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  1. Hookers considered as concessions? Boy, if Cincy did that it would sure make ordering a 3 way a lot more interesting.
  2. I think Huber may be the surprise of the draft. Why you ask? He has a non-stop motor, he's strong, and has this:
  3. I never understood this either. If they wanted to make the fans AND players happy about Thursday games they wpould do the following: Must wear throwbacks (no exceptions) Only play Thursday games after your bye week (play game, 10 days off,Thursday game, 10 days off) Thanksgiving day games count as throwback/Thursday games
  4. https://www.cincyjungle.com/2021/5/14/22436888/bengals-twitter-jamarr-chase-jackson-carman-rookie-minicamp
  5. He shot the football then skinned and ate it?
  6. Now that the post draft euphoria/back slapping has mostly ended, isn't it time to look at the 2021 class more seriously? If even half of the rookies become quality starters or backup/situational players this draft will be considered a huge success. Of course, that means the other half are busts and the witch hunt will begin (How could they draft X when they could have drafted Y 2 picks later? Bengals scouting sucks. OK, last part is true). Anyways, here goes. Biggest surprise- Hubert, he flies around like a maniac and would bring some much needed energy to the D Bigge
  7. I'm not sure I quite agree with the last part of that statement. I'm hoping Pollack can resurrect his career.
  8. Will someone PLEASE burn those orange jerseys? You can't wax a turd no matter haw hard you try.
  9. Overview McPherson handled both field goal and kickoff duties at Florida with a leg that generates decent power and quick lift on each kick. He strikes the ball with good consistency and an end-over-end delivery that leads to quality accuracy and placement. While he struggled more than usual beyond 40 yards in 2020, it should be correctable. McPherson has a good chance of being a Day 3 selection and finding work in the NFL. Strengths Connected on 85 percent of his career field goals. Made 94.5 percent from inside 40 yards during career.
  10. D'Ante Smith Overview Smith has intriguing length and good feet, but his lack of size and strength is a concern. Determining whether or not he has the frame to consistently carry over 300 pounds will be critical, as his lack of natural strength and body control is already working against him. He might need to begin his pro career as a swing tackle while he puts in the necessary work to get ready for a bigger role. His Senior Bowl practices were a strong step in the right direction, but there is still plenty of work to be done. Strengths Treme
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