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  1. Well it was probably just an increase in holds by the packers oline like it was in our game Speaking holds was it just me or where the bills flat out mauling our dline
  2. Winners and Losers for Bengals

    Writer seems to be pretty pessimistic about this season. In all fairness the kneel down at the end of the first half was the right call. There was something like 21 seconds left.
  3. Ugly. Giving up a punt return to Tate
  4. The good was the refs thought we were wearing black and gold lol
  5. Chiefs made after starting 0-5 a few years ago. While the start is terrible if you want to make the playoffs the stats are worse because teams that start 0-3 start that way because they suck. If the oline improves we are far better than that but it's a big if. We shouldn't have lost the first two at home and because of that we will probably miss the playoffs. Right now we need to win all of our home games and go at least 500 on the road to have a shot. That's 9-3 over the next 12. Are we that good?
  6. Not high scoring at all 15-12 bengals in a field go post. Teams combine for 18 points off turnovers
  7. Hope you have some snickers bars. You may be waiting a while
  8. Stealers beating the rats mean we control our own destiny. Lol. Win out and the division is ours
  9. Yeah people are lining up to see o turnstile and fissure screw up the entire season.
  10. Boycott

    Sorry about the extra posts. Won't seem to delete
  11. Boycott

    I can understand that. Perhaps it is in the leagues best interest to move them back to the locker room. They made the decision to market the league that way and have also made the decision to allow and even back the protests. They most certainly could stop them if they chose. Whether I like the protests or not would not stop me from watching the game. I can't recall the last time I watched the anthem anyway. My beef is 100% the quality of games including the play of teams and officiating. If I'm not entertained I'm not tuning in no matter what they do with the anthem. Like tonight's game I doubt I watch a snap. Green Bay should win by double digits and I have no interest watching wonder bitch Rodgers two times in one week.
  12. Boycott

    I'm not boycotting but can understand. The players are using these games people are investing their time and money in as a political platform. They don't want that and considering half the fans don't agree with them. They also consider it disrespectful not to stand and think they should find a better place and way to protest The reason I haven't watched much outside of our beloved bengals is I'm not interested. Between rule changes and lack of practice I feel like the games aren't as good as they used to be. I'm just not as entertained as I used to be so I wind up doing other things.
  13. Didn't know who it was doing color but really thought he knew his stuff and do well. He did really point out dalton mistakes a lot but if dalton was a better qb that wouldn't happen.
  14. I'll take credit for the Baltimore performance. Picked up Ben Watson since Olsen and Eifert got hurt and they instantly suck. Time to dump Green and the bengals can start scoring.
  15. I'll take credit for the Baltimore performance. Picked up Ben Watson since Olsen and Eifert got hurt and they instantly suck. Time to dump Green and the bengals can start scoring.

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