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  1. Thought I heard they were some ridiculous margin of losses in 1 run games compared to the rest of the league. Think Iggy being shaky has hurt. Hopefully they get Wood and Scooter back and can right the ship before it gets to the point they have to sell.
  2. JC

    Game of Thrones (SPOILERS)

    I didn't love it and I didn't hate it. I'm just hoping I get to read the final two books and see how George wanted it to play out. I don't think thats going to be the case though.
  3. Didn't you see? We owe him backpay and a raise working as a line chef in the cafeteria. Uzomah never worked as a line chef. Decided he'd spend his extra time working on the jugs machine.
  4. Yeah! Tyler Eifert injury joke! I get it!!!!1 Your disdain is so weird. The guy has always made peanuts. They've always had two adequate backups behind him. Some of his injuries had been some of the flukiest shit I've ever seen. He's a difference maker when he plays. Did you get denied trying to get a picture with him while he was out to dinner with his family?
  5. So what "bullshit" did he endure here? Were they mean to him in the lunch line?
  6. JC

    Game of Thrones (SPOILERS)

    Think having the battle half way through signaled that they were going to beat TNK, which disappointed me. Thought so many major characters making it through was a little bit of a cop out, but I suppose that makes it certain the battle for KL will be a bloodbath. Great episode. It's too bad we'll never get the books to see how George was going to wrap this up. He clearly has no intention on releasing anything.
  7. I would assume he would be. His game isn't based around being a burner. He's still incredible at making contested catches, running good routes, highpointing the ball. I think injuries are certainly a concern, but I think he's got a game that will continue to work as he gets older. He was uber effective out of the slot this year. That is likely where he ends when its all said and done. Could be an issue with TB since he doesn't have that vertical speed.
  8. Yeah, this is why I'm skeptical that he'll be overtaking the top two guys in the room unless there is an injury (very possible). Just adjusting to the speed and the size is probably enormous. I think UW was a pro-style offense so that should help. Running the other two guys out there doesn't indicate a clear run/pass situation. Running Drew out there right now might indicate a clear run situation, which is fine, like you mention, if we are trying to milk the clock or very close to the goalline.
  9. This has and always will be Duke Tobin as long as he is the director of player personnel. He gets inputs from coaches. Its not Zac Taylor and gang making the picks. Duke is the same guy who nailed Geno and he's the same guy who whiffed on Ced.
  10. I think its possible. Tight end is usually one of the harder positions to transition to from college. If he does, I imagine snap shares will likely favor Tyler, but CJ and Drew could be very close. I'd bet CJ edges him out early in the year at least. Think the big question will be how often are they in two tight end sets compared to a single in-line Y tight end. If they are dedicated to running the ball, hard to envision they won't utilize two tight end sets since they have a really good move tight end in Tyler, who puts in good effort in run blocking. Probably depends on how many snaps they want to give Tyler each week.
  11. Nope. He came out with the reputation as a mean blocker who needed to refine his route running. Just because he played basketball doesn't mean he was in the receiver mold. The rams have always been base 3WR/1TE/1RB. They draft these guys as Y tight ends to stay in-line and block first, run routes second. Who cares if he's a backup? Tight end is one of the more volatile positions in the league. There are no tight ends playing 100% of the teams offensive snaps. You need more than one at this point to be considered set there.
  12. This is exactly the kind of tight end the Rams would take. Athletic and a good blocker. Just like Gerald Everett whom they took in the second round a few years ago. They opt for the Y receiver instead of the F tight end, which is what Eifert will be in this offense. I assume they will still use Eifert in that role, but he will be lining up in the Y position more often.
  13. Thanks gentlemen. Jason I’ll get with you here shortly.

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