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  1. what up schotzee wotzee.

  2. I wanna be your first comment.

    Welcome to the site young man.

  3. OG and Gang signs... G-G-G Gang signs!!!


  5. if i OG's age....i'd be her hubby :D

  6. why thank you...you too sneaky i had the most fun yet battlin you. you kept me goin lol.
  7. [quote name='sneaky' post='317689' date='Aug 17 2006, 02:06 AM'][b]dont worry about my blood pressure cuz im built to last and if im Japan, you're Sony cause i own your ass the only thing scattered and messy is your rhyme i could give you some lessons but i dont have the time yeah im in a wheel chair but it aint because of old age lets just say if i was a underware model, you'd need an extra page my dick may be old but its still the bomb but dont take my word for it, go ask your mom you say you got men singing......... that i doubt better not have me "plug it in" cause it'll take your tonsils out it will blast up your spine, pop your eyes and give you glaucoma it'll have you speaking Chinese even tho you from Oklahoma my dick is agent 69 cause like James Bond it fights the Kremlin its cute and cuddly now, but when it gets wet, it turns into a gremlin [/b][/quote] This will probly be my last one for this round cus i got a sftball tourney tonight and this weekend. so here yah go. did u say.. build to last? ha.. baby you aint no Ford truck. the rhymes you keep spittin are like quicksand every word just gettin you stuck. Okay..im Sony ,but im playin you just a Playstation game.. & you still aint showin me how you got that MVP title you claim lol oh and i had my tonsils out when i was five but allright we'll see, i might take you out for a test drive cus i dont like my cars old and rattly, but i'd rather have a used than a new one just as long as you keep it clean and and your engine will still run your right about the "gremlin" comparrison to your dick, theyre little & ugly & a short mess but dont take my word for it you can ask BAB im sure he'd confess he told about that night you two had your thing but he had to go to the doctor, he said when he peed it would just sting i dont need your rap lessons baby you should be the one askin me for some cus my rhymes they stick in your head just like as if they were gum and its been new school to old and this is round three it was me, Whodey, & CCC vs. You and Jamie B now this rounds allmost done and we need to switch it up next time so next round Dr.Suess throw me somethin other than a pitiful nursery rhyme.
  8. SCHOOL SUCKS. i hate it. but i have a computer class second period so ill be on here at like 10 AM lol. well nice job to everyone i hope im here to end this thread. but if not im a be back in the next round.
  9. hahahaha i cant wait till schools over so i can getback at you lol. that was a good one by the way. lol see yah. wait well i have a game so not till later tonight. buh-bye.
  10. [quote name='sneaky' post='317216' date='Aug 16 2006, 02:17 PM'][b]look little girl im trying to be nice but you making me frown im a gentleman by nature so dont make a pimp slap you down and where you get this "1 minute man" stuff from? girl you'za lie i'll hit the wettest coochies so long, they all turn dry cuz the O is Casanova reincarnated, i aint lying, shit i swear hoes walk in my bedroom and roll out in a wheel chair and all this talk about my pops is really kind of crass i aint hatin on my old man, but i cant believe you give it to his old ass [img]http://forum.go-bengals.com/public/style_emoticons//31.gif[/img] but its all good, just didnt know you were that kind of chick oh well, differnt strokes for different folks, maybe you like wrinkled dick are you sure you clean? (sniff-sniff) cuz something smells like sushi you might want to go back and give yourself a double doushey and whats up wit the HIV thing? thats not a cool rap i aint tryna spread any rumors but i heard you gave Ian "the clap" [/b][/quote] Sorry sneaky i dont wanna make your blood pressure any higher ,old man. My rhymes have the same effect on you as WWII did Japan, leavin your brain scattered and everything a mess. if this were school i'd be givin you an F ,on every test. the ppl rollin in wheel chairs around your house is you. i cant help your pops is so good and expeirienced i just didnt know what to do. baby dont talk about your daddy like that, your dicks just as old. sneaky your dick is so old its startin to grow mold. [img]http://forum.go-bengals.com/public/style_emoticons//31.gif[/img] haha..my shit dont smell of sushi, more like a air freshener to these men. i smell so good i have every guy takin a whiff and leave singin "plug it in..plug it in" oh im nto sure where you heard that one about my boy Ian and all that but i can rest assure you we arnt the ones with the clap, its you who needs that check-up on your dick cus from what i heard you fucked Jamie B and now he's sick. sorry Jamie b..i had to. if my mom reads it i will assure her you arnt infected by sneaky's diseases. jk, well okay talk to you guys tonight got school tomorrow so yah i'll have to slow down just like Ian.
  11. sneaky. my first day of school is tomorrow, so ima try and get back at you today sometime maybe in a few minutes lol.
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