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  1. Not far. Especially with Obugie and Fisher as bookends. Fuck.
  2. JJ is such a cocksucker. Eat bowls of dicks in hell fuckhead.
  3. Only silver lining is that there is no way Marvin will be back next year after this clusterfuck of a season.
  4. Sligo, Ireland

    Awesome! Just went to Ireland for my honeymoon this summer. Did not visit Sligo. Hit a lot of the touristy spots. Wife and I decided if we went back, we would try to go to lesser known places.
  5. Game of Thrones (SPOILERS)

    Dorne and the sandsnakes were written so piss-poor. So much more prominent in the book. The sand-snakes looked kick ass in like one scene.
  6. Game of Thrones (SPOILERS)

    This season has been incredible. A lot of people bitching about time-travel stuff, but it's a TV show with Dragons and dead skeletons that fight, so I'm not sure why people need it to be real time.
  7. Not that I don't think he is really good, but I think the defensive scheme has always been geared towards taking away the big play from the guys outside of the hashes and to let teams do their damage with checking the ball down. Sustaining drives is much harder when only getting 4 to 5 yards a play due to drops/negative plays/pressure of 3rd down/etc. Whether we have had the linebackers to stop that from happening is a different story, but could also be a reason we have been content to go this way. They've been going after much more athletic linebackers lately so we could see the defense really transform into a dominant package. After they adjusted a little bit last year, they looked really good. Pretty excited about the defense this year. Offense just has to help out by sustaining some drives.
  8. I think in regards to the 3 man line, the RPO is always on the table. Its about getting a team in m2m splitting everyone out and making the running back beat the one unblocked player still in the box before trying to beat a safety. If in zone or more than 3 guys sitting at the LOS, you throw the bubble screen and let those big lineman roll downfield. This stat just shows how good Andy is at diagnosing which way to go with the football.
  9. 2017 Season thread!!

    Its nice to see these spurts. The minors look pretty good right now as well. If Cozart keeps playing this way, they might have to try and hold onto him.
  10. Jason, trying to send a PM but I'm on hotel wifi and its running a little too slow. I'm on a business trip, but I will send you a PM this evening when I get back to my computer. Sorry. The past couple of days have been filled with travel and not much downtime.
  11. Woo! Thanks again, Jason! Getting ready to head to the airport but will send you details this evening!
  12. I like how no one is outraged about Jourdan Lewis from Michigan getting picked up tonight even though he tried to choke his lady out just a month ago. No video, so no one really knows about it and he's playing for the cowboys, so its just boys being boys.
  13. Almost did backflips. Best running back in the draft. Could easily be ROY this year.

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