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  1. Its nice to see these spurts. The minors look pretty good right now as well. If Cozart keeps playing this way, they might have to try and hold onto him.
  2. Jason, trying to send a PM but I'm on hotel wifi and its running a little too slow. I'm on a business trip, but I will send you a PM this evening when I get back to my computer. Sorry. The past couple of days have been filled with travel and not much downtime.
  3. Woo! Thanks again, Jason! Getting ready to head to the airport but will send you details this evening!
  4. I like how no one is outraged about Jourdan Lewis from Michigan getting picked up tonight even though he tried to choke his lady out just a month ago. No video, so no one really knows about it and he's playing for the cowboys, so its just boys being boys.
  5. Almost did backflips. Best running back in the draft. Could easily be ROY this year.
  6. This is going to be Basham. Madieu announcing for the Vikings?
  7. Oh my god. We traded out.
  8. WTF? Rams? Did we trade out?
  9. I think this is going to happen.
  10. This might be happening...
  11. I want Mixon so bad, it's going to crush me tonight when we don't get him. Balance, explosion, quick twitch, would instantly become one of the best receiving running backs in the league, patient. Holy shit. He can run out of the shotgun, take any stretch play to the house, take any screen to the house, be an elite returner. Had he not any concerns, I'm not sure Fournette would have gone before Joe due to his receiving abilities. Splitting Joe out wide and putting him on a linebacker would be like watching Arian Foster and Rey Maualuga in the playoff game except it would happen every week. Arian Foster, without the soft tissue injuries, is probably a really good comparison.
  12. Bengals and Browns talking AJM, per Ian Rap. Doesn't sound like things have gotten far.
  13. Also assuming the coaching staff will play them this year. I can almost guarantee whoever is picked on the offensive line will not start barring injury. Defensive lineman is looking at third down snaps. Running back steps in immediately on third down since Gio is probably PUP and possibly full time depending on what Jeremy Hill shows up. Reading between the lines and some of the smoke that has been put out, I think this pick is between Mixon and Basham. Mixon wins out BPA if still there.