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  1. I did what you said. This is the first time I heard the song. I must be in a sealed bunker, ha. Give me the music of the ‘60s.
  2. What did you say? I don’t know what you are talking about? (No ninja)
  3. If they smoke it, it could send the message to America the players are pretending to smoke it for pain, but they are just smoking it to get high. However, if they take it another way, the public will believe they truly are trying to alleviate pain. I don’t want the public to think the football players are potheads smoking to get high. It’s important for the public (and especially children) to see they are taking marijuana by other ways to alleviate excruciating pain caused by football.
  4. I would be okay with this only if they don’t smoke it but take it another way.
  5. Does anyone know how long AJ’s arms are?
  6. Are the pastries on the left called elephant ears? I could eat two of them!
  7. I am pretty sure the owners want to avoid half a stadium booing their own players. It’s not good for ticket sales and marketing, but it does make for great TV.
  8. Okay, Bunghole. I’ll take your word and have a positive disposition going forward.
  9. Here is an interesting article about long arms. https://www.milehighreport.com/platform/amp/2015/4/9/8353255/broncos-2015-draft-arm-length-and-the-offensive-line
  10. Thanks for answering his arm length question for me. When I played college football in the early ‘70s, I play defensive tackle. My arms are 37 inches long. I know the longer the arms are in length, the better separation between the person you are going up against. I was 6 foot 6 inches in college. Now, I’m only 6 foot 5 inches. (I don’t know where I lost my 1 inch?) There was a guard only 6 feet 1 inch in height on our team. He had arms as long as mine! They almost looked like they could touch his knees. My biggest concern is Bill Price and his short arm length since he is a first round pick.
  11. I can’t find his arm length!
  12. I don’t like his SHORT arms! What is going on? We now have short-armed Price and Brown. Not good! My arms are 37”.

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