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  1. The back is a concern. But we aren't paying him long-term. He's playing to get some more financial security next year. He's been pretty good after surgery for a ruptured disc at ND. I think if the team had any concerns, they would have let him go out west to the 49ers or Raiders instead of matching their offers. Money probably would have been used on one of the worst starting centers in the NFL. So while its extremely optimistic to think we will get Eifert for 16 games, if he sat out each one of those, he probably would have more positive impact than Russell Bodine. Plus it forces the team to finally use premium draft capital on a center. A spot that has been unstable since Rich Braham who retired over a decade ago.
  2. How do you know he's not that guy anymore? And if he isn't his base salary of $5.5M isn't keeping us from signing some playmaker in the second wave of free agency, because there won't be any left with the way teams are spending. Simply put, if he performs like a top 5 TE, he gets paid like one. If he gets injured or doesn't produce, he gets paid modestly and takes snaps from a couple of guys who are replacement level players. Why not take a shot on a guy who at his best, keeps Randy Bullock from shanking chip shots. If we don't sign him, its probably Bodine who is below replacement level player level and doesn't miss any snaps. Pretty much forces the team to take a center early in the draft, which should be music to everyone's ears.
  3. Something else to keep in mind is that Marvin is really good friends with Koetter. I'm guessing there were some kind of communication that didn't make him out to be the laziest shithead in the world.
  4. Looks like he got about $1.5M last year between the contract and being brought back after being cut. Not too much more spent on a rotation tackle. Not sure why I thought it was $3M.
  5. Wasn't Pat Sims making $3 million last year? Seems like it could be an upgrade to me, although this guy sounds like he could be a major shithead and we already have a few of those on defense.
  6. Wade Phillips moved the Rams to a 3-4. Ogletree didn't fit and played pretty awful in it. He's a really good run and chase weakside linebacker, like Burfict. Probably wouldn't have fit here since that position is occupied by a better player (IMO), but should thrive in New York.
  7. Don't worry, there will be plenty of Sundays next year when Ced is still lining up at LT and Derwin James is playing 30% of the snaps as a hybrid linebacker, to consume plenty of alcohol.
  8. Tight End market is pretty rich this year. Think we have a decent shot at getting him back on a one-year. At least I hope. Only takes one team, though.
  9. Rip in peace to John ross' career. unfuckingbelievable
  10. He's back. 2 year deal.
  11. I am also in the group that believes the linebackers are Burfict are trash. They really need to get another one due to the frequency at which Burfict misses games and after he decapitates JuJu next year, he may be going the way of Odell. Put a vote in for me on Baker. The guy might like to get down, but he also puts the work in, which is something Manziel didn't want to do. I think there is something to be said for a guy that has some fire in his belly. If he ends up being good, he is going to be a guy that players will follow. He also has mobility to negate some of the offensive line issues. I teeter on Andy. But at some point I think that we have to stop putting the best possible team around him and start to find a guy that can win in spite of shitty teammates because injuries/suspensions/etc. are going to happen. However, I expect any coach that comes here to come because they know they can win with Andy, AJ, and Geno.
  12. Kid is playing as well as Lattimore but without the hype. Refreshing to know we've got us a lockdown guy.

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