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  1. Seems like the team is actually going to feature the running game instead of just talk about. They need a stable of backs to make it through the season.
  2. I would be pissed if they took any QB in the first round. We don’t NEED a quarterback and all of them in this draft are shit. Wait till next year or a later round pick this year.
  3. Those coaches are all gone so it won’t tell us anything about the new coaching staff. Also, the front office doesn’t do any coaching so it tells us nothing about them, either.
  4. Actually the worst ever was Fat Freddy Childress. We drafted him in the 2nd round and didn’t even make the roster. One of the worst picks in Bengals history and one to measure all other draft picks against.
  5. I think the Bengals tried to resign Dennard and realized it wasn’t going to happen. If we get a compensatory pick for him it softens the blow, but I would rather have Dennard. Also, as far as slow corner goes Webb was more efficient then Dennard last year. Still, I would have preferred Dennard, but it takes two to tango as they say.
  6. I believe that when Dennard leaves we will get more like a 3rd round pick where as Webb cost us nothing in compensation. Laugh all you want, but there is ALWAYS someone on the board you want and having extra picks makes addressing the draft easier not to mention adding additional flexibility to move up in the draft.
  7. It’s not a bad signing. If Dennard told them he was going to leave they have just signed a inexpensive CB then excels in the slot and now have money to sign people like Green and Boyd and other free agents that want to be here. If they had gone into the draft without addressing this then we would be forced to take a early round CB. Now we have the flexibility to draft the best player on the board. I think if you were looking st this singing objectively and not emotionally it makes sense.
  8. It’s a good signing because Dennard wants to test the market. He gives us draft flexibility and a decent CB if Dennard bolts which he might.
  9. The Bengals today signed unrestricted free agent cornerback B.W. Webb to a three-year contract. This seems to be a solid, low risk signing and he is a guy Bengals new DC Lou Anarumo coached last year when he was defensive backs coach for the Giants. Now the Bengals can go into the draft without being forced to spend a 1st round pick on any one position. Even if you don’t agree with all the signings they do offer the opportunity to allow the team to take the best player available at #11. Bengals Sign B.W. Webb
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