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  1. Sucks for him really. With the current field I would have like to see him have gotten the ring
  2. I so wish people understood odds. Our team could be the 72 dolphins next year and have wore odds than the cowboys to win the super bowl. While odds are some what based on a teams predicted performance they are more so representative of the idea of a bettors preference. So if team x should win but team why has more fans and potential bettors in their favor team y will get better odds. It's always all about the money
  3. New here

    If keeping Marvin was the price to keep mayfield out of Cincy I'm going on the black market and buying a bottle of pappy. I'm not thrilled with keeping Marvin but we could sign Ryan leaf for cheap and so as well as drafting mayfield. Dude has problems and will be a bust
  4. Sidepiece?

    I'll just not watch. Haven't watched a game since the steeler fucking and haven't missed it. Pretty obvious woth the league that the champ will be either big market or big marketing star. Bengals browns lions cardinals are also rans Jags will get ducked this year. NFC will be either la rams who I expect or New Orleans. Afc will be stealers or pats. My guess is stealers if big bitch Ben is serious about retirement
  5. Coaching Staff Changes

    While I thin the almost trade with Cleveland was robbery who is coming out that is better. I'd keep either dalton or scooter over any of them but maybe Rosen Old mic Darnold is too turn over prone and mayfield is Ryan leaf junior
  6. I like hue but it'd be tough to swallow losing to a teams back ups at any point In the season
  7. Six teams meet the criteria to be forced onto Hard Knocks

    San Fran is easily the best story line and fix for the NFL
  8. Why go to the browns unless you needed an excuse to fail?
  9. Spine Surgery for Shazier

    League condones "steeeeeealers football". It's on them. If they'd punished him for the hit on gio maybe he would have learned but doubt it. As a human I feel bad if he spends his life in a chair. As a football fan he should have died on the field. The city of Pittsburgh is a cancer and needs to be eliminated
  10. Carson Retiring

    Could have been a hall of a famee without another shitsburg cheapshotb
  11. You know those bills players were saying to them selves they were screwed. Andy dalton 4th and 13. Surprised they weren't cleaning out their lockers. Lol
  12. Well it was probably just an increase in holds by the packers oline like it was in our game Speaking holds was it just me or where the bills flat out mauling our dline
  13. Winners and Losers for Bengals

    Writer seems to be pretty pessimistic about this season. In all fairness the kneel down at the end of the first half was the right call. There was something like 21 seconds left.

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