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  1. IMHO the best one is the all whites with black striping on the pants. As the black/white color rush unis were the best sellers I don't know why the didn't build on that instead of going orange crazy. Can't take the orange jerseys, its just too damn much. Thought I'd be more impressed with the black jerseys but the are "Meh" in my eyes. Maybe they will grow on me.
  2. The all whites are the only good looking ones. And for Gods sake, ditch the orange jerseys.
  3. I do too, I just don't expect the Bengals to do that. I fully expect (and hate) the team to draft Chase at 5. Why? He will score touchdowns. Burrow wants him. And he will sell jerseys. Lets face it, olinemen aren't sexy. And the less you hear an their name the better. Round 2 will come around and there will be some non OL guy who is "not supposed to be there" and would be an "absolute steal". Bengals draft him. Because reasons. Round 3 comes around and the brain trust switches to BPA. No OL is worth their 3rd round pick so they draft a (insert position here). Same thing happens
  4. I'd rather have a first round talent OL and a 2nd round talent WR than the other way around.
  5. Please be a smokescreen. May as well wish to date a supermodel but it's all I got.
  6. I figure we will nail the later rounds of the draft as Mikey just hired a brand new high dollar (for him ) scout. Super Bowl Baby!!
  7. Honest to God, I hope Atlanta drafts Chase. I don't want Mikey to even be TEMPTED to draft him.
  8. Don't forget Mixon. One of the reasons Burrow was a tackling dummy was the fact we couldn't run the ball for shit.
  9. I think Sample was drafted for his blocking skills and not much else. No idea why you had to do that in the 2nd round tho.
  10. Here's hte matchup nighmare I'm most worried about:
  11. This makes it sound like our oline is the definition of average. Average would be a improvement and a big one. I don't think a single draft pick is going to put them in the top 10 but 2 might. Not that I exp[ect the Bengals to do that, Mike will see Chase sitting there and think "Ferarri". We get a second tire olineman in the 2nd and maybe a dlinemen in the 3rd. After that its an even bigger crapshoot to get a starter. I just want the lines fixed. Football is about blocking and tackling and that starts up front. It's not like we will be competing for a playoff spot next year but a founda
  12. Why do we have to take a WR in round 2 if we take Sewell in Round 1? Can't we draft someone like Basham? Or Meinerz? It's not like they aren't desperately needed. I'm on record as saying I don't want a skill position player before round 4 or so and haven't changed my mind yet. Do i expect the Bengals to listen to me? Nope (the bastards). Will I be disappointed on Draft Day? Yup. Will I still root for whoever they draft? Most certainly, cuz I'm a Bengals fan and have massive brain damage. Heck, I didn't want Higgens last year and look what happened so it's not like I'm an expert. Of
  13. I'd be fine with Slater, especially if you could move down a bit and pick up an extra 2nd.
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