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  1. Those are also mine. That was the first version. Note the stripe on the pants carries through both versions I created. I consider my pants to be final. It was jersey mods I was doing.
  2. I've posted some of my work on social media before, but bailed on my accounts in there because they're distraction hell! This is a concept I've been working on for a while through multiple iterations. At one point, I had the stripes up on top of the shoulders, but it didn't play as well as I hoped in a straight on view. So I made some changes. This is clearly a throwback inspired project, but as the Chargers have shown, you don't need to re-invent the wheel to make something sick. In fact, I think our jerseys are old looking now because they're from an era where design teams were trying to design motion into their work. That practice in and of itself is basically faded into the background, and clean, sharp, simple but powerful design is back in the fold. Look how many teams have abandoned their Nike designs for something more classic. I think we should follow suit. Here's the link to the entire set. https://www.behance.net/gallery/96655579/Cincinnati-Bengals-Uniform-Concepts?
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