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VCU gets creative with distracting GMU hoops at the free throw line

Go Skins

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“VCU band distracts George Mason with Miley Cyrus cat” is pretty much all you need to know about this story.


The cat in question, of course, is the Wrecking Ball AMAs one. The band in question, of course, is almost universally acknowledged as one of the peppiest in the land. Thursday night, according to reports, the band hoisted the sign, played “Wrecking Ball” and made meowing noises in the general direction of the Patriots during free throw attempts.



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I took a shot at George Mason’s basketball team in the introduction to Monday’s Atlantic 11 poll, joking that the mediocre Patriots had been voted the near-unanimous No. 1 over a host of much more deserving candidates. This rubbed some Mason fans the wrong way, to which I say: lighten up. The poll is all in good fun and it will feature pithy comments about every school that’s fortunate enough to crack the top 11. If you’d like to be a voter and defend George Mason against all wisecracks, e-mail me.


While George Mason is not nearly the best team in the Atlantic 11, the Fairfax school does boast the best pep band in the country, at leastaccording to NCAA.com. This is not a joke. From the countdown video of the nation’s top five pep bands:

Brass and rhythm sections just aren’t enough for band director Doc Nix, who’s been known to add singers, rappers, DJs and electric violins to the group. With a musical collection that ranges from Rage Against the Machine to Michael Jackson, it’s no wonder the Green Machine is a thriller. 

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