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  1. Heading to MSP

    After watching the game, I noticed the Vikings bullied and laughed at the Bengals. The Bengals can NOT win a game when it’s smashed-mouth, man-on-man, run-the-ball down your throat football.
  2. So sad. It still bothers me.
  3. Video please. I did not watch the game.
  4. The new HC needs to be OUTSIDE the organization for real change, not the same old same old.
  5. Heading to MSP

    Great pictures. Have fun. Bring a win home. And be careful of bullies.
  6. I have my fingers crossed for BIG changes!
  7. Heading to MSP

    I am enjoying your trip with all the pictures! I feel like I am there, too. Keep them coming. Show us your game-winning breakfast tomorrow morning!
  8. We need at least one OT (1st Round). I would be happy with another OT (2nd Round). If we can get a high trade pick for AJ, I would not mind going after the center from osu, Price. I would release our failed OTs if it is going to cost us big money to keep them.
  9. Stealers and their fans were happy when Palmer was injured.
  10. Ross Concealed Injury

    The NFL must be laughing at us. All of our first picks lately have been disasters. That is one reason why free agents don’t want to sign with us.
  11. Andy Reid would never consider taking a job in Cincinnati. Come on man.

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