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2014 MLB ballpark ratings

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  1. Oriole Park at Camden Yards - Home of the Baltimore Orioles

    History was made by Oriole Park at Camden Yards. Its opening changed baseball and the way fans chose to experience games. A fan will revel in its festival-like atmosphere while still enjoying the purity of quality baseball.





    2. PNC Park - Home of the Pittsburgh Pirates



    Located on the banks of the Allegheny River, PNC Park has long been the forgotten gem of not only Pittsburgh, but Major League Baseball. Pittsburgh fans were tired of seeing a losing team year after year especially given the amount of success the Penguins and Stealers have had. The city's thriving college crowd found no interest in going to Pirates games, which is understandable considering the fact that the last winning team Pittsburgh fielded was when most of them were infants.

    All of that changed in 2013 when PNC Park saw its first winning team since its construction. With the Pirates finally relevant, fans from around the country started paying more attention to the team as they got more and more games on national television. But one of the biggest takeaways from those nationally televised games had nothing to do with the team and everything to do with their beautiful home field.


    13. Great American Ball Park - Home of the Cincinnati Reds

    Opened for the 2003 season, Great American Ball Park often gets overlooked amongst the crowd of modern ballparks. However, team ownership has been proactively upgrading the ballpark, creating a venue that has grown and matured well over its 12 seasons. The team was rewarded for this with the announcement that GABP will host the 2015 All-Star Game, an honor the city hasn’t hosted since 1988. Great American Ball Park has turned into a park befitting of the team’s history and is also a major component of the ongoing rebirth of Cincinnati’s riverfront.


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