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  1. It breaks my heart to say this, but it seems the Stealers are infighting/backbiting themselves into a really bad season. http://www.post-gazette.com/sports/ron-cook/2018/09/18/Ron-Cook-Stealers-coach-Mike-Tomlin-should-suspend-receiver-Antonio-Brown-for-Buccaneers-game-Monday-night-Tampa-Bay-Kansas-City-Chiefs-trade-Bill-Belichick/stories/201809190066 https://www.cincyjungle.com/2018/9/18/17874642/nfl-news-Stealers-drama-antonio-brown-mike-tomlin https://deadspin.com/big-ben-leader-of-men-1829169008 There's even more hilarity if you cruise their forums. And to add insult to injury, I came across a video of LeVeon Bell speaking with 2 Steeler personnel people about his contract demands. His posse even makes an appearence.
  2. Que up the "Whats wrong with Pittsburgh" sob stories tonite on the highlite shows.
  3. Agreed, I figured Williams was going to be ejected immediately after it happened. Was a bad play all around by him.
  4. Not surprised, that is gonna happen 31 out of 32 times, the 32nd time being a Steeler.
  5. Steeler's look like a 4 win team right now. I know it won't last but i'm enjoying the hell out of it
  6. Good: Oline, especially considering Price went down Dalton had a good night Dline got some nice pressure Bad: Injury to Price Officiating (PI and that roughing call on Andy) Ugly: Whoever was calling plays on the last possession of the first half The dawning realization that the NFL wants to be the NBA with helmets
  7. http://chat.parachat.com/chat/login.html?room=bengalsjungle&width=740&height=500&bg=eeeeee&fg=000000&lang=en
  8. I'll set it up again Thursday night as long as nothing happens.
  9. Chat room is up. http://chat.parachat.com/chat/login.html?room=bengalsjungle&width=740&height=500&bg=eeeeee&fg=000000&lang=en
  10. I used to create the game chat room at bengals jungle (before it was incorporated into the site) and was thinking about doing it again if there is any interest here. I tried on Paltalk last year but will probably go back to Parachat this year if I do it. Usually opens ~12:30 and closes at the end of the game.
  11. Like both the Geno and Dunlop signings a lot, but what about the other side of the ball? After Andy and AJ, all the top paid players are on D IIRC.
  12. gupps


    Pass rush is lookin awesome, thats 5 sacks in the first half. Is the Bills oline that bad?
  13. gupps

    Bengal's Jungle Forum?

    Dammit. I posted there semi-semiregularly and set up the chatroom on parachat before SC made it part of the site. Maybe I'll start posting less rarely here. 😝
  14. gupps

    2nd Round Pick

    Elflein from Ohio State, I doubt he makes it to the third.

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