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  1. Whew. Thought it was Eifert.
  2. Nothing personal, but in 10 years I hope you look back on this and think "Gee, I was such an idiot". Stranger things have happened, right? 😁
  3. I'll give it a "B" , I'm not so down on Sample as I am on not going after another linebacker sooner then the 6th round. Maybe the current coaching staff feels they can more out of Jefferson then the previous one. On the plus side, I feel we've seen the last of Hardy Nickerson Jr.
  4. If they can get Cashman I'll be pretty happy with this years haul. Would rather have gotten that LB Miami got, Van Ginkel, just for the comedic effect of Lapham talking about him.
  5. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001027731/article/2019-nfl-draft-ryan-finley-among-best-prospects-remaining Some gems and a lot of camp fodder. Grab some DL and LBs with our eleventy 6th round picks.
  6. Low bar. Saying hes a thumper that needs work in coverage. CAn he break the third round curse?

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