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  1. Years ago someone sent me athe recipe for Cincy chili (said she dated the owner of the resteraunt). No idea if this is the real deal:


    1lb chuck,ground fine.

    2 med onions ,chopped fine

    2 cloves garlic minced..

    1 cup tomato sauce..

    2tablespoons ketchup...

    1 cup water.

    1 tblspoon red wine vinegar..

    1 tblspoon chili powder.

    1 tblspoon paprika..1 teaspoon black pepper...

    1 teaspoon honey.

    1/2 oz unsweetend chocolate grated..

    1/2 teaspoon's of the following.. ground cumin,tumeric,marjoram,allspice,.cinnamon.

    1/4 teaspoon of the following..nutmeg,,ground cloves,mace,ground coriander,ground caradamon,

    1/2 crumbled bay leaf and 1 teaspoon salt


    Salt a large cast iron skillet..turn heat to medium add meat,onions and garlic,,cook till meat is brown.Add tomato sauce,ketchup,water and vinegar.As mixture starts to boil add everything else.Adjust spices to taste,adding more salt as needed to perk up.  For a sweeter chili flavor add more cinnamon,cloves or mace...for a "sweatier "chili add more tumeric and cumin....for more "bang"cardamom..and unsweetened choclate for more "body"..  Cover and simmer for 1 hour,,add additional tomato juice if getting to dry.  To assemble ....bottom layer is always spagetti,,thickest you can find..a type called perciatelli is like a long thin macaroni and makes a good spagetti base to hold up the chili..next layer is chili..then add a sparse layer of heated red kidney beans..then a  thin layer of raw onions ( to taste,,try vandallia onions)then blanket your creation with a fluffy layer of Wisconsin cheddar cheese..do not skimp on the cheese.....the secret ingredient to make this chili is to stand out side your house    naked ( preferably in a snow storm)...while the chili cooks... all the while swinging a raw chicken in a circle over your head.....Trust me,,you will have plenty of cops show up to help you eat this chili...")  this recipe should serve 4....  enjoy!

    I made it once, guess its an acquired taste  🤨



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  2. 1 hour ago, jmckbengal said:

    Can’t see them winning aKC or Buf but should be competitive in the others.


    Car- win

    Pit- win

    Tenn- loss


    Cle- win




    Bal- win


    i don’t think 9-8 gets us in


    I agree with this with this, only swapping the Bucs/Ravens wins. Of course if the oline starts blocking we could do a lot better.

  3. 8 hours ago, Shebengal said:

    I sat 2 weeks ago and watched Atlanta run for over 200 yards against Cleveland with a bunch of no name running backs (Cordarelle Patterson only ran for 38 yards) so our run defense better get fixed quickly, although Mariota only threw 19 times in that game.


    And the hits just keep comin:





  4. 5 hours ago, Shebengal said:

    The day they announced that, hubby shaved off his mustache. He said he would grow it back when the new franchise started playing. Never did. 


    Also, deep in WCMH's news archives is coverage of us and other Browns fans protesting outside their studios and hubby getting interviewed on Super Bowl Sunday because NBC was broadcasting the Super Bowl. I was along for moral support

    Post the video!

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