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  1. Shazier may not play football again

    FYI I was at the game.... after he returned the ball he came back to midfield with a bunch of other Steelers and they were dancing around while Gio was laying there... I remember it vividly....
  2. Shazier may not play football again

    I have two conflicting opinions on this... I hope Shazier recovers fully as I don’t want to see anyone injured like this... I also watched Shazier dance around Gio’s prone body on the turf in the playoff game after a helmet to helmet hit by Shazier.... Maybe some Steelers will learn a lesson here but I doubt it...
  3. AJ Green Should be Arrested?

    I am guilty of tempted murder at work every..... single.... day.
  4. 2018 Coaching prospects

    Tom Herman?
  5. Ken Burns Vietnam War documentary

    As I have watched this documentary slowly but surely.... I agree and wonder if we will ever learn the lesson that we aren’t always right as a nation... I just watched episodes 7 and 8 and two things struck me... 1. White soldiers in Vietnam waving the confederate flag and what it meant to African American soldiers.... and how some people in our current few middle aged and younger generations think this is just a distraction issue and at the very least dismiss it. When African American soldiers go and fight American wars but are subjected to disrespect like this to me is unconscionable... 2. I never realized how completely fucked the Kent St. and subsequent Jackson St. shootings were... the fact that the Ohio national guard threatened to shoot again if the students didn’t disperse after they just killed 4 students is simply disgusting to me. Also the fact that 56 % of Americans thought the shooting was justified is just insanity. I worry that Vietnam has a direct correlation between then and our politics today... seeing so many people blindly support things that will either hurt them directly or hurt other Americans. Have we lost our sense of humanity as a nation... and if so... when did it happen and can we fix it?
  6. Ken Burns Vietnam War documentary

    This quote stuck with me...
  7. Ken Burns Vietnam War documentary

    I will say this documentary gives a lot more of the Vietnamese side of the story than I have ever seen... I have always wanted a world war 1 and 2 doc. that gave the other side of the story more in depth as well...
  8. Ken Burns Vietnam War documentary

    I have actually watched his Civil War doc. several times... and like you said a good starting point but no where near tells the entire story.
  9. Ken Burns Vietnam War documentary

    I agree on the civil rights... I guess I was going more on temperament.... that and his attack on Morley Safer and CBS Disclaimer: I don’t believe there is any immoral equivalency to Trump in Presidential history...
  10. Ken Burns Vietnam War documentary

    Has anyone been watching this? It is the most thorough one I have seen yet and I have learned a lot I did not know... I ended up just buying it on Amazon for 50 bucks... Seems from my perspective you can draw a lot of parallels between what was going on back then and what is going on in our country now..... in fact it seems as though Trump may have as much if not more in common with Lyndon Johnson than Nixon....
  11. Inequality and the rise of Authoritarianism

    Feelings about Joe Kennedy?
  12. Death of the NFL

    A few points from a dad who has a sophomore playing JV and some Varsity football at a decent sized division 2 high school: 1. I was always told and it has rung true that most kids that play midget football don't end up playing high school football and a lot of studies have shown that starting kids off that early in their brain development in football isn't good anyways. 2. Kids going out for sports overall is down. From my experience when I played baseball(I graduated in 1992 from the same school my boys go to) we had to cut 10+ players in middle and high school before the season started. On my sons freshman and sophomore baseball teams they had 12 players total even go out for baseball. Kids these days overall play too many video games, are on their phones or computers too much, and are addicted to YouTube.... they don't want to be bothered with sports and other physical things. 3. I will agree that to a certain extent that worry about brain and other injuries is a reason that there has been some decline in participation in football, but it's not the only reason for the decline. Trying to relate a decline in the NFL to a midget football decline is pretty far fetched considering the low percentage of midget football players who ever end up playing in the NFL. 4. I think a bigger reason for a possible decline in the NFL will be outrageous ticket prices, prices for food in the stadium and the ever growing price of team gear. They are pricing the middle class family out of the game. On top of that, football use to be a 3 days a week treat with college football on Saturday and NFL on Sunday and Monday. I would argue that there is too much football on TV now. Just about any night you can turn on the TV and find a game.... it too diluted which drives down ratings.
  13. Cut/waived/signed

    Mark it down... Cody Core is making this roster....
  14. Watching his highlights I think S is his position of choice... def a superior athlete

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