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  1. I have a buddy who a couple of years ago got hit in the head with a door which caused him to fall down and hit the back of his head as well. He was knocked out for several minutes He sustained a concussion and still today he has the symptoms. Constant headaches. Bright lights bother him. And his memory is all messed up. He lost months of his memory and has never recovered. Not saying one way or the other about Glenn but concussion affect people differently and no case is the same Sent from my iPad using Go-Bengals.com mobile app
  2. spidey


  3. yep.  He keeps telling everyone that he's disabled and by acid. a great show. I was sad that they aren't doing any more. 
  4. It's a great show.  Moss is awesome.  One of the best episodes is the Work Outing. 
  5. [quote name='PutWittyNameHere' timestamp='1341592952' post='1138008'] * Disclaimer: I have read that some elements of Venom were based off the "Ultimate" version of him, which I've never read, but hear horrible things about. [/quote] Yep. the ultimate spiderman's version of Venom is that he is almost identical to Spiderman in size. I thought that they could have done a huge fight scene with Sandman while Parker was wearing the suit and ended the movie where Brock became Venom setting up for a 4th movie.
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