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  1. I never really liked the black pants and they look especially hideous here. Oh well.
  2. Drafting someone at a position the team DESPERATELY needs a couple of spot early is not a reach IMHO. Heck, if what i read about what Lapham said is true you may want to draft OL in the 2nd round also. https://www.cincyjungle.com/2021/1/19/22236535/nfl-free-agents-2021-dave-lapham-bengals-news
  3. I don't quite understand this way of thinking (not you peeps, just the whole BPA). Let's say we sign Thuney and that eats up all the money Mikey allocated for the oline. We will still need a RT to protect the franchise. On draft day Sewell is gone by #5 and no one wants to trade up for the pick. Parsons, Chase, Smith, and Pitts are all available as is every olineman not named Sewell. For the sake of argument we will say Slater is the 2nd best olineman coming out and is head and shoulders above anyone we could get in round 2, however he is rated as a mid first rounder at best. Othe
  4. Maybe that's why they lost, their linebackers suck. I agree with Clapton, fix the oline and defense before you draft any WRs. You should go back to the 2nd and 3rd round draft thread when we drafted Higgens. Tee is doing great but was he worth Burrows knee?
  5. Here's another: https://www.profootballnetwork.com/mockdraft/
  6. I don't care if they sign Thuney or Scherff, I hope they go heavy with oline/defense in the draft. If they want speed at WR,they could wait til the later rounds or grab one in FA. I don't want Burrow smacked around like a pinata next year or watch the D give up 400 yards rushing again. What i want to happen: a) Draft Sewell (if there) b) Trade down a few slots and take 2nd best olineman and pick up an extra 3rd c) Parsons d) draft whatever WR/TE/shiney thing Mike has his eye on and then curse while throwing things at the TV
  7. If you want to see something really un-credible go to one of those draft sims. I traded out of #5 with Denver (Sewell was gone) and got their #1,2, and 3. I lol'ed. Had a great draft tho.
  8. Well I think it is. hmph. I just hate the look of the unis as they are now (way too loud/too much going on for me). That's why I like the color rush unis so much and I wish they would make those the default uniforms like the cowboys white/light blue.
  9. Here's the black on black, looks like crap cuz I can't photo-shop for shit but I think it's an improvement over what we have.
  10. This is basically the color rush uni with some orange on the pants. As far as I'm concerned the color rush unis are the best looking that we have, clean, simple, and they don't look like a pumpkin threw up on them. I'm working on the black/black unis but no idea when I'll finish.
  11. I am redoing the unis (poorly) as we speak. I will post as soon as I'm done. Nothing fancy and the orange is being scaled back a lot.
  12. No trade up, if Sewell is gone try to trade down a little and take yje 2nd best tackle (or guard). If they want to use the extra pick on a speed receiver, I'd be OK with that tho not exactly happy. As far as the Bengals signing Thuney or Moten, if they spent major $$$$ on the o-line Whitworth and/or Zeitler would still be here. In all honesty I'm hoping a change in coaching will improve the line significantly.
  13. Lou Anarumo. I know he's not a player but 404 yards rushing? Really?
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