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  1. Guns in America

    http://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/broward/article206288209.html When Marjory Stoneman Douglas High students return from spring break the first week of April, they will only be allowed to use a clear backpack that will be provided to them. Students will also be required to wear identification badges at all times and could soon see metal detectors installed in the Parkland school, the site of a mass shooting last month that killed 17 students and educators. At least one Douglas student, 17-year-old Vincent Valdez, said he’d rather see the district eliminate backpacks altogether and invest in tablets for the students. “I don’t think I will feel any safer because we have clear backpacks or metal detectors,” said Vincent, who said he was shocked to learn about the knife incidents. “You can make up as many rules as possible, but what we need more of is enforcement.”
  2. Guns in America

    He got caught overnight: http://www.kvue.com/article/news/local/austin-bombing-suspect-is-dead-sources-tell-kvue/269-530544047 APD said early Wednesday morning it was working an officer-involved shooting in the 1700 block of N. Interstate 35. APD is working an Officer Involved Shooting in the 1700 block of N. IH-35. Media staging area will be at the Sherwin Williams Paint, 3321 N. IH-35. APD PIO will be en-route. — Austin Police Dept (@Austin_Police) March 21, 2018 According to KVUE's Kris Betts, APD and the FBI were arresting the suspect in the Austin bombings. Betts also stated the suspect detonated a device and shots were fired. BREAKING: APD, FBI arresting suspect in Austin bombing. Suspect donated device, shots were fired. #AustinBomber #austinPD — Kris Betts (@KrisB_KVUE) March 21, 2018 Sources tell KVUE's Tony Plohetski the suspect is dead.
  3. Guns in America

    Not exactly gun related, but to save from a new thread and this having to do with the walk out of students on Wednesday: http://www.arkansasmatters.com/news/local-news/parent-students-paddled-after-participating-in-walkout/1049088398 LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - Some Arkansas students have been disciplined with a paddling after taking part in Wednesday's National Walkout Day. That's according to a Twitter post by a parent. We spoke with the school superintendent in Greenbrier who confirmed that three students participated in the walkout. He says no student came to school asking to participate in the walkout and had made no preparations. He adds that they were not reprimanded for protesting but for breaking school handbook rules in regards to leaving class. We're told the students were given the choice of suspension (usually 2 days) or corporal punishment for their participation in the walkout. Corporal punishment is a paddling and must be approved by a parent.
  4. Guns in America

    https://wtop.com/dc/2018/03/dc-police-approve-march-lives-rally/ WASHINGTON — D.C. police have approved the permit for the March For Our Lives event in downtown D.C. on March 24. The event calling for an end to gun violence is being organized by survivors of the Parkland High School shooting in Florida. Rallies are being held around the globe, including in cities such as Tel Aviv, Stockholm, Paris, Buenos Aires, Mumbai and Tokyo. Hundreds of thousands are expected to descend upon the nation’s capital. The permit covers Pennsylvania Avenue between Third and 18th streets in Northwest.
  5. https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/md-politics/girl-seats-and-boy-seats-md-democrats-say-separate-party-positions-will-bring-parity/2018/03/06/12f10c4e-2083-11e8-86f6-54bfff693d2b_story.html?utm_term=.9c45fd4c264a New rules in place for the June 26 primary mean Democratic voters in 17 counties, some for the first time, will vote separately for men and women who are seeking central party positions. State party chair Kathleen Matthews said the rules will help ensure a pipeline of future female candidates for higher office. Maryland has no women in its congressional delegation or in any top statewide elective positions. “Maryland is a state that rewards people who have run for office by electing them to higher office,” Matthews said. “And the central committees are the first tier of elective office that you can run for.” According to numbers compiled by the party, the number of Democratic women running for county and state positions has increased 44 percent this year — to 545 from 378 in 2014. The number of women seeking state Senate seats doubled to 36, and the number running for the House of Delegates increased by nearly 60 percent, from 67 to 107.
  6. Guns in America

    https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/20-year-old-sues-dick-s-walmart-over-new-gun-n853876 Tyler Watson's lawsuits filed against the retailers in two separate counties claim he faced age discrimination from Dick's and Walmart, The Oregonian/OregonLive reported. The lawsuit is believed to be the first filed over the new gun policies enacted on Feb. 28. The lawsuit claims a store owned by Dick's Sporting Goods in Medford, Oregon, refused to sell Watson .22-caliber Ruger rifle on Feb. 24. The suit says Grants Pass Walmart in Oregon refused to sell him a gun on March 3. It's not clear if Watson knew at that point of the restrictions. "He was really just trying to buy a rifle," said his attorney Max Whittington. Watson is asking judges to force Dick's and Walmart "to stop unlawfully discriminating against 18, 19, and 20 year-old customers at all Oregon locations." Additionally, he is asking for unspecified punitive damages. Walmart spokesman Randy Hargrove said the retailer plans to defend the new policy. "We stand behind our decision and plan to defend it," he said. "While we haven't seen the complaint, we will respond as appropriate with the court." A representative from Dick's hasn't responded to a request for comment.
  7. HUGE College Hoops Scandal

    https://sports.yahoo.com/sources-lsus-will-wade-drawing-scrutiny-ncaa-recruiting-tactics-011522122.html Members of the NCAA enforcement staff have spent parts of the past six months looking into the recruiting tactics of LSU coach Will Wade, according to three sources with direct knowledge of the situation. NCAA enforcement officials have done work both on the phone and in person to look into Wade, including traveling around the country, to learn more about his recruiting. The NCAA’s scrutiny of Wade began not long after his hire at LSU in March, but the inquiry has stalled because of a lack of on-the-record specifics about Wade’s recruiting, according to a source. The NCAA’s information gathering has covered part of his time as head coach at VCU, according to a source. Wade’s early recruiting activity at LSU prompted the NCAA enforcement interest, according to a source. The NCAA’s interest appears to be in its exploratory and information-gathering stages, according to sources. “After talking to my staff we have had no contact from the NCAA regarding any irregularities,” LSU athletic director Joe Alleva told Yahoo Sports on Sunday.
  8. Guns in America

    https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/organizers-plan-for-500000-attendees-at-march-for-our-lives-rally-in-washington/2018/02/22/a9ff1992-17f9-11e8-8ac5-84161111ace0_story.html?utm_term=.25cf8dfe1d7e Organizers of a rally against mass shootings planned for next month in Washington are expecting up to 500,000 attendees, according to an event permit application. The application filed this week with the National Park Service indicates the “March for Our Lives” will be March 24, although a location hasn’t been determined. The rally, organized by survivors of last week’s school massacre in Parkland, Fla., will have “sister marches” in other major cities, organizers said. The event will include “student speakers, musical performers, guest speakers and video tributes,” according to the permit application, with 14 Jumbotrons and 2,000 chairs. Mike Litterst, a spokesman for the National Park Service, said that organizers initially proposed holding the event on the Mall but are looking at moving the rally to another location in Washington after the request conflicted with a film crew’s permit.
  9. Guns in America

    http://time.com/5167687/florida-shooting-lawmakers-assault-weapon-ban/ (PARKLAND, Fla.) — Students who survived the Florida school shooting began a journey Tuesday to the state Capitol to urge lawmakers to prevent another massacre, but within hours the gun-friendly Legislature had effectively halted any possibility of banning assault-style rifles like the one used in the attack. The legislative action further energized the teens as they prepared to confront legislators who have quashed gun-control efforts for decades in a state where 1.3 million people have concealed carry permits. “They’re voting to have shootings continually happen. These people who voted down the bill haven’t experienced what we did. I want to say to them, ‘It could be you,'” 16-year-old Noah Kaufman said as he made the 400-mile (640-kilometer) trip to Tallahassee. Three buses carried 100 students who, in the aftermath of the attack that killed 17 people, want to revive the gun-control movement. The teens carried sleeping bags and pillows and hugged their parents as they departed, many wearing burgundy T-shirts in their school colors.
  10. Guns in America

    https://www.topbuzz.com/@tokstesla/george-clooney-donates-500000-to-washington-march-against-gun-violence-CgKADEt4jFo George Clooney and his family will be on hand next month in Washington, D.C., standing "side by side with this incredible generation of young people from all over the country" in hopes of prioritizing safety in schools and combating gun violence. Funerals have been taking place this week for the teens and teachers who were shot and killed on Feb. 14 by suspected shooter and former classmate Nikolas Cruz. In a statement to ABC News, Clooney wrote, "Amal and I are so inspired by the courage and eloquence of these young men and women from Stoneman Douglas High School. Our family will be there on March 24 to stand side by side with this incredible generation of young people from all over the country." The actor and producer added, "In the name of our children Ella and Alexander, we’re donating 500,000 dollars to help pay for this groundbreaking event. Our children’s lives depend on it.” Clooney joins fellow actors like Josh Gad, who have taken to social media to praise the planned march.
  11. MLB changes 2018

    https://www.mlb.com/news/mlb-announces-pace-of-play-initiatives/c-266718664 A pitch clock -- giving the pitcher a certain amount of time to deliver the ball -- had been one of the major proposals considered. MLB decided to defer implementation of a pitch clock, as well as a between-batter timer, in order to give players an opportunity to respond to the new rules and positively affect pace of play throughout the 2018 season. "I am pleased that we were able to reach an understanding with the Players Association to take concrete steps to address pace of play with the cooperation of players," Manfred said in a statement. "My strong preference is to continue to have ongoing dialogue with players on this topic to find mutually acceptable solutions." New phone lines connecting the video review rooms and the dugout will be installed and monitored, limiting the ability of teams to steal signs, which is viewed as a contributing factor to the increasing number of mound visits. Rules governing when players can and cannot leave the batter's box between pitches, instituted during the 2017 season, remain in effect.
  12. Elizabeth Warren knocks it out of the park!!!

    https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/warren-addresses-pocahontas-slur-in-surprise-address-to-national-congress-of-american-indians/ar-BBJ8AV1?OCID=ansmsnnews11 Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) on Wednesday made a surprise appearance at the National Congress of American Indians, delivering a speech about issues facing Native Americans and defending herself from the "Pocahontas" slurred repeatedly lobbed at her by President Trump. The senator, who claims partial Native American heritage, explained her family's background in the speech, saying that her mother's family was part Native American, and that she eloped with Warren's father because his family did not approve of their relationship. "I get why some people think there's hay to be made here," Warren said, according to a transcript of the speech published by The Boston Globe. "You won't find my family members on any rolls, and I'm not enrolled in a tribe." She said that she respects the distinction between heritage and tribal membership, and said she has "never used my family tree to get a break or get ahead. I never used it to advance my career." Trump most recently referred to Warren as "Pocahontas" at a November event honoring Native American Code Talkers, a comment that many have criticized as a racial slur. In her remarks Wednesday, Warren told the basics of the Pocahontas story, noting specifically her suffering at the hands of early English settlers.
  13. US Government Shutdown

    https://www.cnn.com/2018/02/08/politics/budget-vote-congress-shutdown/index.html What's in the bill? The massive two-year budget deal proposed by Senate leaders Wednesday raises budget caps by $300 billion in the next two years, increases the debt ceiling and offer up more than $80 billion in disaster relief for hurricane-ravaged Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico. About $160 billion would go to the Pentagon and about $128 billion to non-defense programs. "Our members who are focused on the military are very happy where we landed with that," Ryan told Hewitt on his radio show in reference to the defense spending caps. The debt ceiling will be raised by the appropriate amount until March 2019. Exact spending would be left to the appropriations committees, but included in the funding is $10 billion to invest in infrastructure, $2.9 billion for child care and $3 billion to combat opioid and substance abuse. The bill also keeps the government running until late March.
  14. US Government Shutdown

    https://www.cnn.com/2018/02/06/politics/government-shutdown-immigration-donald-trump/index.html President Donald Trump said on Tuesday he supports a government shutdown if Democrats won't agree to tighten immigration laws, undercutting ongoing bipartisan negotiations on Capitol Hill. The comment, which came during a White House meeting on the violent MS-13 gang, was not well received in the room. Rep. Barbara Comstock, a Virginia Republican who represents a district with thousands of federal workers, confronted Trump about the remark and urged him to avoid another government shutdown. "If we don't change it, let's have a shutdown," Trump said of the nation's immigration laws. "We'll do a shutdown and it's worth it for our country. I'd love to see a shutdown if we don't get this stuff taken care of."

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