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  1. He’s asking if you would do the sex with that lady in the bengals jersey.
  2. Cory Littleton needs to be the our top target. Joe Thuney would be my #1B. Of course, I don't expect them to make a move for either due to the size of contracts they are going to command.
  3. Now that is the guy who should be coaching up our linebackers next year.
  4. Obviously tough to judge him last year with the injury, but he wasn't that impressive either. Nor was the rest of the line and that was under a pretty respected offensive lineman coach.
  5. There can't be any way this is true. OSU has been in the spread since Urban took over. Howeva, he does suck and they absolutley boned that pick, like many others. They needed to overhaul Duke with Marvin and Co. Problem is, Mike won't give that title to anyone and Duke is beta enough to just accept it. We would have ruined Lamar anyways.
  6. I know bowl games are starting to leak out. Has anyone heard any word on ND v. OSU? I kind of can't see it not happening, but I don't know much about the bowl games with the new playoff system in place. The ratings would probably rival the national championship game.
  7. That one play down the seam for Eifert looked so much like how Gronk does it.  I am so ready to watch the first team play like two series next week. 
  8. Not a chance.  Take Terrell Pryor for instance.  Big arm, great size, wheels and now he is signing reserve contract to sit behind Chase Daniels.  RGIII the same thing.  Dude can sling the ball over Montana mountains and has some wheels, but he cannot grasp a pro-style offense because he has no footwork and cant establish any kind of rhythm.  Kaepernick, etc.  It goes down the line and these last two guys are playing week in and out and getting all the starters reps.  
  9. Not coming out was the second smartest thing he could do.  The smartest thing he can do would be to transfer to a pro-style system where he can work on everything that he doesn't have right now.  It would require a shit ton of patience, but he would end up becoming a first round pick.  Coming out this year would have been a disaster.  He wasn't going to learn all fundamentals about being a pro quarterback practicing 3 times a week and getting some second string snaps in pre-season.   Needs to develop his tool-box.  He's got the two best things a franchise signal caller could have in size and arm.  Not saying he can't do that at OSU, but he's running the risk of losing out to JT Barrett, who was incredible this year and he's taking all of his snaps via shotgun in 3 to 4 wide.
  10. I would give my left nut to have Urban Meyer coach the Bengals.  Has he ever had a team that hasn't showed up on the big stage?
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