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  1. Thanks for ruining my future child's college fund. You're a real asshole, pal!
  2. Really? I've heard from a couple of my buddies that the check took awhile to the point that they didn't think it would ever come. Maybe I'll get back into it once vacation debt dies down.
  3. I'd hammer the over on that one as well.
  4. Not a big bovada fan. I've heard some horror stories in trying to cash out. Not that I ever have any money left to cash out at the end. I'm probably going to just wait it out until it pops up around my neck of the woods and do actual tickets. Last thing I need is to get back into live betting...
  5. Bless your heart. Lucky man. That one looks as easy as the Russia -1 last Thursday against Saudi in the WC. I don't love our schedule, but I think we get at least 7. This team has had so many one score losses over the past two years. Probably moreso Marvin than bad luck, but I'd hammer that over if I could.
  6. JC

    2018 Reds Season Thread

    With Mes, you can probably only flip him to an AL club as designated hitter, maybe. Just not a very good catcher anymore with that hip. With Harvey, if he catches some kind of lightning in a bottle, you might be able to get some kind of prospect at the deadline. This team has blundered too many trades for prospects with their stars at this point that I wouldn't be surprised if they were in the cellar for awhile longer. Got nothing for Cueto or Chapman. Got an all-star caliber third baseman for Alfredo Simon though. Figure that out? Best prospect coming up is a third baseman who is going to have to shift to second and take one of our best hitters out of the lineup (unless someone can shift to shortstop). Still trotting Hamilton out there and the best centerfield prospects are a few years away from the majors. Young pitchers that still can't find control.
  7. Unless the pats leapfrog us, looks like ragnow should be ours.
  8. Thought for sure that was LJ. Not sure why you give up a first unless it’s a premium position.
  9. The back is a concern. But we aren't paying him long-term. He's playing to get some more financial security next year. He's been pretty good after surgery for a ruptured disc at ND. I think if the team had any concerns, they would have let him go out west to the 49ers or Raiders instead of matching their offers. Money probably would have been used on one of the worst starting centers in the NFL. So while its extremely optimistic to think we will get Eifert for 16 games, if he sat out each one of those, he probably would have more positive impact than Russell Bodine. Plus it forces the team to finally use premium draft capital on a center. A spot that has been unstable since Rich Braham who retired over a decade ago.
  10. How do you know he's not that guy anymore? And if he isn't his base salary of $5.5M isn't keeping us from signing some playmaker in the second wave of free agency, because there won't be any left with the way teams are spending. Simply put, if he performs like a top 5 TE, he gets paid like one. If he gets injured or doesn't produce, he gets paid modestly and takes snaps from a couple of guys who are replacement level players. Why not take a shot on a guy who at his best, keeps Randy Bullock from shanking chip shots. If we don't sign him, its probably Bodine who is below replacement level player level and doesn't miss any snaps. Pretty much forces the team to take a center early in the draft, which should be music to everyone's ears.

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