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B-Phillips Guaruntees "Playoffs" 08'


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well gees. 39 views and no replies. Wheres the spirit. I was pumped to hear that come from B-phillips.

They also mentioned to him trading DUNN. And he immediately responded "NO WAY" Dunn is an awsome player. Great team player that wants to win"

I was pleasantly surprised.
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[quote name='bgwilly31' post='605295' date='Dec 6 2007, 01:54 PM']Listening to WLW and brandon Phillips gaurunteed us a Playoff spot this year.

As long as we dont trade away too much talent. But at this point right now he gauruntees REDS & PLAYOFFS in 2008!


Phillips is easily my favorite player on the team. Charismatic with a great overall game to match. Reds got an absolute steal w/ him and will lock him up long term. Reds are going to make a real run at things this year.

Can't wait!
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