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  1. oh by the way my ankle isnt broke its just sprained really bad..
  2. hey flew back to FL today he should be on soon.
  3. [quote name='sneaky' post='302686' date='Jul 27 2006, 03:53 PM'][b]alright little girl, u wanna battle me, dont say i didnt warn ya why do i want a Oklahoma girl when i got women from California? u buy yo' rhymes off the rack but mines come from a tailor my flow spins like a tornado so u betta run from yo' trailer yeah im da best, i promise i cant be beat, i give u my word u a lil bit too mouthy lil girl, my women should be seen not heard i know u cant help it, my rhymes make every female's body just tingle no disrespect intended, but is yo' mom hot and if so, is she single? [/b][/quote] sneaky who said i wanted to get with you? Don't get me wrong your a nice guy & all its true. & i didnt wanna do this but iguess i have to.. Now im gunna show you what an "oklahoma girl" can do. Im half your age baby and im hangin on tight sneaky you may be one of the best ,your right. & you say you cant be beat, But ima hit you so hard you wont be able to land on your feet.. If you wanna get with my om there's one thing you must do you see cus as of right now i think she belongs to Jamie B.. Yah im mouthy bitch and yah im proud Seen not Heard? well obviously not cus my rhymes are so loud you gunna need earplugs when im done with you ive made bustas deaf with my amazing flow you know its true thats why we lost allmost have of our thread they scared to get hit by a girl afraid of bein knocked dead. so listen baby im havin fun now i aint gunna stop b/c now that you got me goin my flow you cant top you claim to be top dawg and i guess if age counts you got it but when it comes to this thread baby i run this shit.
  4. [quote name='sneaky' post='302179' date='Jul 27 2006, 08:32 AM'][b]ohz my! country girl, did i hit a nerve? i told ya, battling me iz a steep learning curve still dont know where u gettin your info, i aint got no disease da King only deals wit grown women, not some teenage tease I kno my whip appeal is irresisistible, but OG you're a minor, thats the law "fully developed"...... my ass, i bet you still wear a training bra u know my rhymes cant be beat, if anyone wanna try, i dare 'em but OG, who knows? maybe when u grow up, u can join my harem. [/b][/quote] haha no sneaky baby you didnt hit a nerve i think i can handle you we''ll see just sit back and observe haha sneaky im sure as hell aint no "teenage tease" its not my fault i got grown men sayin "baby girl..please?" HAHA training bra...guess again. but like you said 2 yrs and maybe then you'll find out what im workin with you see like i said before i like to flirt but im 16 not tyna to fuck with a man of 33 i called you cus i think your the best and who better to learn from than that so now if tahts allright, its me and you in combat.
  5. [quote name='schotzee' post='302215' date='Jul 27 2006, 09:35 AM']I don't have a clue what ya'll are doin. Trying to figure it out,interrupts with my screwin. Bring me on board and I'll be a good learner if you ignore me then ,I'll go have a burner Try as I might ,I feel like a fool so tudor me now [[i]b]oklahoma ghoul[/b][/i][/quote] haha... yah sure i'll tutor you but only for a price but if you dont wanna pay i'll give you free advice stick to fuckin & screwin or what ever your do but if you really think you wanna learn go get a "rapping for dummies..how-to" we wont ignore you we need more members on our side cus all our boys seem to like to hide so if you wanna be with the best and win this shit join the nuschool..the oldschool is good i'll admit & i'll give my boys some credit.. but THE NUSCHOOL's back ready to win it.
  6. [quote name='sneaky' post='302379' date='Jul 27 2006, 11:53 AM'] I hope your ok. see this is why women shouldn't play sports, they need to stay in the kitchen where they belong. [/quote] lol sneaky i am a sports freak..& i suck at cooking so therefore i dont really think you want me in that kitchen..im useless. i havnt been to the doc. yet cus they have to order an xray but im goin today or in the mornin but dad gum it hurts so baddd. [img]http://forum.go-bengals.com/public/style_emoticons//20.gif[/img] but hey sneaky get back at me so i can have somethin to do while im sittin here icin.
  7. dammn i went to sftball pract. and i may have broke my ankle so i gotta go to hospital..but ill be back on herein no time gettin you sneaky when you decide to reply baby.
  8. hey sneaky i have softball pract ill be back ina about 2 hours so you better believe i'll get you back baby/
  9. [quote name='sneaky' post='301909' date='Jul 26 2006, 08:28 PM'] [b]no STDs over here babygirl, the dick is in good shape if a lady seem to slutty, i'll wear 2 rubbers and duct tape come on little girl, why u wanna play with fire? i know im the man of your dreams, the only one you desire im flattered sweetheart but really you're too young maybe when you're older, cuz i aint tryin to get mah black ass hung its only July but u already makin me somthin for Valentine your whole goal in life now is to one day become my concubine but be realistic honey, im a grown man an you're justa child your in the middle of puberty thats why my manlyness is drivin u wild you'll be alright babygirl, you seem real smart an your pic is very cute so go out with Ian, true, he's not da man i am, but he'll make a temporary substitute [/b] [/quote] Allright sneaky im glad to flatter you i truly am. but honestly i'd rather not fuck with a 33 yr old man. You see sneaky baby your a little to old for me. But you all nice guys..you, rumble, and jamie b but theres a line between flirtin & accually tryna get with you men and i was only flirtin is that a sin? hah..middle of puberty? im fully developed, baby. but im only 16 yah your right..ill hit you up in a few yrs. maybe.. but as of right now im just tryna to have fun on this thread with yall i'll stick to pickin up dudes my age at the mall. I expect somethin back for valentines day and dont get me nuthin shitty, okay? thats not what i heard about you dick.. i heard your bitch sucked on you and afterwards got sick. cus she say you covered in diseases all over your shit givin her herpes in her mouth and her clit but its allright you'll find a girl with the same issues but untill then baby keep usin the lotion and tissues..
  10. [quote name='sneaky' post='301608' date='Jul 26 2006, 03:57 PM'][b] u sure u wanna battle me?, my rhymes will make u feel like yur' in hadies the "big O" is not referred to me, but its what i give to the ladies im known as "da Ruler", "King", "lyrical genius" or "da Pimp in da Caddy" but in a few more yearz babygirl, u can just call me "Big Daddy" your good but u aint ready to battle the likes of me im the freestyle Tiger Woods, an right now u mo like Michelle Wie. but like i told u before, u got heart and crazy skillz for a chick but u roll wit NuSkool which means u aint da only one without a dick i tried to warn u about yo' crew, but some things u gotta learn on ya own an thats when yur in battle, dont count on lil boys, roll wit men who's grown [/b][/quote] sneaky baby i love a challenge.. I know you got skill and im ready to play sick of waitn on this thread for a challenge all day Yah im pretty sure i know waht im up against honey. i admire you and i love your rhymes they all funny.. but im here to have fun and im here to win i wouldnt mind rollin with the oldschool men but i chose my crew in the beginning and i got stick with them lol i cant say anything about none of there cocks i wouldnt know but what i do know is some of must have a pussy cus where did they go? i heard you gave ladies more than just orgasms you see i know your girl she has all kinds of STDs.. thanks for the compliments they mean a lot to me but we cant be handin out compliments cus i wanna talk shit i'll smash home runs ,and you stick to your base hit. sneaky thank you i was so BORED lol.
  11. i think that'd be fun so when you get back on sneaky this is for you.. okay so you call yourself "big O"? Does the "O" stand for Old? it's me and you now so do what your told, i had my way with jamie b now i want you sneaky to finish with me.. ill take you and show you why nuschool's gunna kill it you see even tho our crew disapeard its okay all you need is me and whodey 85 to keep this thread up and alive i know you think my rhymes are as good as it gets for a chick but the fact is my rhymes are as good as it gets ,even if i had a dick. so let's get this shit goin me and you & i know you were the MVP last time but this is round 2 theres a new MVP now and her name is OG i'll knock itoutof the park, that i can guarantee because this games gunna start gettin hot now thats its you and me cus this is the battle these ppl wanna see
  12. [quote name='Jamie_B' post='301421' date='Jul 26 2006, 12:51 PM']Ok this is getting a bit boring you kids rhymes are leaving me snoring your team has slimmed down to two my rhymes scared them off so they bid adu come on guys dont be afraid get back in here dont leave you peeps strayed whodeyforever you just giving up? remember Im da big dawg and you just a pup but dont leave your team high and dry did my rhymes send you to your room to cry? Wilkes why did you just disappear? is your loyalty to your team insincere? BAB get back here you busta hater Your rhymes were good, but mine were greater[/quote] Yah this thread isnt what it use to be its dieng down and getting boring i agree it seems like its sneaky vs. whodey and me vs. jamie b. so if you decided to drop out then you must be a pussy BAB get back in and show em how its done. Wilkes you just disapeared and thats bullshit son WhodeyForever spit one pitiful time and got scared after that Whodey 85 i respect your loyalty cus you aint a rat now we gotta get this shit goin even if it is us 2 to your 3 So one of you boys step up and talk some shit to me im startin to think you boys are scared of me now either that or your speechless sittin back sayin "wow" but hey sneaky come at me too i dont think ive ever battled you.
  13. alllright sounds cool. im bored outa my mind. i guess i'ma go watch anchorman the best movie almost evr. so ill be back ina about 2 hours or something.
  14. ahhh! i left and this shit goes down! i want in where u at jamie b i need you to talk some shit about me. like old times. nice job you too those wern't to shabby had me laughin yalls talkin bout kool-aid and such, well yah so JAMIE B i need u!
  15. okay TALK SHIT.. im so bored jamie b wher'd u go!? lol
  16. hell yah we will be up late baby. im so bored sneaky i need you to get at me.
  17. dammmn..he's BAAAACCCKKKKKK. whodey 85..im glad you showed up. let's get at these oldschool bustas.
  18. OMG jamie b i think me & you just need to have our own thread cus NO ONE is steppin up! yah well WhodeyForever i see your still eatin breakfast b/c i assume you are since you were only spose to be gone "a few minutes" huh.
  19. damn if we dont start talkin shit soon ima go insane.
  20. okay well im gunna hop in the shower then im goin to the mall & movies to see Clerks II at 4:45 so give me somethin to do when i get home..hit me up.
  21. except Wodey 85 he has an excuse cus i know he would be here gettin my back if he wasnt in Columbus.
  22. [quote name='Jamie_B' post='300588' date='Jul 25 2006, 01:12 PM']Thats cool you can want to win but you chose the wrong team remember and thats a sin and now you got to talk to God and ask for redemption because even tho we cool I cant make an exemption all NuSchoolers must pay the toll you see Im old school and this is the way I roll killin all you guys on the lyrical tip Im a number one draft pick the original "blue chip"[/quote] nah i didnt chose to hang with the wrong squad and you jamie b should be the one talkin to God but i think you may have scared off my crew either that or they a bunch of pussys who cant do what i do so if you on my side and you just sittin here readin this get your ass back in and quit bein a bitch lettin me take on the oldschool all by myself yall looks like some of you boys dont have any balls so if you got any nuts get back in the game cus you leavin it all to me and thats not to blame but i cant take on 4 dudes to one chick so stop fuckin around now and grow a dick
  23. [quote name='Jamie_B' post='300484' date='Jul 25 2006, 10:57 AM']baby girl dont you know I take on all commers? you kids sportin tricycle's while Im rollin in hummers but since your my girl Ima I give you some respect you shouldnt get forever's back his rhymes is suspect tha boy came came at me with some shit that's gay doesnt he know this is the pros and his ass is Single A but I knocked them out tha park you can call me big papi should have known better than to come at me with some shit that's sloppy[/quote] jamie b this is a game & we play as a team the fact that yall won last time was mearly a dream so since he chose to roll with the nu i gotta have his back so whodeyforever step up your game baby if you gunna attack i dont mean to sound rude and i dont mean to put you down but you come at these men and they gunna clown now jamie b you also my boy but i wanna beat you oldschool so im not gunna let up now just cus we cool and i'll show you respect and all cus i know you got game but your on the other team and thats a shame but you know Big Papi strikes out too so in that case i guess he could be compared to you. lol love ya jamie b.
  24. hey enuf of this chit chat. this forum is for rhyming not bullshittin so come on now. lol. ive spit mine and no ne came back at me WHAT THE HECK!
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