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  1. Good Mixon's beastly day Bad Run D. I can't believe it took the Browns til the 3rd quarter to start pounding the ball. Ugly Isn't there a retired carney barker or something we can hire as an offensive coordinator inside the 10? Anyone? Bueller?
  2. http://www.e-chat.co/room/19871969 We can hope eh?
  3. I'd be fine trading down and taking the top LB with out first pick, then going OL next. I'd be OK with taking Burrow if Mikey would sigh a primo OL in free agency so he doesn't get ruined but I just don't see that happening. The Bengal will live and (mostly) die by the draft for the near future I'm afraid.
  4. The difference between average lines and the Bengals line canyon-like. I'd do backflips for average.
  5. http://www.e-chat.co/room/19869934 Head start on this weeks Andy Dalton threads
  6. With Tua being injured I think the first overall pick becomes that much more valuable. Miami has 3 first rounder, maybe they would give up theirs and the Texans to move to number one. Take a primo OL with the first #1 and get your QB (Herbert?) with the second one. LB in the second round and BPA after that.
  7. http://www.e-chat.co/room/19866559 Frankly I'd rather be stoned
  8. I thought Tua had another year of eligibility? Could be wrong but if he does why would he declare for the draft right after a major injury?
  9. I'm not sure I care that much about wins anymore (pretty much past that point) but how about not embarrassing yourselves on the field anymore. Oh, and Mike Brown falling out of his luxury box and landing on top of a Stealers fan.
  10. Trade down. The only way I would take a QB 1st overall is if Mikey opens his wallet and signs some quality free agents (like LB of OL). We all know the chances of THAT happening are slightly south of zero so get those picks and pray that they actually hit more then they miss.
  11. http://www.e-chat.co/room/19866559
  12. Respectfully disagree. Any coach with a history of success will want management to make changes (read spend money) to turn the team around and Mike Brown is allergic to spending money.
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