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  1. I expected the team to be at least a 500 team until the offensive line was decimated and AJ went down. Even after the loss to Seattle I thought they could be good. I think we need to give Zaq some time to build his roster. Now if the Bengals go into the draft and don’t take one of those QBs with their first pick I will be pissed. Finley looked okay, but so did Jeff Driskel at times. That doesn’t make them the answer.
  2. I was at the game with my family. The game wasn’t good, but I was three rows back from the field and I didn’t see any players quit or give up. I did see a man get completely out-coached who had zero ability to adjust or respond to a superior game plan. Also, it was still fun to be at the game. We all had fun and cheered for our team even though the score sucked. We had a good rushing game and time of possession. If you looked at the game stats without the score you might have thought it was close.
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