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  1. Agreed. There is a reason RB's rarely go in the early stages of round 1. Paying big money to RB's rarely works out and the team writing the check almost always regrets it. Todd Gurley is a good example. You can sign a serviceable RB off of the waiver wire.
  2. Joey Porter WAS a thug for sure. Knucklehead would probably be a better description of Pacman and Burfict. I actually met Pacman at the Rising Star Casino and he was a heck of a nice guy. He just had a problem controlling the Pacman side of him. Burfict was a tremendous linebacker. There as a lot of good things about him, but he always 'blew up' at the least opportune times. Good Organizations have figured out, these types of players are just not worth it.
  3. I always say, the Stealers won that playoff game, because their thugs were smarter than our thugs. Joey Porter baited Pacman and he fell for it. Had Burfict not tried to take off Brown's head, the game was basically over. There is a reason EVERY NFL team passed on Burfict 7 times, even though they knew how great of a talent he was. You couldn't trust him and guess what, they were right. The Bengals had to take risks like that, because they had virtually no Scouting Department. Yes, Jeremy Hill fumbled. BUT, at least that was a football play. What Burfict and Pacman did was just plain stupidity and not being able to control their emotions. I also blame Lewis for not having AJ take a damn knee three times and punting with very little time left. I love that Taylor is going after high character guys. Guys like Antonio Brown, OBJ, Burfict... are fantastic football talents, but they destroy the locker room and they can't control themselves under pressure.
  4. Thank you! Everyone is disappointed with how things went, but the guy was nothing but class. Slamming him now just comes off as nasty.
  5. Yup, but I do feel sorry for the HS senior athletes. Not only are they losing their senior seasons, if they are playing in college, they now have to compete against the seniors that get another year of eligibility and choose to return. Four seniors on my Daughter's college softball team are returning. She is stoked that the girls are returning, but the freshmen housing will now be a bit cramped.
  6. I was a bit critical of passing on OL Charles in the 4th, but after listening to Taylor's reasoning, I will defer to him. I love how Burrow is stoked that Taylor asked him for his 10 favorite LSU plays. Seems like everyone is pulling in the same direction. I can't wait to watch the process. These guys are going to be easy to root for!
  7. I love ADG, but I would have preferred Charles in the 4th. With his versatility, he would have made an immediate impact. With that being said, I’m overall very happy with this draft.
  8. Am I missing something here? Is our OL much better than we thought it was???????
  9. I love Charles' versatility. I know he has some baggage, but I would take a flier on him at this point.
  10. Did anyone notice that at one point Kiper's top 3 available were the 3 most popular 2nd round picks on nearly every Bengals Forum? Jones Baun Mims
  11. Had he not been there, they probably would have traded out of the 1st,
  12. After the first pick, the draft was not kind to the Bengals. I was hoping all of those Edge Rushers would be taken causing someone like Queen or Isiah Wilson to drop. I would trade back.
  13. Yup. He would take a Super Bowl if someone gave it to him....but he will never trade a dollar for a W.
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