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  1. Speaking of which, ,rumor across the interwebz says Bill Belichick has a twinkle in his eye for Andy Dalton. Assuming this is true and a trade can be worked out, what do you think we could get? I'd ask for a third and maybe a conditional pick in 21 dependent upon playoff appearances.
  2. Evidently Tua has decided to come out, could always trade down and take him in the 2nd. (I am assuming he will still be injured and will fall). Get a boatload of picks and he can learn behind Andy for a year ala Carson and Kitna.
  3. What I meant was a free agent from another team not a signing like Hart. I should have been clearer.
  4. I'd love for Mikey to sign an impact LB in free agency but he would probably have to overpay just to get someone decent. What are the chances of THAT happening?
  5. http://www.e-chat.co/room/19876799 Last game of the season, tomorrow we can start with the rallying cry of all Bengals fans, "Fuck Mike Bro..." errrrr....."Just wait til next year!"
  6. He deserves at least one more year. The team was on a downward trajectory anyways and I doubt an experienced HC could have coaxed a winning record out of them. Now if they show little or no improvement next year then it may be time to show him the door.
  7. I also got a Bengals doormat. Unwrapped it and thought "fitting".
  8. God as my witness, I didn't know these things existed.
  9. For the life of me I never understood this pick. He was the luxury choice for a trailer park franchise.
  10. I'll try to take in order: IF Mikey signs an impact FA LB or OL I'm all for taking Burrow #1, otherwise I'd just as soon trade down for picks and rebuild the oline and lb corps If they take Burrow, trade Dalton and use the pick you get for him on oline I'd do whatever it takes to keep AJ, he's been a class act I think Mixon has earned a big pay raise, tho if you give him ALOT of $$$ you may be forced into Trading Andy and drafting Burrow regardless. It would give Burrow nice security blanket I'd resign Eifert No trading Dunlap or Atkins, I'd don't think you will get much plus I'd like to see them retire in stripes I'd can Turner and get rid of Taylor as O coordinator. With Anarumo, I don't know how you can judge him with the dumpster fire at LB Draft a kicker late See #! as far as free agent. I would try to extend Hubbard tho
  11. http://www.e-chat.co/room/19875473 This has to be better then whats on the field today:
  12. I don't see why he shouldn't be given a chance to play. It's not like we would be endangering a playoff spot. And seriously, could he do any worse?
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