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  1. Yep, at 28-12 entering the 4th quarter I said to myself “there you go, this team can’t score more than 20 points, game over”. How the hell we managed to make a game of this I’ll never know (a poor opponent I guess). Panic over now chaps. Number 1 is ours. Now we must choose wisely (or bloody obviously, more like).
  2. I’m amazed some people are worried that we lose the top spot. How do people seriously believe that this team, having won 2 games in about 400 days, will suddenly win 2 in 8 days??! Ain’t gonna happen. Most likely sequence of events are that we lose by a score to Miami and then humiliated by Cleveland. Dalton gets picked 6 times, the TE corps drop 8 gimme’s, Boyd gets targeted just twice, Mixon runs for 150 against Miami and then only gets 10 touches against Cleveland, BJ Webb busts 13 coverages and our LB’s miss 11 tackles. Fear not fellow Bengals, Pick 1 will be ours. If anyone can justify us winning 2 games in a week I’d like to hear it.
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