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  1. Oh hell yes. I’ll drink some Jameson to that!
  2. Its not like we were the only team trying to sign him last off-season. It's not like Mike is trying to make sure he has health care. I'd wager he will have a decent market this year as well. The 2014 and 2018 injuries were fluke bullshit. I won't argue 2016/2017. Stats are stats and 81% of his catches have either gone for a first down or touchdown. Is that worth risking 2% of the teams salary cap? Probably. If Tyler Kroft or CJ Uzomah want to get backup money elsewhere (because they aren't getting anything else), I think that would be wise. I wouldn't want to be stuck in this weather either.
  3. Tyler played 41%/60/65 in his first three weeks. Probably would have stayed around the 60-65% around the year. Something roughly 15 tight ends did on high volume. Projecting but you can’t tell me that A: effective ones grow on trees and we should be able to go pluck on easily in the draft/FA B:3.5M will be spent on a more effective player. Only one of those guys (Jared Cook) will be available in free agency and he will be at least double that price.
  4. 500 total snaps is 31 snaps a game. Why is that the baseline? The bengals averaged 67 snaps a game and that was the lowest in the nfl. I imagine Tyler was playing more than 31 snaps before he snapped his ankle.
  5. Here’s a question for you: How many every down right ends are playing 16 games a football season. Travis Kielce. George Kittle. Zach Ertz. That’s about all I’ve got. Good luck finding one that is a playmaker and penciling him in for every game of the season. Must be pretty cheap in free agency or the draft since they’re a rare commodity!!!! maybe they are extinct11111
  6. If he gets 3.5M gtd and doesn't play a snap, he accounts for 1.9% of the salary cap. It's such a small amount, If it doesn't go to him...it's just getting rolled over to next year and then the year after and so on. Spend money and give your quarterback a 6'6 red zone and 3rd down weapon. Limit his snaps. He's caught 66% of his passes for first downs and I suspect that number is low due to the amount of touchdowns he's caught. He moves the sticks and catches touchdowns at a pretty elite rate. 3.5M dollars is probably what Malik Jefferson is going to make over the life of his 4 year contract playing special team snaps.
  7. John Ross will be lining up as the Flanker this spring with Tyler in the slot and AJ as split end.. I think thats as much of a certainty as Andy lining up at QB1 barring any kind of injury.
  8. I know the Raiders used Jared Cook a lot in Oakland (didn't really have any other option). I think Callahan made a point to mention that in one of his interviews. I'd look for them to target a blocking one with at least some receiving upside. Hopefully Eifert, but I wouldn't mind Hockenson.
  9. -1 and a middle finger from me. Got damn. The anniversary of that was yesterday.
  10. His father-in-law is Mike Sherman who coached for the Pack and Texas A&M (where he hired Taylor). Sherman coaches the Alouettes now in the CFL which has Manziel.
  11. That's what we call the Florida prom package. Just ask Rick.
  12. Looks like I've been missing out by not coming around often enough. I give this guy +1

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