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  1. After seeing Billings drop into coverage a couple weeks ago I'm sure he will fill in just fine.
  2. http://www.e-chat.co/room/19857742 Just turn down the sound and play this during the game:
  3. Know whats sad? I just want the Bengals to be competitive. Know whats worse? I don't expect them to be. Over before halftime. Prove me wrong ZiT.
  4. On the bright side, he can't make the offensive line any worse (probably).
  5. Was it just me or did the offense start to pick up after Andre left the game?
  6. http://www.e-chat.co/room/19856114 Mike Brown releases Bengals new fight song:
  7. Even if they tanked would anyone be able to tell the difference between that and what has been put on the field recently?
  8. I thought his "form" was pretty much crap in college but he had a ton of athleticism which was what he was drafted on. Correct me if I am wrong but that's how I remember it.
  9. I used to think that the Bengals should take a LB first in next years draft, now not so much. Oline all the way baby. On a side note, you think David Klingler called Andy last night?
  10. Good- I left around 9 so I missed most of the beatdown Bad- Finding out the Bengals got crushed on the way in to work Ugly- Watching the hi-lights on NFL.com. I feel we shall be seeing Finley and/or Dolegala soon not so much because Andy is benched but because Andy is dead.
  11. The rotund one made the kick, color me impressed.
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