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  1. I watched a video on YouTube about this. Carr was the only player who did not kneel. Two Raider news reporters noticed the all black Raider offensive linemen allowed the other team to get in the backfield on purpose and hit Carr because Carr didn’t join in and kneel. They lost the game to make a point to Carr to tow the line with them.
  2. Boycott

    Watch Rush on Hannity tonight and tomorrow.
  3. The time to watch Hannity is Thursday. He will talk with Rush Limbaugh! However, Hannity has been good all week.
  4. Boycott

    If and when a Bengal takes a knee, I will stop watching the Bengals. Currently, I am boycotting ESPN, Hollywood, and all NFL games with the exception of the Bengals. I don’t watch the pre/post game shows. I was upset to see the teams in London take a knee for our anthem, but stand for God Save the Queen.
  5. Thanks everyone for your concern for me. Yes, I am well. However, waiting 50 years for a Super Bowl win has taken its toll. Hopefully, I will snap out of it and realize it will not happen in my lifetime. Good luck to the young (1-digit in age, 1-9 year olds) Bengal fans.
  6. We will win only if Marvin allows Ross to play more than one play.
  7. I think it would be fun watching puppets interviewing Marvin and Bengal players.
  8. We are now the most hated NFL team on Facebook! Read the comments around the country hating the Bengals!
  9. A.J. is our last chance for a winning 2017 season. If we don’t make the switch, we will lose to Cleveland!
  10. I will laugh at all of you in this thread when Andy leads us to another loss next week in Green Bay. Let’s see what Green, Jones, and others say about Andy after the Green Bay loss. You would rather get another loss then see what A.J. can do.
  11. So, you are happy the way the coaches are coaching the offense? Well, I am not! I am tired of Andy’s play. Things are not always black and white.
  12. And they made a TD! They marched all way down the field. Shame on the Cincinnati Bengals for not putting in AJ McCarron. Shame. Shame.

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