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  1. nope. I played in the over 35 co-ed league at Soccer City. I played in the least competitive session and still managed to hurt myself. 2nd game of the session, I pulled my quad and then the session was put on hold because of covid. 2nd game of when they resumed, tore my meniscus. Maybe I should skip the 2nd game from now on?
  2. I've recently tore my meniscus a couple months ago playing soccer. The first couple of weeks, there was pain in my knee from it but that pain went away and by the time I saw the surgeon, there was no pain. He was showing me the tear from the MRI and said that it would require surgery until I told him that my knee was pain free. So instead of surgery, I went to physical therapy for a few weeks where we worked on strengthening the ligaments around my knee and now I'm back to running (still haven't played a game yet) and still no pain in my knee. The way he explained it to me as I thought
  3. yep.  He keeps telling everyone that he's disabled and by acid. a great show. I was sad that they aren't doing any more. 
  4. It's a great show.  Moss is awesome.  One of the best episodes is the Work Outing. 
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