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  1. Baun I think (but ask me tomorrow) In all honesty, I think the Bengals are wedded to Hart for at least next year (someone else said that earlier I'm just to lazy to look it up) so an OT may be out of the question at 33. Assuming that's the case I'd prefer a killer guard and a LB in rounds 2 and 3.
  2. I keep ping-ponging between wanting OL at 33 and LB. If one of each falls to 33 my head will probably explode. And Mikey will then draft a WR. Because reasons. And things.
  3. I'm still in the offensive line camp for early offensive draft picks. Can't hit a wide receiver when you're face down in the backfield. Plus it makes Mixon happy. I'm afraid I'll be having flashbacks to the 2017 draft when I was creaming for OL and we drafted one.....in the 5th round.
  4. I hope (or is it wishful thinking) that Murray lasts until 33. Somebody always falls and it may as well be him right? Davis-Gaither or Gay in round 3 if Murray isn't there.
  5. This. Also an NFL caliber line gives Mixon some decent holes allowing the Bengals to run more and keep Burrow protected while he gets up to speed on the pro game.
  6. If there's not a good OL prospect at 2, LB is about the only other position I'd want to draft. Can always trade down if neither are there.
  7. This at least opens up the draft a little, pushing CB and DL down to the later rounds.
  8. I guess I didn't explain what I meant very well. What I meant was can you imagine the Bengals waiting til the 5/6/7 round to draft olineman and then Burrow getting crushed repeatedly? If we can get a 3rd for Dalton, use that pick to get your WR.
  9. OK, I asked for that. But seriously, I'm going under the assumption that the Bengals will do their usual in free agency (sign their own people and maybe a marginal player or 2 from another team). How does that help the oline and improve the linebackers? The team doesn't have holes there they have craters. People here would go ape-shit if we ignore the oline and ,say,Watt comes unmolested into the backfield and crushes Burrow. This board would spontaneously combust in hours. Two last thoughts Some people say that the oline and WR groups are very deep and we could wait and get a quality tackle/guard in the later rounds. Why doesn't that also apply to WRs? "You miss half the shots you take and all the shots you don't take" (Micheal Jordon supposedly). You can't expect the oline to improve if you don't put some some draft capital into it.
  10. Call me stupid, but I don't like BPA for a bad team (like we are) until the late rounds. The OL and LBs are dumpster fires and picking a WR that slipped out of the 1st round will do nothing to fix it. Granted, they COULD sign a couple quality FAs to open up the draft but I'll believe that when I see it. (will happily eat crow if they do)
  11. It's the same thing every year and I don't expect any changes this year. I don't care what Duke Tobin says. We draft Mims and he can be wide open in the secondary waving his arms while Joe Burrow is getting his face pushed into the dirt by whatever Dlineman blew past the turnstiles on the offensive line. You HAVE to have a good oline to compete and we are lacking in that department.
  12. I'm hoping Murray or Queen last til 33 tho I wouldn't bet the house on it.
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