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  1. I found this cool article about the best high school receivers of all time they have AJ Green at #9 and Trenton Irwin at #11. https://www.stadiumtalk.com/s/greatest-high-school-wide-receivers-aadf1bc4448d41ab
  2. I think Trenton Irwin is going to make Splash on Special teams and make the 53 Go Bengals
  3. Now that is what I was thinking. This will be the first chance sense Trenton got there to have a pre-season game to play in. Also at Stanford he was projected as a 4th round pick in the NFL draft until he got hurt the last game of his senior year and missed the Bowl game, the NFL Combines, pro day and the Senior Bowl At Miami he was still only about 80% but he looks great now 100% and ready to go., Go Bengals
  4. This Is the Fist time he has had a Chance to train and try out for the Special Team unit because he came after camp was over his first year and last year was a covid year and he loves Special Team. Go Bengals
  5. There is nothing wrong with the PS and most people Go Bengals
  6. Thank for Chiming in Camp starts on the 27th and I'm sure all the players are getting read. I also think Trenton will prove himself this year and I want to get on the band wagon!! Go Bangels
  7. Trenton Irwin lead the pack 12 in punt return yards per carry his senior year at Stanford. He has been here and knows there system. I say he is the reason they felt comfortable letting Erickson go to a new team. He is big enough to play many position on special teams. Go Bengals
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