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  1. He was horrible, and I don't know which football games you were watching.
  2. I know that but there are bottom feaders and then there are solid players. Now you tell me which one Hart is?
  3. I agree with most but am still deciding on the Brown signing because I want a linebacker who can cover TE's and not sure he can do that. I liked the Uzomah and Miller signings and since people have opened my eyes to the Webb signing I can live with, but the Hart signing just blows my mind.
  4. BengalBuckeye

    Vinny Curry visiting the Bengals

    yeah but we need to add quality linebackers. I don't think White will be there at 11, so we need some good linebackers to compete for starting spots.
  5. If I knew they wanted him I would have given them a third round pick last year to take him. I never liked this draft pick anyways. He was coming off a knee injury and you draft him in round one. Just like the Ross pick. I don't care how fast he is if he can't be physical or run good routes and catch the ball you don't take him with the 9th pick of round 1. We wasted too many draft picks on reaches in the last five years.
  6. Yeah because they are cheap. That's why they sign all these second rate players from other teams that they think will become stars. I do like the fact Webb played for our DC and should have an advantage with the defensive scheme. I still want signing that are upgrades to what we have and not just average.
  7. This is a year you can get a starter in round two if White is there at 11. I think if White is there you take him and if he's gone then I like Taylor from Florida at 11.
  8. I guess any signing makes you jump for joy screaming superbowl here we come. I want players who will make the team better and I am not sure he does that.
  9. He's an improvement over Alex Redmond who can't stop getting penalties.
  10. BengalBuckeye

    Burfict released

    It's about time. I wanted his release last year when he got suspended again.
  11. You know more than me about the Bengals then you must be an old ass who needs anything in his life to do to pass the time Sent from my iPhone using Go-Bengals.com mobile app
  12. Oh yeah and how many playoff games have we won doing it Mike I am such a cheap bastard Brown’s way. This franchise will always be a joke as long as the Brown family owns it. Sent from my iPhone using Go-Bengals.com mobile app
  13. Its a cheap second rate player that’s been on five or six teams in his six seasons. I guess some fans on here get happy about any signing. When they spend on a top fa that isn’t on his way out then I will get excited but I doubt it’s in my lifetime. Sent from my iPhone using Go-Bengals.com mobile app
  14. You are also a fucking idiot who keeps buying into the things will change bs and it’s the same old shit every year. Sent from my iPhone using Go-Bengals.com mobile app
  15. Your an idiot. I am a Bengals fan but I don’t go to games or buy Bengal merchandise. I watch on tv you idiot. You can be a fan and not support the Brown family stupid. Sent from my iPhone using Go-Bengals.com mobile app

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