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  1. Tailgate at Lambeau 9/24

    Me and a friend are heading up to this game. Doing the drive on Saturday and coming back on Monday.
  2. Are we sure he isn't referring to opening day of 2018?
  3. spidey

  4. Dalton

    It was a hell of a catch but that wasn't the only reason we won. He lead that team back and onto an 8-0 start. hat about 2014? No Eifert, No Jones, Green out how many games? Sanu was sometimes the only receiver and Dalton led this team to the playoffs.
  5. Dalton

    That's funny right there. A qb who led his team to 5 straight playoff appearances (1st in franchise history) A qb who broke passing and touchdown records (you can say look at the talent around him but the qb whose record he broke had great talent around him as well. Can't have it both ways) A qb who led his team to it's first 8-0 record and was in talk for MVP before getting injured. A qb that led his team when down 17 points in the 4th quarter to a win over Seattle (i believe that that was a first as well) How can you say he is talent less and that he lucked into the starting position?
  6. Well Jerome Simpson said back in 2011.... http://www.cincyjungle.com/2011/7/28/2300621/bengals-wr-simpson-palmer-quit-on-us
  7. I can see it being Little that gets cut. He's never activated and most likely will be there if we need him for some reason.
  8. Concerning Burfict not playing again, is this your opinion Rick or do you have some inside source telling you this. If it is your opinion, what are you basing it on?
  9. I'm going to the game. (1st time in Shitsburg). I also don't have a good feeling about this game. I think the Stealers equal the Bengals in just about everything except olines and qbs. Our oline is better than theirs and their qb is better than ours. I do think we can win if Ben is a little gimpy with that knee of his and the front four get to him. I know Andy is playing awesome but he is 2-5 against them.
  10. I remember Willie Anderson signing with the Ravens after we released him. I think it was Go that posted a picture of Willie standing next to Rex during our game against the Ravens.
  11. 6-0 in 1988 where our 1st loss was at the hands of the New England Patriots who were horrible that year.
  12. Heading to Pittsburgh this year.
  13. test

    Thank you. That did it.
  14. test

    I keep hearing about how great the skin looks. This what it looks like to me: Is this what it should look like or is there a setting that I need to adjust? Of course my picture is not posted but it looks like the background of a generic forum with just the blue outline.
  15. I don't get the clamoring for a QB that has not taken 1 NFL snap.  Is Andy Dalton the greatest qb we ever had?  No.  Far from it but all he does is win.  4 winning seasons with him at the helm.  No other Bengals qb has done that.  Not Ken Anderson, Not Boomer Esiason, Not Carson Palmer.  Is he inconsistant?  Yes.  Does he sometimes make you want to put your foot thru the tv?  Yes.  But he wins.  The Bengals are not winning in spite of him, they are winning with him.  For some reason, it works.   Cleveland fans were wanting Hoyer to sit too for Johnny Foottall.  See what that got them.

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