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  1. -1 and a middle finger from me. Got damn. The anniversary of that was yesterday.
  2. His father-in-law is Mike Sherman who coached for the Pack and Texas A&M (where he hired Taylor). Sherman coaches the Alouettes now in the CFL which has Manziel.
  3. That's what we call the Florida prom package. Just ask Rick.
  4. Looks like I've been missing out by not coming around often enough. I give this guy +1
  5. He had more money on the table out west from SF and LAR (not sure about guaranteed). If it wasn't us, it was going to be someone else. He chose to stay here and try to make up for his missed time. All the talk is making it sound like he should be ready week 1. As long as he gets some reps and knows the playbook, the heartache is all for naught..
  6. FWIW, on reddit, Jim O. is saying training wheels were the plan all along for Tyler. They want him to practice some before the regular season. Guessing keeping him on the PUP is insurance if something were to happen while working out off to the side and they wouldn't have to burn a roster spot if he tweaked a hamstring or ankle and could keep him PUP'd until week 7.
  7. Have to imagine it won't be long. Looks like after that hit he took in the Texans game last year, he tried to practice with an epidural, and they had to shut him down. Going to be another one of those what-ifs in a long list of them for this franchise.
  8. The guy has had three back surgeries thus far due to slipped disc's. Just came out he tweaked his back in the spring. He's more than likely looking at some kind of disability sooner than later.
  9. Hoping this is precautionary. Its sad to see a guy in his mid-twenties body just giving up on him. Back injuries are terrifying.
  10. Thanks for ruining my future child's college fund. You're a real asshole, pal!
  11. Really? I've heard from a couple of my buddies that the check took awhile to the point that they didn't think it would ever come. Maybe I'll get back into it once vacation debt dies down.

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