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  1. jhowdy54

    George Iloka

    When I seen the topic I thought it was going to be about Iloka not getting the easiest INT ever on the last series before the half. Ball hit him right in the shoulder. Bengals probably add 3 more points to make it 20-0 instead the Stealers get 3 points to end the half.
  2. Wow that was about as bad as it can get. He could have easily broken the Bills players neck. Hope Roger has the balls to actually suspend one of the NFLs golden child's. At least 2 games for Gronk.
  3. What players let the Bengals down this week? Randy Bullock - Misses PAT Hardy Nickerson - God awful LB Trey Hopkins - worst rated G this week in the NFL Russell Bodine - Lowest rating of his career Clint Boling - Bull rushed right into Dalton for an easy sack Fedjelem - Horrible effort on that punt block. Barely touched the guy.
  4. First to end all of this BS It was just water everyone. If you watch closely It was a Crystal clear liquid. The person probably drank his soda and it filled back up with rain water. Now back to the game Great : Andy Dalton - Have to say this might of been his best game as a Bengal. Bum ankle in the pouring rain against an elite defense. If not for drops he's well over 400 yards passing. Burfict - My god he played like the NFL DPOY today. He had the chance to layout several huge hits but let up before making contact. One questionable hit on the Iloka INT has me a bit nervous but again he let up to avoid contact but still made contact. Geno - Geno being Geno Lawson- My god what a find in the 4th rd. Could see him in the Pro Bowl this year. Oline pass pro- Probably not great but compared to what we've seen so far A+++. Kroft- This guy is making me not miss Eifert one bit. I see several 2 TE sets in the future. Bad: No bad we won Ugly: Ben Roethlisbergers performance
  5. This explains a lot about his slow start.
  6. It's been a weird season thus far in my book. Teams struggling with teams they should be blowing out. Offenses struggling big time to put the ball in the endzone. Believe it or not the Bengals are just 1 game out of the playoffs. Bengals are 5 points away from being 3-1. Bills traded away half there team and are leading the AFC East. I thought Baltimore was for real until they get blown out by Jacksonville who turns around and loses to to Jets. Derek Carr who knows with that back injury. Flacco sucks and Roethlisberger is old and fat. Who knows what the rest of the year will bring.
  7. Lawson just missed a couple sacks today. Had several QB pressures even going against Joe Thomas. Kids going to be a stud.
  8. The NFL will do whatever it takes to get him out of the league. That hit today was about as textbook as can be. Shit has to stop but I know it won't. Because he hits and plays hard he can't play in the NFL. Sad
  9. jhowdy54

    John Ross

    This is what I seen. Maybe I miss interpreted. Still what's going on doesn't add up.
  10. WTF is going on with John Ross and the Bengals? John Ross said publicly that he never tweaked his knee in practice and that we was good to go. Also told him this week that it was a wait and see If he'll play. This is some fucked up shit.
  11. 88 degrees in late September in Green Bay. These have to be record highs. I hope the added depth on the dline pays off because were gonna need it.
  12. https://www.dawgsbynature.com/2017/9/11/16286536/should-the-Stealers-be-punished-for-their-antics-vs-browns This is absurd. Had the past head of officials interviewed on what he thought. All he talked about was potential fines for the Stealers. Not one mention of suspensions.
  13. I know this has nothing to do with the Bengals shit show but has to stop period. Totally unacceptable today from them. 3 blatant helmet to helmet hits. Dirty play from Roethisberger driving his shoulder into the defenders knees. Ryan Shazier diving helmet first into Kizer who was fully on the ground following a slide. At least 3 suspensions should be handed out for next week. I can't wait to see what the NFL does.
  14. Hope the Bengals see a 3rd rd rookie RB starting week 1 and ignighting a offense against a strong defense. If Mixon is the best which he obviously is, then play his ass.
  15. Was just some sarcasm with the whole Burfict situation

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