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  1. [quote]little ice cube baby...he's the man.[/quote] i agree hot rumble. hahahah
  2. [quote]man youngens, this shit used to be my theme song when i was young. i tried to live by that shit[/quote] .. i didnt see that part sorry lol
  3. wahts that all about Rumble..lol you have to explain.
  4. ahh.i seee lol. yah i wasnt sure who it was but i just added you anyway.. hah
  5. [quote name='Rumble in the Jungle' post='300280' date='Jul 24 2006, 11:28 PM']put the smack on em sneaky. tell em what we do during the day instead of rappin and shoppin! [/quote] i do alot more than just rap and shop hah. but im 16 so do u blame me...
  6. [quote name='WhoDeyForever' post='300256' date='Jul 24 2006, 11:01 PM']Hey OG..if u were wondering earlier[u] [b]who requested u..[/b][/u]that was me [/quote] lol what are u talkin bout?
  7. i pay for my own stuff i have a job too thanks..
  8. where are you old ppl at!? this is insane, not even Jamie B got at me yet.
  9. okay so i went to the mall and i got some cute clothes.. but now im back ready to take out these oldschool hoes. so here it is round 2 jamie b.. it looks like you found someone else to battle other than me. so to you Whodeyforever..i got your back.. i am a girl and i aint black but i get at these boys with a lyrical attack. so you you should be glad you chose the nu cus the playin games is over and its round 2. oldschool may have won last time but it was all luck i came in last time and you were surprised but now im back for more and ill show you up so dont be hatin cus your rhymes cant compare none of your boys can come at now that they all aware of how i spit bullets right to your chests have you old men runnin scared back to yo mommas breasts cus this white girl you cant handle me cus you heard me last time, my name is OG
  10. yah ima be atthe mall pretty much all day shoppin but ill be back tonight so throw some at me..and to everyone who joins in who isnt on Social Security...JOIN THE NUSCHOOL!
  11. [b][font="Courier New"][size=3]Allright yall.. we're bout to get this round goin so whoever wants to start it up go for it. & anyone who wants to get in go ahead. [/size][/font][/b]
  12. lol noooo i just wann asee what you guys look like.. lol and where the hell are you jamie b.. get back at me.
  13. any of you guys got myspace? me and no_rhymes (britt) both got one.. we wanna see what we're working with
  14. [quote name='Jamie_B' post='298346' date='Jul 21 2006, 10:22 PM']Well see about bout that offer later but for now I got to be a Nu school hater put all you kids on notice make you disapear hocus pocus dats right you can call me david blane got more rhymes than wilkes got brains Im oldschool thru and thru Im killin dis like your cowboy man Drew[/quote] allright jamie b 1 yr. and half you'll be seein me enuf of this nicness im here to win so back to talkin bout you oldschool men rumble got two kids and wife at home JC in his bed havin pleasure alone. sneaky my boy cant talk shit about and you jamie b..challenge me no doubt but when gets down to it you'll see whose the best my rhymes so hard they put a bullet in yo chest now jamie b..you just may have crossed a line homey drew bledsoe's the man he aint no phoney thats one older man i'd never put to jail b/c if i ever had the chance him i would nail but enuf of that talk back to you jamie b. the thing of it is your half the man i thought you would be to talk down on the greatest man alive was a big mistake you know b/c there will never be another DREW BLEDSOE.
  15. [quote name='Jamie_B' post='298314' date='Jul 21 2006, 09:46 PM'] Im 31 No worries aint notin to feer I aint no pole smoker I aint no queer but OG Ima bit old for you you should probally holla at yo nu skool crew no i dont think that will will happen BAB is at Wilkes place dat ass he be tappin and Whodey_85 just comes up "short" I cant get at you I'd end up in court[/quote] wow 31.. i thought like mid-twenties. damn. allright well and again me and u jamie b. its good to here your no broke-back fan cus if you were gay that would be a waste of a good man jamie b..i like to flirt no harm here i know my limitations..you dont gotta fear as for my nu crew..i like em a lil older you know about BAB and Wilkes i gotta have they back tho but as for Whodey he aint "short" he's black.. and you know what they say about bein black when it comes to they dick size they dont lack. well ill tell you what Jamie B.. in a year and a half if you still interested ill fly to DC.
  16. [quote name='Jamie_B' post='298281' date='Jul 21 2006, 08:46 PM']Whoa hold up slow down take it easy talkin like dat will put me in da state peezy OG Im almost twice your age this aint No R.Kelly show and we aint back stage maybee in two years till then put this on ice cause for that shit I'd pay a heavy price and I aint going to spend my nights takin it from buba after they turn out da lights[/quote] haha exactly how old are you. allright jamie b..i see you cant handle me i may be 16 i got the makins of a woman you see you see i do my thing and dont get caught i make all those all those older guys hot i dont like young boys they to immature for me i prefer an older man like you jamie b... nawww lol im just playin with you jamie but i like em a lil younger than you baby. maybe in two years ill see what you got cus you seem like you might be pretty hot lol jamie b i aint tryna get you put away all im sayin is i hope you aint gay. cus you got the potential im lookin for and now all yalls gunna be sayin "look at OG waht a whore" but thats not me im just messin with you baby boy but you better believe in the bed id bring you joy. lol hahah im so funny.
  17. [quote name='Jamie_B' post='298248' date='Jul 21 2006, 07:50 PM'] Yeah it does seem that way huh? Well moms like a pussy cat she got nine lives died, loved my shit so her life had to revive and ya you moms loved my baseball bat she said Daddy pleaze let me get some mo of that but no worries I had my shit checked Im good so now tommorow night Im gonna lay da wood and it may be no quake but I aint fakin dont come in da room cause Ill have her bed shakin[/quote] jamie b ill give you props that wasnt half bad, but i don't think it was good enuf for you to be my dad. cus my rhymes are so nice and my flow is so hot and you jamie b your lines are just not. you always talk like you got a big dick.. im startin to the you wanna impress this chick but you know father insest aint right if you wernt my dad you know i just might but since you think im part of your sperm it might notbe a good idea to make you firm but its okay i know you want it cus these girls from OK u know you wanna hit and we were just kiddin we dont like clit i promise i swear i love that dick too it was all jsut a joke you know that dont you? just makin sure i got it all straight cus tomorrow nite it'll beus on taht date hahahaha.
  18. [quote name='Jamie_B' post='298211' date='Jul 21 2006, 06:54 PM']I know about diseases cause yo moms had every one talk about crabs, da clap, herpies, and enough yeast to make a cina bun bun but now Im back from da barber had to get my shit right for me and mom got a big date tommorow night dats right talkin about gettin da family back gonna step up be a man and help her get off da smack but baby girl if you stoppin traffic bein sweet and cute where you think you got dat? from yo pops ta boot cause while you cause people to put on their brakes my flyness is so shocking it cause earthquakes[/quote] lol taht was nice jamie b. it always seems as if its you and me. battlein head to head..but i guess i'll come at you again. so here jamie b this is for my mother.. my momma would kill herself is you were her lover. and these STDs do u have them too? maybe thats why no chicks wanna get with you. im surprised that your dick hasnt rotted off. better go to a doctor..turn your head and :cough: sweet and cute..yah maybe thats true, but im sure i didnt any of it from you. cus from what my mom tells me you aint nuthin to look at. she says you look like you got beat with a baseball bat. but its okay pops i still love you okay? they say looks dont matter anyway. earthquakes you say? i sure aint felt any "earthquakes" today.
  19. i guess if you wanna call us taht..we like pussy yah
  20. yea i guess so...well britt and i dont quite like dicks..we like well chick.
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