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  1. 15 hours ago, BlackJesus said:

    If you use the Bates model, the Bengals would tag Tee this year and then also draft his replacement (Bryan Thomas Jr?) in Rd 1 ... The same as they did by taking Bates and then drafting Dax for his eventual replacement to learn under him for a year. 


    If they draft a WR in the first round I will shoot somebody (probably myself). If they tag and trade Tee I'd do my best to resign Boyd and maybe go WR in the 5th or later. We df=rafted Jones and Yoshi for a reason, lets see what they have first before replacing them.

  2. 2 hours ago, T-Dub said:




    Never mind depth, they don't even have 5 quality starters. It's been like that for years and their attempts to fix it have been either half-assed or complete failures. Not drafting anyone last year despite all this and knowing the RT was on the way out as well defies explanation. Its like they've thrown up their hands in resignation but somehow ownership is ok with it.



    List of o-linemen drafted by the Bengals in the "premium" rounds since Zac took over:


    Jonah Williams


    Jackson Carman



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  3. 3 hours ago, sparky151 said:

    Cheap as in 5 mil or less. Not a guy on a minimum benefit veteran contract like Ford. Jermaine Eluemonor will be a free agent and was paid 3 mil last year. PFF ranks him as the 35th best tackle in the NFL, ahead of Brown or Williams.


    Also rated better than both of them would be Morgan Moses who makes 5 mil per year but has another year on his contract. 


    George Fant ranked higher than Williams and will be a free agent. He made 3 mil on his last free agent deal. 


    Cam Fleming graded about the same as Jonah but only cost 2.5 mil. Yosh Nijman or Dan Skipper might also be options. 


    There are plenty of experienced, solid 28+ yr old tackles available who don't offer upside but do have floors higher than a rookie will offer the first half of the season.


    Not saying you are wrong, but eventually they are going to have to start hitting on oline draft picks. Can't keep signing adequate to good linemen and expect to have enough money left to improve other areas. I want our first 4 pick to be split between olinemen and dtackles (of course i fully expect to be very disappointed come April).

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  4. 10 hours ago, dex said:

    Does the defense have anyone other than Reader that's played the run well this year?


    I've always thought Wilson was better in coverage than against the run, but I don't either LB as played as well as they did last year. The run defense is on pace to allow more division rushing yards than any team in AFC North history. 


    The only returning defensive starters that have played as well or better than last year are Reader, Hendrickson, BJ Hill and Taylor Britt (before going on IRR). The others have taken a step back.


    Big flashing "Personal Opinion" here. I think the D is built to stop the pass as it is assumed that most opponents will be playing from behind. But Joes injury and Zac's weird decision to completely abandon the run allowed teams to stay in the game/or take the lead and expose the D's weaknesses. Doubt there is a fix this year and will probably have to wait for the draft to do anything about it.


    Feel free to flame.  🙂


  5. 2 hours ago, Sea Ray said:

    I doubt another team gives us much for him. There are lots of backup QBs doing well this year. My guess is: we've found that backup QB we've been looking for since Burrow came here. Be satisfied with that. It does fill a hole we needed to fill


    This unless he leads us deep in the playoffs (not with our d ). Getting to the AFC championship game would garner a lot of interest i bet.

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  6. Remaining schedule for the teams "in the hunt"



    • Week 15: Minnesota Vikings
    • Week 16: at Pittsburgh Stealers
    • Week 17: at Kansas City Chiefs
    • Week 18: Cleveland Browns


    • Week 15: Chicago Bears
    • Week 16: at Houston Texans
    • Week 17: New York Jets
    • Week 18: at Cincinnati Bengals


    • Week 15: at Indianapolis Colts
    • Week 16: vs. Cincinnati Bengals
    • Week 17: at Seattle Seahawks
    • Week 18: at Baltimore Ravens


    • Week 15: Pittsburgh Stealers
    • Week 16: at Atlanta Falcons
    • Week 17: Las Vegas Raiders
    • Week 18: Houston Texans



    • Week 15: at Tennessee Titans
    • Week 16: Cleveland Browns 
    • Week 17: Tennessee Titans 
    • Week 18: at Indianapolis Colts:


    • Week 15: at Detroit Lions 
    • Week 16: New England Patriots
    • Week 17: Los Angeles Chargers 
    • Week 18: at Las Vegas Raiders


    • Week 15: Dallas Cowboys
    • Week 16: at Los Angeles Chargers 
    • Week 17: New England Patriots
    • Week 18: at Miami Dolphins


    Broncos have the easiest schedule, we have the hardest. Any given Sunday and all that, but it's gonna be a tough row to hoe.

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