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  1. I know it held true last year and looks the same this year, but the Bengals are absolutely horrid in one touchdown games. 3-4 this year and 1-6-1 last year. If they go 4-3 instead of 1-6-1 last year, they are a playoff team. Unless down big at half, they go conservative in order to not turn the ball over and they lose close games as a result. You can see it when they get the ball inside of two minutes before halftime. While teams like the Stealers go downfield, we see if we can break off a big run or screen and then run the clock out. Stealers get three points at the end of the half last week and that ended up being the difference in the game.
  2. Was really hoping to pick out some spinners to put on Shazier's new ride. Doesn't sound like that will be the case now. I hate the Stealers more than I like the Bengals.
  3. Got a bottle of Jameson that was distilled in Dublin and only sold over there this summer. Probably break that out in hopes of some kind of good luck, but when Marvin Lewis is your head coach and you are playing the Stealers...
  4. Probably don't need to pile on, but... correct.
  5. Call me classless (idonotgiveafuck), but I hope Burfict ends Jen in two weeks. I'm not sure how I'd cope with the year/lifetime suspension he would receive, but would be awesome to wear a freshly ordered Burfict jersey everywhere.
  6. Jim O. thinks Bodine is gone.
  7. How is his criteria comparable to Nick Foles or Vernon Davis? They have multiple seasons where they have shown they were not as good as those numbers suggest. Whenever Tyler has been able to play, he has been an elite player. Its not even the stats. Its his ability to line up anywhere on the football field and create huge mismatches judging by the 18 touchdowns in 21 games. Hell, 18 touchdowns in the past 23 games is still insane. You wanna know why that team in '15 was so good? Its because Tyler turned possessions into touchdowns instead of missed Mike Nugent field goals.
  8. Calling bullshit on not being elite. You don't just accidentally score 18 touchdowns in 21 games.

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