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  1. The talk radio hosts here in Tampa hammered this guy all season for being lazy and a cancer... seems appropriate.
  2. Hey everyone our crew will be tailgating in the maxwell house lot. The Lot opens at 9am, we will be there. If you want to meet up shoot me a pm and ill give you my number! WHODEY!
  3. Just picked up my tickets to this game, hopefully a few of the members here are able to make it and are down to meet up. @BlackJesus you going to make it?!?!
  4. My wife and I have family in Jacksonville who are season ticket holders to the Jaguars. They have a big tailgate each week and we will be going to the game this year and joining them. Anyone meeting up this year in Jax for the Jags game? If so we should have access to one of the larger tailgates there. If you plan to go, and would like to meet up send me a message here.
  5. Round 1 1. Jamal Adams 2. Malik Hooker 3. Corey Davis Round 2 1. Dalvin Cook 2. Budda Baker 3. Joe Mixon


  7. Great info, ill check those players out asap. ? This forum used to be a place for fans to objectively discuss this team... Its your job as a mod to ensure it remains that way. There is a huge difference between banning someone for using profanity casually and keeping every thread from turning into a raging bitchfest littered with elitist attitude, off topic banter and internet trolling/tough guys. Im done with this conversation here, we both know this place has gone to shit, but like Mike Brown with this coaching staff nothing will be done about it.
  8. One of my best friends is a strength coach at FSU. Ive discussed the shoulder/durability concerns with him... his response every time is that the kid is incredibly smart with his body, and he is an unbelievable physical specimen. Im taking his word for it. (Obviously im all in on Cook so im giving him the hard sell here) all bs aside though im being told there is very little to be concerned with when it comes to his physical health and durability. 667 carries over 3 seasons, 10 fumbles, 6.5 yards per carry and 45 TD's. Id like to mention that the last two years their O-Line has been average at best... kind of reminds you of, oh I dont know... Cincinnati ?
  9. All good! He became this years Jermaine Gresham.... so many unnecessary plays, penalties
  10. You barging in stating taking an RB was stupid, pointing out the thread was started in wrong forum and not positively contributing to the thread is why I made the comment to GO. No hard feelings, just not interested in yet another thread here going downhill because of petty bullshit. Im trying to gauge where the fanbase thinks we should go and my hope was to learn of some players I dont closely follow to help make this off season a little more interesting. Now that we've settled that, I completely agree that our O-Line needs help but at 9 I dont see any O-Line prospect being taken there. Elite tackles go top 5, there are no elite Guards or Centers in this class and they dont reach based on need anymore... havent for a long time. This offense needs help in all areas. I truly believe Cook is possible at 9.
  11. Budda Baker is a Safety, not a corner. He is projected to remain a Safety at the next level. I have the Bengals taking him in the 2nd because Williams is trash lol
  12. Check him out man, im a Canes fan and I fell in love watching this guy abuse everyone!
  13. Have you seen Dalvin Cook play? He is a comination of Jamaal Charles and Adrian Peterson. Id argue is is more versatile than Elliott because of what he can do in the passing game and he's faster. I get we have holes on the O-Line but they arent giving up on Ced and Fisher anytime soon and 9 is a really unlikely place to take a Tackle. I dont think there is a single G or C worthy of the 9 spot so I think you take Foster, a pass rusher or the best talent there. Id do backflips if we got Cook. Icing on the cake is the kid is smart, works hard, plays in a pro style system and is squeaky clean off the field. He instantly starts and makes an impact here.
  14. First, I've been a member here for 12ish years, while I realize that there are sub-forums which rarely get utilized during the season, no body ever posts in them during the offseason. Secondly, im glad you decided to contribute to the thread. Ill look into those players you listed, who knows maybe ill learn something about one or two of them. ? Third, its the offseason for this team, draft order is set, and the Bengals dont play in FA. Its never too early for mocks. Its all we have to look forward to. Lastly, this team drafts the best player available. Dalvin Cook might be one of the 3 best players in the entire draft. Burkhead is a FA, Gio is coming off injury and Hill is in his last year and hasnt really been the player we all thought he'd become after his rookie campaign. Dalvin Cook at 9 is absolutely a realistic possibility especially when he possesses elite speed, can pass protect/block well and the head coach values the run as much as Marvin. Jesus, this place the last 4-5 years has become painful to be a member of. There isnt a single thread posted here that doesn't involve name calling, flaming, attacking, fun/grammar police. GO, please consider tightening the leash around here. I couldnt bring myself to sign in once during the season because I knew what kind of venom would be spewing around here.
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