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  1. Well I'm done

    I don't know if he asked Jesus to forgive him, but since he asked the woman to forgive him, we, too, should forgive him. Also, how can God forgive us and work miracles in our lives if we don't forgive others?
  2. I'm on the map at The Villages, Florida.
  3. Rick

  4. I forgot to tell you, I always stood at attention in the military movie theaters before the movie while the anthem played. You don't have to stand at attention at home when the colors are displayed or the anthem is playing on the TV or radio. When you are on a military base and taps is being played, you stand at attention facing the flag. Out at sea, you don't have to.
  5. I was watching MSNBC today. They were discussing why interest in the NFL is down. One talking head actually said because of Donald Trump. Really.
  6. I served in the US Navy. Of course, I always stood at attention and saluted. While in my civilian clothes, I always stood at attention and face the flag. I taught sixth grade for 36 years. I always stood at attention with my hand over my heart and said the pledge with my kids. I always scanned my classroom and corrected kids slouching or not putting their hand on their heart or not respecting the flag in the classroom. Now, of course, I could not correct students who wish not to stand during the Pledge of Allegiance. I don't stand at home. My mother survived a Nazi concentration camp. I know how wonderful America is.
  7. I am upset with NFL players not wanting to stand during the Pledge of Allegiance. (Now cheerleaders are joining the protest, too. Gee!) I am also tired of ESPN pretending they are MSNBC or CNN. I don't need ESPN or Hollywood movie stars to tell me how to think. This season, I will boycott ESPN and all NFL games with the exception of the Bengal games. I turn the TV on at kickoff. I don't listen to the pregame or post game hype by ESPN or CBS talking heads. I get my Bengal news here. Is anyone else boycotting the NFL, or am I the lone wolf?
  8. Is there an NFL Leaks picture of the black and white helmet!
  9. Please be honest. No homer replies of heck yes, we are going undefeated. Are the Stealers the team to beat?
  10. Why can't Big Ben and Steerers be on an injury list?
  11. Well, I said right after it was announced Tez had a three game suspension, one of the games will be with the Stealers.
  12. We now need a Hines Ward on offense for icing on top of the cake.
  13. Yep, the nation now thinks the Bengals are bullies and will take out Stealers at every opportunity.
  14. Does anyone think he could possibly be a china doll? That means he's injured all the time.
  15. Sorry for the rant. I'm just upset with the political parties in America. GBA. Go Bengals!