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So Driskel is on the Texans roster and actually getting some PT there at the end of the season. I've watched the condensed versions of these games. 


First off the ugly.  They seem to mostly just put him in there on 3rd and short or 4th and 2 or less to run a QB draw. Boy he just gets stuffed every time lol :(    Like why did they keep doing that? lol  


On positive note. The Texans will sometimes have 2 qbs on the field and that is when it gets really interesting.  They'll have Driskel lined up behind the line in the slot so the defender has to defend against the reception/run and possible pass.   They also throw Driskel in the backfield in a split formation which also really seems to rattle the defense a bit.

He does alright the couple of times he was thrown a screen pass. Got up the field pretty good.  When he gets the ball out on the screen the D is just confused af. Pretty neat. Glad dude is still hanging in there.



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