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  1. I guess our owner Stephen Ross has told our GM Cris Grier to "do whatever you can to get us Burrow" We might be offering you guys a ridiculous haul of picks for #1.... like 4 firsts and a second or more. This could get interesting. Happy Draft Day! Wish you guys the best of luck. If we give you all our picks I'm gonna be pretty bored/upset. I dont want to give up that much, I'd rather the Dolphins just use our 5 picks in the top 56 picks on 5 quality starters, but I'll be happy no matter what happens. Hope you guys have a good one.
  2. Tannehill will always be mediocre. If the titans running game dips because they lost Conklin, Tannehill will be forced to throw and he is not good when put in that position. Titans gave him way too much money
  3. I also used Peyton Manning as a comparison, if you actually read my post, I have a feeling you stopped reading after the words Chad Pennington. Peyton had zero mobility tho, so Pennington is a better comparison, Burrow is more mobile than both Pennington or Manning but the fact is Burrow does not have a strong arm. Hence the comparisons to the more "noodle arm" QBs as you call them. I bet if Burrow doesnt go to the Bengals, you will be the first person to call him "noodle arm" too. Tell me this Spicoli, who would you compare Burrow too?
  4. Pennington had a pass completion percentage of 66.0% for his career...... which makes him 3rd highest in this category in NFL history ....... LOL
  5. I dont think you realize how good Pennington was. Plus this is a comparison of their game styles. No where did I say Burrow was Pennington, like your suggesting. He played on a crap Jets team and took them to the playoffs constantly. He had pinpoint accuracy. Go look at his stats if you dont remember.
  6. I have no idea what the Dolphins would be willing to give up. The talk is three 1st's this year #5,#18,#26 and another 1st or 2nd rounder in 2021. Personally, I wouldnt trade that for Burrow. The #5, #18 and next years 1st is where I would draw the line.
  7. Likely we will be hearing about our two teams doing this trade until Burrow is taken off the board 9 days from now. So I thought I would come back and chat a little more with you fine lads and ladies. Hooky, I'm curious about your assessment on Burrow being a bust? Can you tell me what about his game makes you think this way? I've spent months and months looking at these QBs. These are my thoughts as we sit here 9 days away from the draft on all 4 top QB prospects. Burrow : pro comparison: Chad Pennington - I have Burrow as the #1 QB and player in the draft. He has elite level pocket awareness, very mobile with great escapablity. He is a natural leader but has a very big personality which could cause some lockerroom issues if the team is not doing well, but ultimately this isnt a big concern of mine. Burrows extremely accurate on short and medium routes, up there with some of the best in this area i.e. Chad Pennington, Peyton Manning. My only concern on Burrow is his arm strength. Just yesterday I watched all of Burrows TDs in 2019 and the one thing i noticed was missing from the highlights was a pass in the air that traveled over 50 yards. On most of Burrows throws his arm seems to max out at around 45-50 yards and on alot of Burrows deep TDs the WR had to come back go the ball and bail him out, often wrestling the ball away from a defender. Ultimately I only see Burrow being a bust if his personality and ego get so big he becomes a lockerroom problem, which again i dont think happens. His arm strength doesnt bother me, many QBs who dont have a Cannon have been very successful in this league. If I had to rate Burrow as a prospect 1 out of 10, I would give him a 9.5, I think he will make probowls and can win championships if put in the right situation. Top of 1st round talent. Tua - Pro Compairison Steve Young or Sam Bradford. Tua possesses a very well rounded game. Hes mobile, hes a great leader, hes got a strong arm and is very accurate, which is why I compare him to Young. Tua would probably be the #1 QB in my mind if he didnt have the injury concerns. I am one of the very few Dolphins fans that's scared to take Tua. His body seems very brittle and I have very little confidence Tua can endure a 16 game season very often. If I had to guess, Tua's career could mirror Sam Bradford's, high ceiling talent who just cant maintain his health. I'm worried Tuas body simply isnt built to play in the NFL. Rating 8.5 out of 10. Loses a full point for injury concerns, would be 9.5 if he didnt have the medical concerns. High to mid 1st round talent. Herbert - pro comparison Ryan Tannehill Herbert, looks like perfect QB on paper. He has the height, speed, arm strength and measurables GM's in this league have salivated over for decades. He has all the tools on paper. Until you turn on the tape.... then, not so much. Herbert is one of those guys that looks amazing one minute and then leaves you scratching your head at the end of the game when you realize he didnt get a 1st down for 5 drives in a row, threw for only 1 TD and 1 INT and lost the game. I dont think Herbert is good at reading defenses and often doesnt see wide open wide recivers. In a perfect system, with a stout running game and lockdown defense, Herbert can make the playoffs, just like Tannehill did last year, but when push comes to shove and the game is on the line, Herbert, just like Tannehill, wont get it done. Herbert's score 7.8. Lack of consistency and reading defenses hurts his score alot. 2nd round talent. Love - pro comparison Dak Prescott I think Love has the chance to be a very solid NFL QB. He is probably the best athlete at the QB position in this draft. He has the strongest arm and has tons of potential. But potential is not production. In 2019 Love had alot of poor performances and often was inaccurate throwing the football. Love is a gamble and will need by far the most coaching up out of any of these QBs in the top 4. Score 8.2 out of 10. Raw talent, isnt ready right away but could be special if put in the right system and is allowed to learn for a year from the sidelines. Mid to late 1st round grade. Ultimately, I'm firmly in the camp that a QB prospects success hinders most importantly by the surrounding cast and good coaching. If your Oline sucks, your young QB will get his confidence destroyed and be a bust in no time. Look at all the Clevland QBs over the years, sure some were actual busts, but I would bet alot of them would have had much different careers if they went to a more stable and talented organization. Cheers!
  8. Thank you guys for your feedback. From the sounds of it, you guys are sold on Burrow and I cant blame you. I would want him too. Hopefully both of our teams land a franchise QB this year. The draft is a crap shoot but Burrow seems like the real deal. I'm not sold on Tua, Herbert and Love but it sounds like I'm gonna have to support one of them going forward. At least Brady is out of our conference, we can all celebrate that. PS the hot chick from Pittsburgh photo had me lmao
  9. Hola Bengals fans! I hope it's okay with you guys that I drop in for a friendly NFL Draft convo. I'm a Dolphins fan, who posts on Finheaven.com and weve been talking about the draft alot, like I'm sure you guys have been and I have a few questions for you guys. 1) Would you guys want to trade down and what would it cost? So we have the #5, #18, #26, #39, #56 in the first 2 rounds as well as 2 picks in every round 3-7. We also have all of our picks in 2021 as well as Houstons 1st and 2nd rounder. Most of the proposals I've seen tossed around are Cin #1 for Mia #5, #18, #39 and a 1st or 2nd in 2021 or #5, #18, CB Xavian Howard and a mid round pick? Personally I think the Dolphins would be paying too much in the first proposal and I hate to lose Howard in the second one, but weve needed a QB for 20 years and if Burrow is finaly the guy then we will live with it and be happy. Do either of those deals work for you guys? If not what deal would you be happy with? 2) Having studied the 3 QBs at the top, Burrow, Tua and Herbert; how much better is Burrow really than the other 2? I've admittedly spent alot more time researching Tua, Love and Herbert than I have Burrow. I'm curious how you guys have them ranked. Do you have Burrow way ahead of the others? The consensus on the Dolphins board is that they want Tua, no matter the cost, even over Burrow. Personally Tua's injury history and size scares me to death so i would personally rather see us trade up with you guys to get Burrow. Herbert is a freak athlete but our fans hate the idea of drafting Herbert and I cant give a good excuse why, other than "he reminds us of Tannehill" its ridiculous. 3) if you guys did trade down and got the #5 and #18 pick, who would you guys want at those spots? Thank you guys in advance for letting me come over and have this convo and good luck in the draft!
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