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  1. dang! CCC me and you are killin it. & WHERE THE HELL IS IAN! i think next round ought to be switched up a little. even tho old vs. nu is still fun.
  2. [quote name='sneaky' post='310840' date='Aug 7 2006, 12:48 PM'][b]do i "wanna taste of you"? no thanks i'll pass the last thing i need is the cops to come arrest my ass, yeah i run this thread, thats not a dream its real life you're the one with the dreams, wishing one day to become my wife and as far as my yang is concerned, nothing is wrong, thank you very much lets just say, if i hooked up wit your mom, afterwards she would also need a crutch girl you need to stop actin all hard, talkin' like you can brawl this is the same chick who injured herself playing female softball and the way you root for the Cowboys i think you taking a risk cause Drew Bledsoe done seen more dick than a men's urinal disk by the way, thank you for sharing that you use "playtex gentle glide" it was news to me cause i thought you country girls just crammed a sock up inside you say you're a "southern belle" but do you know who i am? this ain't "Gone With The Wind" and frankly OG, i dont give a damn[/b][/quote] It probly wouldnt be the first time,im sure you been locked up before. as for being your wife..ha-i need a man with a real job..not no convieniant store. I root for the cowboys loud and proud..maybe he's see more dick but only in the lockerroom im tellin you you must be sick from all that jizz that you consume its not good for your stomach, but do what you please im just tryin to help you from gettin autheritus in your knees yah i play softball, im a cheerleader, & i got soccer too.. besides go to work and play online, what the fuck do you do? haha no thats not how i wear my sock but as for you i hear you use you sock on your cock poor 33 year old dude who aint got no pussy since High School run your mouth and like Eminem: bitch "i'll slap you off that bar stool". and this is all fun and games dont any thing i say to you personal okay? But you gotta admit im blowin your ass away like Timothy McVeigh.
  3. are you serious you think some one would have written that for me? how is that an improvment ask these boys ive always been allright..iono think what you want.. HATER.
  4. hey honkey you should get in here and join us since theres an odd number.
  5. [quote name='sneaky' post='310298' date='Aug 6 2006, 10:16 AM'][b]your right OG, your're not a girl scout......you ah brownie and if you think you can beat me, you've got more powder in your nose than Robert Downey listen babygirl, im the sheriff of this thread, i run this county my rhymes are like a hunter, and guess what? you my bounty you betta proceed with caution, cuz my rhymes rattle and rankle keep on runnin yo' mouth little girl, and im gonna sprain the other ankle in the past i've let you slide but i aint feeling that generous today have i ever mentioned that i think your boy Drew Bledsoe is gay? you say my rhymes are in decline? i say little girl, pleeeeeeeze this aint Titantic and i aint Leonardo DiCaprio, cuz i woulda let yo' ass freeze your rhymes are bright but soft, kinda reminds me of a box of play-dohs what the hell is in Oklahoma anyways? besides trailers and tornadoes girl ima playa, i was pulling babes while you were playing with Barbies my women always comeback cuz i serve 'em more beef than Arby's see, im the villian and you the damsel in distress tied up on some train trax my rhymes are flooding you so bad i suggest you open up another box of tampax[/b] [/quote] sneaky...baby boy...YOU MAKE MY DAY. If im a brownie i know you wanna taste of me, im so delicious and refreshing sorta like iced tea. You may think you run this thread, but i think you must be in a dream. you say my rhymes are play-doh well your as soft as ice cream not just your rhymes but your dick as well... You messin with this Oklahoma girl, this southern belle. but while your talkin bout sprainin ankles im breakin yours homie & you cross the line as soon as you mention Drew you see that man's probly been laid by girls more than your mommy.. [img]http://forum.go-bengals.com/public/style_emoticons//3.gif[/img] Oh & i dont use tampax i use "playtex gentle glide".. maybe you out to try the supers cus your ass is stretched out pretty wide. your right you cant be Leonardo Dicaprio or you'd probly be attractin the honeys instead i'd compare you to a black Lance Bass without all the money...
  6. [quote name='WhoDeyForever' post='310195' date='Aug 6 2006, 01:00 AM']Hey OG Oklahoma Girl do you have any [b]tag-a-longs?[/b][/quote] Tag-a-Longs?
  7. sneaky baby this is for you... haha..Girl Scout? yah riight baby boy get real. the only thing Girl Scout about me is my innocent appeal. yah im back in the game feelin better then ever, OG a quitter like BAB?..psh never. Do i have to show you again why you lovin my shit? im the best white chick to ever spit this good & you all admit it. so back to you sneaky and your pitiful lines. see in this game i can see your rhymes just decline. maybe you just needed me to step your game up for you give you a little somethin somethin to wake up and look forward too. so here's your inspriation your motavation to get you some determination. i cant have you slippin up your game thats just a shame, but its not your fault, im to blame.. cus if i had never left you you wouldnt be in this shape.. but my rhymes are like Titanic pretty impossible to escape. so if your ready to take on this girl scout again in round 3 you can pick yourself up outa this slump and attack me. by the way you want peanutbutter cookies dont you? maybe ill ask your pops to pick some up from that little girl down the street cus i think i might want some too. im bacccck.
  8. lol no stay on i need to battle you now..haha
  9. im backkkk from work,& i worked so dang hard too.
  10. k well how bout this i gotta work tonight from 6-midnight so ill be on at midnight if you will be and we will finish this between me and youhow bout that?
  11. but i ono whose all in it is it new vs. old again?
  12. wheres OG at? did she have a girl scout meeting tonight, i know pretty soon it will be cookie season for her. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- hahah you want some cookies..maybe a sugar cookie? and uh some of you dudes are haters talkin bout a chick when she aint even there..mmm hmmm. i was readin the poll.
  13. [quote name='Nati Ice' post='308572' date='Aug 4 2006, 01:49 AM']LOLOLOLOOOOOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLZ Kissimmee St. Cloud HO!!! *throws up KSC gang sign* 100% PURE HARDCORE![/quote] you from around there?
  14. [quote name='Jamie_B' post='307550' date='Aug 2 2006, 08:49 PM']Why you talkin bout some freaky homo erotic talk like that again and Ill go psychotic like the Scarecrow bitch my shit is hypnotic and I'd watch calling OG a hoe cause shell slam your ass down like a domino and dont helter-skeltered me son you aint no manson your rhymes sound like you tha black member of hanson[/quote] word... to jamie b thanks i dont appricate bein called a hoe..& you know that. i miss you guys too. but i have been extremly stressed out..this is big stuff for me. leavin my home town and my mom and friends..crazy stuff so yah ill be back on before you know it tho, and to sneaky.."im starting to miss that JailBait" im allways here reading incase you wanna throw somethin at me ill find it and get you back as soon as i can.. sorry i left yall hangin like some sort of BAB hater. jk BAB i know your hidin in here somehwere waitin for me to be sayin something about you. but as for Whodey and CCC way to hold it down for the nuschool. got respect lovin it..been readin and yall really makin a girl proud..even tho my boy bein callin me a ho* huh ian.? jk i forgive you. i miss you cats..keep up the good work. <3 OG. soon to be FG* lol and that sounds way homosexual. so im gunna stick with OG*.
  15. [quote name='whodey 85' post='308022' date='Aug 3 2006, 02:04 PM'] U movin down to my part of the hood?[/quote] Kissimmee yea. i fly out tuesday.
  16. sorry been packin gettin ready to move to FL so i wont be rappin till round 4 sorry guys.
  17. HAHAH...damn CCC i like you allready. your a smart dude stickin with the nu.. but where the hell is sneaky i need him to respond to me.
  18. goin ota town for the weekend but you know ill be checkin and postin hopefully but incase i dont give me somethin to look forward too
  19. [quote name='sneaky' post='303188' date='Jul 28 2006, 08:27 AM'][b] rule number one of bein' a pimp is keep dem girlz in check, no doubt im not tryna put u down babygirl, but a pimp like me will turn yo' ass out see im like the underground crime lord, i've paid off all the cops if u dont start showin mo respect, you'll be like yo' boy BAB, trickin' at truck stops dont be mad lil one, men are better than girlz, thats just proven scientifics love "bitch-slappin" women so much, i think it should be a sport at the Olympics naw i wasnt born in 1923, but i was born 50 years lata so bow down before your elder, u lil teenage playa hata u betta take yo' young ass back in dat kitchen, or ima bout to get mean-ah i like u but "Whats Love Got To do With It", ima treat yo ass like Ike did Tina [/b][/quote] haha sorry to tell you baby but you dont hurt my feelings one bit i love sittin here watchin you talk shit, it makes my day theres not doubt about it. haha i'm pretty sure im a little different then BAB b/c when some one calls me out i dont hide like a pussy you know i may be up against the best on this thread i coulda battled jamie, & i coulda battled JC ,but i chose you instead yah you may be my elder ,cus im only sixteen but when it comes to this im the best 16 yr old you've ever seen well sneaky baby you talk about how you gunna get meaner but your rhymes suck about as much as a vaccum cleaner & im not a playa hata, but i aint gunna fix u no damn meal.. women are the same as men & thats the way i feel got one question why you hatin on me? i thought we were cool like me and you homies i got respect for your game..but i recall earlier in the game did u forget? "i got all love and no hate babygirl" maybe u should say what you meant..
  20. [quote name='sneaky' post='302851' date='Jul 27 2006, 07:15 PM'][b]they aint scared of u, do u know why nobody wants to fight? who wants to hear a woman nag?, thats "male kryptonite" i believe you about needin' earplugs, that shit aint fake ive been battlin' for a day an yo' nagging is already given me a headache lemme give u a description of my ideal lady, i want her smart, wise, loyal & cute but most of all, i want da bitch MUTE do you know what was the smartest thing that ever came from a chick? us men know the answer........it was Einstein's dick and as far as yo' mom belonging to my boy Jamie B I know when hes done wit her, he'll pass her ova to me in the meantime lil girl, u betta mind yo manners, an check yo' attitude hop in the kitchen on dat good ankle an cook OldSkool some damn food! [/b][/quote] hahahahahahah...i love battlin you! aww sneaky you make so sad, puttin a poor 16 year old girl down like that . naw j/k i'll get you back..your shit dont bother me..i strike out & i get back up to bat lol baby you i dont mean to nag its just ot comes natrual you see only when a grown man be knockin down a sweet young lady like me. talkin bout women like they can do less than you do i dont think your momma would be too proud b/c she a woman and she made you i doubt you really think that way about women i think your tryna get under my skin i bet i know women who have done waht you have and been where you've been if i didnt know better i'd think you were born back in 1923 well you could possibly be considering you age baby you put me in a kitchen i'll burn that food.... kinda like im burnin you. haha check my attitude? make your crew food?! hah you mut be mistakin.. cookin up rhymes will be the only thing i'll be makin so thank you sneaky for puttin me to work but if you think im goin down now you must be berserk...
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