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  1. Spine Surgery for Shazier

    close.. correct answer should have been "defense gave up 38 points to a team ranked 15th previously in offense, luckily the offense bailed them out. .. or simply:
  2. ebound host cost wise is great, their support is very spotty IMO, i shot them a ticket sas they reissues the SSL certs for all domains, but the add on domains werent being covered on the SSL ports for email. so trying to setup some add on domains email account on my phone, it would kick back "SSL Error: certificate is self signed" ... so i did the screen shot of the error and all the details, now in gmail when it errors, it resets the settings to defaults, so it showed port 110 on the screen shot.. the purpose of the screen shot was the error code. they responded "the ssl certificate is not served on that port, it will likely be port 993 or 995." so i replied, and said what i said above about it being defaults and i submitted with proper port, etc. and so i put the settings in place and took another screen shot to prove i was just stupid, i also attached a screen shot of the "configure client" from cpanel. to which they responded: "port 110 isnt a port for SSL connection, you can use the email settings in cpanel to get the proper settings, also ensure you are using the proper password" which, you know, is what i screen shotted to them... so i replied... "it works without SSL, so i know the info is correct...thats not the issue. i still have the original issue here" to which they replied "if thats a suitable resolution for you i guess you are all set?" so i gave up... ill try again later.... im already grumpy and stressed out with stuff that matters, so i didnt need to waste any more time/effort on that... i mean SSL error literally isnt even a possible error if i was submitting using port 110. i feel like that dude knows less than i do about servers which is absolutely terrifying..
  3. Heading to MSP

    that stadium is on the list of ones i want to hit.. at some point id like to have been to all 32 active stadiums... have fun up there, share many many pics. i cant imagine a win is even remotely possible. nor am i even rooting for one at this point, but hope you enjoy the game regardless.
  4. App seems to be working now. If you can’t login still try hitting menu in the app then settings and clear cache
  5. ive had and seen similar issues in the past... but not sure of the cause... also eboundhost support is pissing me off... ive been in a pretty bad mood for the last week+... i need some rest and shit.. work is busy, awesome but busy, kids ahve basketball practice 4 nights a week then games 2 times a week, i take them to all of that stuff.. cat stuff was brutal on top of it all... oldest is 12 and discovering girls and all that shit.. he has some douche friends as well, so parenting has been kicked into high gear... elementary school is like parenting cruise control... its great stuff... ill see what i can find and still working on the app functionality too... obviously forums are a dying breed and the app helps cotninue it on... the facebook group only has like 200 of us... and twitter has about 800 follwwers... so just trying to keep up somewhat with the times... awesome people here... ill deal with this more tonight or tomorrow probably..
  6. man i saw two pages of shit and was like "FUCK".... any of you nerds know why the 500 errors keep happening?
  7. yea the 3rd best overall center in the draft is def the key to success.
  8. hyuk hyuk *slaps knee*
  9. i dont spend a ton of time here sadly when i do come i post what i can/want and bounce, but the server kicks a handful or errors almost daily to me.. so was curious does the site crash often or have any issues i should be (having someone) look into?
  10. after uninstalling and reinstalling and troubleshooting i just opened a ticket with the app folks to get the app functional again... ill post updates here..
  11. John Ross - PLOT TWIST

    welll with an unbiased logical conclusion like "marvins dumb and sucks" how could anyone think anything differently... he has a long history of bad WR draft picks... aj green - sucks, marvin jones - sucks, mohamed sanu - sucks, yep.. marvin is dumb and he sucks.. killer analysis.
  12. its fucking hilarious that people think marvin calls plays. or even tells the OC what plays to call.. ot tells the OC so "call a bunch of palys where andy throws the ball out of bounds or in the ground" .. blaming marvin for andy shitting his pants in any remotely tough game situations is completely insane.
  13. Go's Cat Belle

    She did not make it. Pretty devastating for the family, she was the coolest cat i have ever owned, small and playful, ran circles around our other cat(Henry). It seems she had a liver issue from birth, and this ending was inevitable, not sure if that resulted in the UTI or if the UTI was a coincidence or if it sped up the liver issue, i dont really know. today is a shit day. thanks everyone for the well wishes and those who donated, its been a horrible week, but you all made it easier to get through.
  14. Go's Cat Belle

    Thanks everyone, and thanks Ryan. SHe is about the same, home today, we are manually feeding her. and giving her the IV injections from home to help lower costs. Vet bills are completely insane. Her full name is Mrs. Belle Pacman. so my son and I can call her mrs pacman. wife can call her Belle. she goes back to the vet in the morning and picked up at 6pm again. so between us and the vet shes getting 24 hr care without the 24 hr billing, which saves about $400/day, so the original $3600 estimate is more around $2700-2800 to get through tuesday now instead of monday.. she ate the most today but all manually given.. we will see how tomorrow goes as well. Thanks again. Ryan

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