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  1. Shortly after Palmer was drafted, a friend of mine told me that some NFL teams had concerns over Palmer's personality and his ability to be a leader. I believe he proved to be a good leader, but Burrow could be the next level type of leader, like a Tom Brady or Drew Brees. In the 2nd quarter of the Championship game they showed him on the bench and he had that 'in the zone' face. I was most impressed how he overcame a tough start and an apparent injury to win a game on the biggest stage. I am so pumped about this guy!
  2. Yup. Brown turned down New Orleans' entire draft in order to stay pat and draft Akili Smith. Mike is cheap, but not stupid. Joe will get the butts back in the seats, because fans remember what it was like when Carson was doing his thing, before Kimo rolled up his knee. The town was on fire. He will not risk Herbert being Ryan Leaf 2.0.
  3. Extend or franchise AJ, sign Brandon Scherff, beg Joe Brady to come here, draft Burrow, LB, OL, OL in that order.
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