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  1. gupps

    2nd Round Pick

    Elflein from Ohio State, I doubt he makes it to the third.
  2. IIRC, didn't he do that a couple years ago? Basically it was what the coaching staff wanted him to do. But against the 'hawks? They have pretty decent special teams. (Sorry. I mostly lurk here but I thought about this after the 2nd run ot of the endzone).
  3. I'm still here...i just never post during the offseason
  4. OK, lets see some 2nd teamers and rookies..don't wanna see any starters layed out on the turf
  5. Dodged a bullet...d sounds solid after a special team burp...
  6. Does anyone do chat on gameday? I started that over at bengalsjungle (which looks like it went the way of the dodo)...
  7. gupps

    Hey..... New Guys!

    Long time bengals jungle poster..looks like it went belly up...
  8. Sorry guys, I never post here ( usually post at bengalsjungle) but I alway stop by and read. I did a photoshop of the unis (love the helmets) and posted over there. Here they are, feel free to flame:
  9. Lurker from bengalsjungle here, I created a chat room cuz the one at the jungle always lagged too bad...here it is. [url="http://www.chatmaker.net/chatap/rooms/bengalsjungle/"]http://www.chatmaker.net/chatap/rooms/bengalsjungle/[/url]
  10. Yeah, I been lurking here for years but never posted, I always did that over at bengalsjungle. I been creating a chat room since the the one at the jungles site lagged really badly. Heres the link: [url="http://www.chatmaker.net/chatap/rooms/bengalsjungle/"]http://www.chatmaker.net/chatap/rooms/bengalsjungle/[/url] I'll prolly be listening on the inet radio since Comcast hates the NFL network and I don't think I can bear to watch an epic ass-whuppin over at nfl.com. Gupps
  11. Ok, I guess I'm in also. Just one more site that I can [s]waste my valuable time[/s] read inciteful posts from interesting [s]parole officers[/s] Bengals fans. Gupps

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