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  1. We play the Raiders 5 times?
  2. Ross injured again it seems. https://www.cincyjungle.com/2018/11/11/18085434/bengals-lose-wr-john-ross-to-injury-late-in-loss-to-saints
  3. Neither did Austin, I think he is in the press box drinking.
  4. Sorry I'm late, I had trombone practice
  5. They didn't even show a Bengals highlite
  6. I watched most of the pregame show before I knew who the Chiefs were playing.
  7. I get up at about 4:30 AM to work so I doubt I will even make it out of the first quarter.And I imagine, once I leave the chat room will close so there's no point. With any luck, we will be wining by about 3 touchdowns by then. Doubt that happens tho.
  8. gupps

    On to Kansas City

    5.4 YPC? That's worse then terrible. If Mixon doesn't get at least 15-20 carries someones head should roll. Plus, it keeps the ball out of the Chiefs hands.

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