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  1. MARGUS and Peko excelling on new teams

    local radio gushes over Peko, players love him, coaches love him, they talk about his ability to move linemen and make the linebacksers jobs easier..
  2. i will add to this i guess, any one with kings island day passes/tickets? probably would only be able to spenda partial day there so dont wanna spend a ton.. i would need 3-4 ish total. i know when i got season passes i got free tickets with them, and never used them.. hoping someone has something similar..
  3. no chance.. rough, no lube.
  4. i dont come in till the 7th, so i wouldnt be able to make that one.
  5. holy shit!!! i forgot about that place. i have indeed been there. my sister went to oSU so i spent some time there.. great reminder.
  6. one of these opening right nex tto my work, had no idea what it was... ill check the one in dayton too, thats not too far really. almost booked a hotel in miamisburg
  7. Headed back for family visit, will be in mason area most of the time. got homies in north side and beechmont areas ill spend some time there as well. be in 10/7-10/13 few questions... 1. do any record stores(like with vinyl) still exist and are open? 2. any hookups on bengals bills tickets? i can barely afford the trip, so if i can score a solid deal, cool, if not, i probably wont make the game. 3. Same question for OSU vs maryland game. sons never been to osu game. 4. i THINK i have a hookup for UC game, ill explore that on my own... 5. anyone else going to any of the above events? any tailgates? fun? things i should try to catch up with? thats all i have for now... would be willing to trade lions bengals tickets for benglas bills tickets potentially.
  8. Rey Maualuga Watch

    a hamBONE issue
  9. seems kind of unusual.... nfl reports 55k this year.. the lowest in 2016 was 65k, vs browns 2015 was 58k officially 2014 was 59k 2013 was 65k 2012 was 63k 2011 was 43k 2010 was 64k 2009 was 65k 2008 was 65k 2007 was 65k 2006 was 65k 2005 was 65k 2004 was 65k 2003 was 64k 2002 was 54k
  10. we should be up 21-0 if we had a qb worth a shit.. they should be up 21-0 if our defense wasnt killer...
  11. god damn andy so fucking good tho

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