if anyone on this thread is still even using this site but if so I just felt I needed to let the story be known. RIP Brian Morgan your kind soul will never be forgotten
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