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  1. That one play down the seam for Eifert looked so much like how Gronk does it.  I am so ready to watch the first team play like two series next week. 
  2. Lets hope.  I doubt anymore than a slap on the wrist will come but I'm just setting myself up not to be disappointed.  Maybe Roy resigning (not like he's done much on the recruiting trail in awhile anyways).
  3. Carolina now?   This is getting weird.
  4. FSU is losing Snaer and that would open up a ton of shots for Mike.  UNC just lost their most efficient player in Reggie Bullock and their best post player may also be leaving.  Vitale has them ranked high, but they are going to be a turd in a really shallow ACC.   I have seen that Roy Williams is meeting with him Monday.  Seems really late in the year to be making a decision.
  5. I don't think winning a national title is on Wiggins priorities list or UNC and FSU wouldn't be on the list.  He's out to get his shots and get the fast track to the #1 pick in the NBA, with as little pressure as possible. 
  6. A lot of smoke right now with Wiggins to FSU..
  7. Actually just saw that Wiggins will not be going to UNC.  I didn't see it in the first place really.  He came to the Duke-UNC game, watched his team get punked out, then he and his buddy were tweeting about how bored they were after the game.  Maybe it is a UK-FSU race?
  8. I've seen on Dukes scouts board that this is down to UNC and UK.  I think FSU is out, because they just won't be very good.  I honestly don't see UK because of the amount of players.  This guy is coming in to "get his".  He is miffed Jabari got the ESPN cover a year or so ago and wants to show him up.   I have a hard time believing he actually does end up as UNC.  Maybe he does go to UK.  I can't see him wanting to battle it out with Poythrees and Randle for playing time.
  9. I just saw that.  Interesting.  Not a bad problem to have.  I imagine someone besides Noel will leave.  Maybe Goodwin since Harrison probably takes his starting spot or at least some of his minutes.   Harrison twins are the truth.
  10. I'd imagine Poythrees is probably gone then.  Randle wants nothing to do with playing the 5 at the collegiate level.     Good pick-up though.
  11. Anything over a sentence from you makes my face hurt. 
  12. It would certainly make the most sense to me if they did something similar.  I think 3 years would be a lot, but I wouldn't be upset with it.  The quality of college basketball isn't the same as it used to be.  Back when kids stayed for a few years and really developed over time.  They wouldn't transfer out after a year because they didn't get playing time as a frosh when the position has multiple upper-classmen.    It would be tremendously beneficial for both the leage (drafting higher quality players) and college basketball (kids actually giving a damn about the team and forced to go to some class).
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