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  1. I'm with Jason. Love this pick. Adds something completely unique to this offense. I couldn't argue Allen or even Foster (who i wanted). He's going to be so much fun to watch. WHO DEY?!?
  2. Thanks for digging that up - other than the scoreboard I just don't see it around the stadium. This is coming from a Cincy transplant living in NY for last 14 years, so there you go.
  3. Bit of a stretch there but I take your point. Green Bay is a complete outlier with there ownership model. While I don't necessarily agree with all the amenities and features at stadiums this is the reality. Not everyone who goes to games wants to sit and watch the entire thing. They roam around, eat/drink and generally socialize.
  4. Here's an idea - how about Mike Brown dumps a dollar into PBS in renovations/upgrades. Didn't the city have to pay for the new HD scoreboard? I was at a game a year or two ago (field level) in a bar area and they had CRT TVs strapped up hanging from walls. Pretty embarassing stuff. Yes, I know, you're there to watch the game but if teams are trying to lure fans out to spend money for a stadium experience transporting them back to 1999 ain't gonna do it. Look at GABP - team constantly dumps money into that stadium. Built around same time but one owner understands the stadium experience and the other not so much.
  5. Correction : we haven't had ANY halftime adjustments with Marvin. Said it as we went into halftime. Even if we had the lead going into half, the game would be won/lost in the locker room b/c you knew the Pats would change it up dramatically. We just appeared completely hapless in 2nd half again. That said, we have some players that are completely stealing checks out there. We saw Cedric replaced and let's not stop there. Sent from my iPhone using
  6. The root problem here is this organization can consistently be outcoached, outschemed, and outmaneuvered. It's not a one off, happens time and again. We come into this week looking to emphasize the run. First drive, we pound it for a score. Then we just keep going back to it so predictably. We weren't really gashing them after the first drive. Would love to get Gio the ball in space. The one time we do it's a great play and easy first down but it's not a point of emphasis. The offense feels a bit scatter brained and that's typical with a first year coordinator but Zampese has been with us long enough Where one would think we could have maintained some continuity. Long year, think they can still turn it around and will but rough way to start.
  7. I'd agree with the above. I think if we are deep into regular season and the Vikings are 12-3 and looking at a deep playoff run you may be able to capitalize on the circumstance. However, so much of what the Vikings had going for them was predicated on Bridgewater being healthy. Could be a lost season for them. Looks like Bridgewater dislocated his kneecap, tore ACL, as well as other ligament damage. Terrible injury. Hope he can fully recover.
  8. Guys, he's REALLY strong though...It's time we draft someone to compete with this guy. Been weakest link on O Line since he was drafted. The "upside" label doesn't hold up as the years tick by.
  9. I guess if there is any type of season ending injury, this is the type you want. Stay away from knees/achilles. Light shines even brighter on Dennard. Needs to stay healthy this year.
  10. Terrible news, if true...
  11. Awesome they waited 4 months to determine it wasn't healing properly. Mind numbing.
  12. So I'll say it...........(channels in Chick Ludwig) - who's the stud with the best looking calves?
  13. this. Great player but constantly plays well beyond the whistle and is always dancing on the edge of getting a personal foul. There is an art to playing with such an edge and Burfict clearly hasn't mastered it. Not sure he'll ever get it. He has a negative reputation around league for his personal fouls. Will be an easy target for refs and other players to bait him.