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  1. Anyways if you don’t agree with my views that’s fine. I have been a Die-Hard Bengals fan from 2011 -2017 , 2019-present. Even though I started checking scores back in 2002.
  2. I will watch the game blah if I have to, but I am not quitting on this franchise. We will be a better team one of these days. Heads up everyone and stay positive. Please remember this team needs support and belief. This team is not thumbs down. The franchise is not jinxed and the coaching staff is not thumbs down. Everyone works hard to put their best foot forward. We will win a playoff game at some point I know it is most likely 2022 or 2023 Season, but I can wait. I love football and it is my hope that this teams fans can please remain positive. Stop trashing this tea
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