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  1. [quote name='Jamie_B' post='318379' date='Aug 18 2006, 11:04 AM']This closes at midnight. Whodey still has to get back at me. And BAB has to come in and drop his 11:59 verse.[/quote] aiight i'll probably only have time to spit 1 or 2 more cause i'm going to the preseason game tonight
  2. [quote name='sneaky' post='318229' date='Aug 18 2006, 12:33 AM'][b]betta back down lil bitch, dont get me started are you tryna sound artsy fartsy? cuz your rhymes sound retarded the only thing you pop is balloons cuz it sho aint cherry while you jackin off to bra ads i got bitchez like Halle Barry punk, the only one hallucinatin is you im the back to back mvp, count 'em bitch....one .....two i reign supreme hoe, and its gonna stay that way til i die you a "man of sin" alright because obviously you like to lie cause all the shit you spit quite simply aint true boy you aint neva had pussy more like pussy had you son you betta stop all that masturbatin', dont say i didnt warn the last time you in a room with some pussy was the day you were born CCC please, the jibberish out yo' mouth sounds like insanity you sad piece of shit, oh the fuckin' humanity !!!![/b][/quote] you been told me 1000 times about the bitches you got, ok, maybe you got 1 or 2, but you're exaggeratin a lot well of course i masturbate too, it helps prevent prostate cancer that plus the sex i have, means there's a lot of dick calls to answer did i tell you, i got a bitch for every letter in the alphabet every hour of each day, my appeal is like that of a corvette i'm a sargeant, you aint even worked ya way up to cadet i'm as hard as it gets, and you're as fragile as a tea set dog i get like Angela, Brandy, to Yvonne and Zaria every girl you ever got has already been in my area what do i get when i win? a championship ring? you get bitches LIKE halle berry, I get the real thing ya mom looks like bigfoot, tell the bitch to shave her back i saw her having sex and reported a grizzly bear attack but on the low, a real grown female is what you lack you fucked a duck, now thats the real definition of a quack you aint get no work, aint got no money, just sell dimepacks and you still couldn’t make a dime or nickel son, like Jack
  3. [quote name='sneaky' post='318201' date='Aug 17 2006, 11:42 PM'][b]you done wrote 144 lines and you think you got it made? this only confirms the fact that you've never been laid your raps are as corny as corn on the cob your right, i am a part time mc, cause nigga, i got a job i gotta go to work and deal with the "man" while you spend all day and night livin' in fantasy land dont get me wrong i dont wanna come off a snob or a jerk but i pray to God that you put in as much effort when doin' yo' homework cause all your delusions of granduer is gettin kinda scary and the stories of my demise is quite to the contrary little boy ive been spittin funky raps since you were delivered by the stork do you think im gonna get beat by some snotty nosed kid from western New York? of course not, because that shit sounds ludacris and if anyone think so, they must be new to this because anyone who thinks you're beating me must be sippin' booze i been stickin my foot up your ass and i still got a closet full of shoes you think by typing hundereds of lines you can impress? son its the quality not the quantity that will translate into success but you still young, you dont know any better as the saying goes "if a hoe wanna be a hoe, go let her" you like a raw talent kid, aint ready to be a pro you just a nappy headed ninny tryin to get a fro punk you aint ready for my rhymes and tight ass verses i done had strippers, flight attenadants and freaky ass nurses ive had hoes ranging from blue to white collar got black, white, brown and yellow hoes all wantin to holla because the O is their first round draft choice and they number one pick i dont know if they love me or just love my dick ive had women payin to worship me like they was a scientologist i done been up more pussy than a gynocologist look little boy do you see what im sayin? im a bad muthafucka for real, nigga i aint playin ive been the mack of the year since '93 til present the O is royalty son and you just a peasant defeating me is impossible punk so just quit ive done forgot about more hoes than you'll ever get[/b][/quote] i forgot, american idol? man i never sing a pop tune watch ya words or i’ll have to pop ya ass like a balloon i think i popped ya too soon, you ass has got till noon to get the fuck out 9th mile, for you, there aint no room ya daddy wore a condom and kicked ya momma in the womb cause they didn’t want you, i mean, that’s what I assume I respect everybody, you’re just the one who’s hatin you see yaself as the best, I call it hallucinatin i fuck every girl when i’m out, guess I’m a man of sin you aint even good enough to leave the mall with a mannequin cause i’m the man again, onxy style comes off lazy his mind’s old n hazy, vote for him ya fuckin crazy then we got a problem, with me, you don’t want a problem i’ll start a rumor, you was um...., swallowin Hob’s cum sayin “I want some”, then up his ass you stuck ya thumb i called it a hand job, you said “I’m just beatin his drum” you save his jizz for later, you just use the shit for gum i asked if ya had anything to say, and all you said was “yum” where the fuck you from? i say ya ass is fuckin dumb open ya mouth again and i’ll leave ya lips fuckin numb
  4. [quote name='sneaky' post='318144' date='Aug 17 2006, 09:12 PM'][b]son, stop sniffing the glue, because you've gone too far the only lion you resemble is in that movie Madagascar im never going to surrender fool, you must be mad i had your mom screamin "uncle", so i might be your dad nigga, i run this bitch cause you on my shit like a maggot i may be ah "keyboard thug" but youzah broadband faggot what kind of coward boasts on putting slugs in people's backs? and if you think your rhymes are addicting, i bet your arms has tracks damn son you resortin to nursery rhymes? whats next, Mother Goose? you the most feminine rapper here, OG's a girl but whats your excuse? if you "young, hot and fresh" why'd ya take your cousin to prom? the only pills i order is Viagra so that i can do your mom dont misunderstand, there aint nothing wrong wit my wang but yo' mom so old she got grey hairs on her poontang sometimes i need to pop a pill or two i aint gonna lie but doing your mom is like screwing sand cuz her pussy is so damn dry !!! ive tried all kinds of lubricants and all kinds of greases but that bitch so old, i think she babysitted Jesus i know you dont understand son, cause you nothing about cooch cuz the only time you get your balls wet, is when you get licked by your pooch you call yourself a "cruise ship" ? fool, i grow tired of this antic well bitch i must be a glacier, cuz you're ass will sink like the Titantic speaking of Salem, did you see your girl riding on that stick? uhmm, im not talking about a broom, im referring to my dick i put a magic spell on her pussy so i guess now that bitch is cursed hang me for "verbal felonies" but if yo'girl is blowin meez, i gaurentee that hoe chokin first![/b][/quote] My 44 I got the nose of a shark and I can smell your blood I crave eatin dudes like you like potheads crave a bud you best swim for ya life, I coming to fuckin end ya I’m a get you sooner or later, hell is where I’ll send ya you could get the whole ocean on ya side, but they can’t defend ya you’re declining faster than the elephant population in Kenya but that’s a good thing, cause wack emcees don’t deserve to live I gotta play poacher, a couple lethal shot’s is what I’ll give I got you right where I want you, in your own house I could haunt you ownin you from every angle, I’ll get you’re own kids to taunt you mismangled you so bad, in my web of rhymes you get tangled angled my arrow right at you’re heart, I guess you got “bow” jangled I can’t be the only one, to think my team is supreme even though it’s just for fun, in this crop, I’m the creme although it seems, you’re dilusion to think you’re beyond average I don’t even got say it no more, everyone know’s I’ma savage this aint a hobby for me, man I do this rap shit for real you’re a part time mc, you only spit crap when you feel like you’re in the mood, and got a little time to kill but me? rap is my food, I take it cold or off the grill born with this skill, you can’t aquire it, you just admirer it my gun’s still loaded, and dog I can’t wait to fire it my shit’s like fireworks when it goes off, simply amazing you’re boring like a sparkler, and my credibilities raising I done told ya I do the impossible, find a needle in a haystack your 33, and washed up, similar to Pat Sajak I’m charged up like a battery, duracell or energizer an analogy of you to me is like a jailcell to a high-riser now gotta change the subject, rag on ya moms a bit are you sure she female? cause I still haven’t found her clit I’m thinkin, “what the fuck, is this bitch a hermaphrodite?” can’t tell by her face, it’s no delight, the shit’s a fright I got this shit in the bag, a Nuskool win is lock you aint get no pussy, just got a jizzed up sock and you’re always flacid, girls dont want ya soft cock if you think they do, you’re higher than them dudes in jamrock i'm always in ya mom's whole, she never give me the snub get a hole in one in every girl like tiger woods with the club i can do bedroom, kitchen, or fuck they ass in the tub ya mom just a prostitute who gets ripped off like ticket stubs the bitch will eat about anything, her diet consists of grub as a result she's fat as fuck, like Jared before the subs I spit 144 bars the past 24hrs, and I still got mad material cause them lines you proclaim as hot, are about as hot as cold cereal
  5. [quote name='Chris Henrys Dealer' post='317929' date='Aug 17 2006, 01:17 PM']Just read this thread now. Hilarious. Nice work all around![/quote] thanks on behalf of nuskool. i appreciate you not bein a hater like some people
  6. [quote name='sneaky' post='317683' date='Aug 17 2006, 02:06 AM'][b]thanks for your performance, but bitch you gots no fans the only thing you show, is that you got alot of time on your hands i'll give you ah B for effort so you cant say im not complimentary but damn nigga, we posting rhymes not ah god damn documentary was that supposed to be the rabbit in your hat? cuz nigga you dug deep i would tell you what i thought about it, but halfway through i fell asleep i dont know why you felt the need for all that shit to write you long winded bastard, this might take me all fucking night do you know who you messin' with, cause muthafucka i dont play my rhymes are like Afro-Sheen and bitch im about to spray im the freestyle vampire so you better be afraid got more hoes then Blacula and more ammo than Blade my flow is like a hurricane it'll crush you like a tsunami but its smooth like a aphrodisiac, cause i gets all the poonani my rhymes break all your windows and kicks down all your doors but lets get off mothers....alright, cause last night i got off on yours i made that hoe tremble and shake, cum, scream and moan your mom was like "Turtle Wax" cause that bitch polished my cone she even let me and my boy Jamie hit it, we ran a double team we treated your mom like a Hostess cupcake cause we filled her ass with cream so take off your heels bitch and fight me mano a mano im the lyrical Samuel L Jackson and your raps are Brian Boitano my words are precise it'll cut you like a surgeon do you think im gonna lose to some punk teenage virgin? do you ride a short yellow bus? cause you seem kind of slow i dont know who's giving you drugs son, but you need to just say NO there's a method to my madness cause my rhymes are meticulous do you think your rhymes can stand up to mine?...you're fuckin ridiculous you're not the worst i've seen but at best your rhymes are mild but dont try to step to me son, cause i'll beat you like a red-headed step child yeah you right, im the man of the hour, the year, the century try all you want but bitch, you aint defeating me cause im more amazing than Vince Carter, more "Bad Boy" than P. Diddy you may run a village but fool, i run this city this rap aint 50 lines long cause i want the people to read them but why make 50 lines to take you out, cause bitch, i just dont need them[/quote] 50 More For Ya Corpse I’m a lion your my prey, I’m the king of this jungle lets do it like we’re kids again, make your ass scream uncle your just a internet gangsta, you’re a mere keyboard thug don’t go in public, you’ll scare everyone with ya fucked up mug my words kill like a slug in your back, when I attack my rhymes are crack, you get addicted to it like smack you let ya team down, jamies picking up your slack your a female like Jill, I’ll leave ya rollin like Jack see I can reference nursery rhymes, without bein a nursery rhymer I’m young, hot, and fresh, it’s not my fault your a old timer poppin pills and orderin Medicare like that old fuck on tv the fact that your still living seems like pure luck to me cause you’re so old your fuckin bible is autographed been around since BC and still haven’t honed your rap craft I’m the equivilent of a cruise ship, you’re equal to a raft you beating me is hilarious, that’s why after round 2 I laughed pussy, your as soft as it gets, you get smacked around by your bitch I’m loadin up my verbal gun, and my trigger finger’s got an itch I gotta persucute you like we in Salem, and you’re the fuckin witch cause your rhymes are ungodly, and I just found my winning niche so now you must be hanged for all your verbal felonies you never showed me what you got, you just kept tellin me if someone honestly thinks you got skills, speak now or hold ya peace i don’t expect anyone to speak up, so your running mouth should cease go do something better with your life, you’re embarassing yourself commit suicide by gas fire, you know just kerosene yourself like ashes to ashes and dust to dust CCC flashes his skills, you are just a bust you’ll never find love, and you’ll never find lust your raps are like a breeze, and I’m hurricane gusts tear you down, rip you apart destroy your dreams, break your heart I had this shit won, even before the start leave your head hangin when you lose, like Palmer on the cart man I question your ability, whodey told me you was good but now I’m not so sure, cause you aint sounding like you should I done heard some great ones, and you just don’t compare why’d Jamie team up with you? you make a pretty shitty pair you act all grown up and tough, but you as hard as teddy bears i know 10 year olds that could woop ya ass, and the fight wouldn’t be fair if you really had to freestyle, I know your ass would choke that’s why battling you is easy, cause you always fail to provoke fuck hot bitches, only fat chicks like you, like diet coke I’m so far ahead you can’t see me, like I’m wearin Harry Potter’s cloak your washed up like Tone Loc, you should of never even spoke now I gotta zip them lips, and fry ya ass like egg yolk I’m coming from the street, nothin nice, nothing sweet enjoyed tearin you up over that hot Ron Browz beat you about to fall in defeat, knock you right off ya feet I gave you 50 more bars, can you handle that much heat?
  7. [quote name='sneaky' post='317488' date='Aug 16 2006, 08:45 PM']i got CCC trying to go American Idol on me and shit..... i'll get back at you, OG and whodey tomorrow, cause i got to work tonight.[/quote] I'll be waitin homie I told ya'll i was savin up plannin for the best at the end now that were just about here, nuskool will lay out knock out punches in the next 24-48. that shit was just the beginnin
  8. [quote name='sneaky' post='317181' date='Aug 16 2006, 02:39 PM'][b]fool, im tired of schoolin ya, when are ya going to learn? when battling the O, your ass is gonna crash and burn boy, im a legend and you just some amateur slouch if your raps was a quarterback, you'd be Tim Couch punk, i got more game than Gotti, you cants stop my racket my rhymes sedate yo' ass and put you in a straitjacket nah i aint a gangsta, i aint a "blood" or a "crip" but that dont mean i wont bust a nigga's lip man, i put more grease in your mom than a can of Crisco you aint no Joe Montana, but i bet you from San Fransisco bitch, the only sex you've had is when you're alone watchin porn if pussy was right in front of you, you'd probably need a shoehorn im the best for real, its gonna be that way til i die i aint on acid, but my rhymes got all you bitches high[/b][/quote] I made 9th Mile History and recorded this in audio so ya'll can here this shit. [url="http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pagemusic.cfm?bandID=588767"]50 Bars of Death[/url] (click on hi-fi) When I arrived I heard you’re the best, I became real curious I came in humble and nice, but now I’m oh so serious Rumble in the Jungle said i’m wack? that fuckin ho is delirious out of all the internet thugs, that fuckin faggot’s the weariest now let me get back to sneaky, the man of the hour i’ve had enough of that useless fuckin dispensible coward don’t even deserve to drink water from which I just showered man go back to round 2, over you, I towered you were the one I devoured, the one whom I overpowered if dudes like Honkey can’t see that, your as blind as Bryce Dallas Howard like in “the village” I mean, in this village I reign supreme with whodey and OG on my team, you wont even win in ya dreams you can plot and scheme all you want, oldschools still gettin creamed yeah your a 2 time MVP, if most valuable pussy is what that means Nuskool brought machettes to this battle, Jamie and sneaky holdin toothpicks and if we held a rap draft tomorrow, ya’ll wouldn’t even be the last two picks back to sneaky’s mom, i told her to haul ass and it took her two trips and i thought i was staring at her ass, until i found out it was her two lips whats with all that garbage and shit you talk? whats all that trash about you said your piranhas? well we’re sharks, and oldschool’s a school of trout so your gonna get ate up and spit out, all throughout, without a doubt your on a one way road to a verbal ass kickin, you better re-route i’m a real fighter with real fists, all you do is scream and shout where do you get off talkin bout our moms? you get hard lookin at boy scouts your mom weighs an even G, got more “chins” than a chinese phone book hold up a second, there’s goes another boy scout, aww made you look man i’m like Emeral Ligasse with the rhymes, sneaky is a McDonalds cook it’s like ‘95 and I’m Mobb Deep, i just got everybody shook I’ve seen enough to know your good, but i’m far beyond great your a baby and i’m about to raise the infant mortality rate know what that means? you’ll be soon staring through the big pearly gates cause right now I’m droppin the bomb on you like the capital of Kuwait and if you somehow survive, meet us at the Nuskool estate we’ll be waiting and ready to make all your lame asses levitate got you runnin in all directions, but i’m waitin at home plate my skills got me in the top division, your just a junior lightweight i hooked you in with my early rhymes, cause you were easy bait you slip and fall when you skate, but i’m rhymin in figure eights you and rap had only one date, but me and her are soulmates just stay away from her or i’ll have your ass headed upstate and your mom’s so fuckin ghetto, the bitch washes paper plates gets laid across the country like railroad tracks, all 50 states I admit you got game sneaky, you got some potential but i still checked you into my rap hospital to get the differential the doc say “He lacks adequate rappin ability and real credentials” then looks at me and says “you know CCC, you’re the rap quintessential” dont come back with “it took you 50 lines just to harm me” bitch i killed you by line seven, i just had to show you i’m an army i gave you one shot per line, count em up, that’s 50 scars so tell me now, how does it feel to get killed in 50 bars?
  9. Even though i was busy and wasn't going to until tomorrow, I squeaked in one more for the night [quote name='sneaky' post='316019' date='Aug 14 2006, 11:50 PM'][b]bitch the only one cumming quicker is me but i cant help it, cuz yah girl got good pussy yeah you too yung to drink, but my rhymes got you intoxicated yo' girl beggin me to hit it raw so she can be inseminated my rhymes are authentic, but they always imitated but my style is so tight, its never duplicated your raps wobble but like a golden eagle my rhymes soar were you were named after your mom? cuz shes my [size=3]C[/size]um [size=3]C[/size]raving [size=3]C[/size]ockwhore[/b][/quote] you come off fired up and bold, but really tired and old I see the skills you hold, they’re the ones that Ryan Leaf sold if ya really think you’re the shit, i’m callin the insane asylum you’re species is so far beneath me, dont even belong in my phylum you the type who think he gangsta cause he wear a bandana i’m for real, shoot bullets at ya I’m like Joe Montana when it comes to fuckin me, man ya moms is neva hesitant she like my whole package, gets at my nuts like a elephant you must be on acid 24/7 cause you aint sayin nothin relevant your hatred for me stems from ya envy so you come off malevolent
  10. [quote name='sneaky' post='316765' date='Aug 15 2006, 10:33 PM']yeah that will be a good idea, take some time off son, because your "Rumpelstilsken" rhymes need some work[/quote] [img]http://forum.go-bengals.com/public/style_emoticons//24.gif[/img] Oh wait? You were serious? Ok, I'll try to work in more pussy and cock rhymes for ya since you love the cock Even though you said this is "just for fun" and "don't take it personal" I get the impression that you honestly think you're superious to me, whodey, and OG. And that is hilarious [img]http://forum.go-bengals.com/public/style_emoticons//24.gif[/img] I mean I could probably copy and paste a Big Daddy Kane verse or a Murs verse or some insane shit like that and you'd probably still say it's wack and you're better [img]http://forum.go-bengals.com/public/style_emoticons//24.gif[/img] But seriously, I got love ya either way
  11. I been busy, but tomorrow I'ma come back hard with some shit
  12. [quote name='sneaky' post='315958' date='Aug 14 2006, 10:33 PM'][b]muthafucka pleez, you are garbage, that aint even up for debate the only question i got, is how much longer will yah moms make me ejaculate when she was younger, i admit that hoe looked cold the pussy still good but that bitch is gettin old keep on talkin shit punk, you're only sealing your doom while you tryin to inflate my lips, im inflatin' your girl's womb me...... forfeit? bitch, you the one that ought to quit you've shown me nothing, not even a lil bit all you do is make whack rhymes and then talk shit but you just soft and leaky like a giant ass clit if theres tears from my eyes its because your dumbass makes me laugh lets compare MVP titles, bitch i'll let you do the math[/b][/quote] ok you may be at the top now sneaky, but I came up quicker i'm already being compared to legends, and I'm too young to buy liquor and I shine so damn bright, your light don't even flicker man you keep on declining, like you're just gettin sicker I'm about to make your defeat a reality, so don't bitch and bicker and when the fuck is yo moms gonna lose weight? she keep gettin thicker in her ass is where I'll kick her, my flow keeps gettin slicker your mom thinks her diet will work, cause she eatin diet Snickers
  13. [quote name='sneaky' post='315924' date='Aug 14 2006, 09:43 PM'][b]yeah you right, you consistent, that i must admit not a damn things changed your raps still sound like shit im not gonna steal my boy Jamie's style but that would be my chorus it aint my face that im makin red, its your girl's clitoris i apologize for punking you, but you give me no choice bitch, when i was in 5th grade i still made your mom moist you'll never have "lady fans" cause they want want real men i'll give you a C for effort, but bitch try again[/b][/quote] first things first, I’m the greatest, that can’t be debated you’re the worst, if ya fight me, I’ll leave ya lips inflated and no that aint mascara man, it’s just a good old black eye try me again I’ll crack ya bones and leave ya spirit in the sky easy as pie, I dont even gotta try to make you go bye-bye you’ll soon forfeit in defeat, but don’t be sad, why cry? your just another mc to die when confronted by me so when people asked what happened, tell um you met CCC
  14. [quote name='sneaky' post='315849' date='Aug 14 2006, 08:25 PM'][b]a simpleton? bitch im schoolin' yo ass, cuz you da blackboard and im the chalk i may be Rumpelstiltskin but whys your girl climbing my beanstalk? you just a peon to me fool, im the lyrical giant im a gigolo too because yo moms my top client nigga, i got more green in my pocket than a florist has plants i dont worry about gettin girls digits, i just get in their pants muthafucka im the MVP and you will never take it im the man you want to be and da pimp that gets your girl naked you turn nothing into gold, you a bitch but your name aint Midas yo' mom sucks my dick so much, her breath smells like gingivitis so fuck your thoroughbred my raps are like a Ferrari dont give up your day job son cuz your rhymes are just sorry[/b][/quote] i’ve been stayin consistent, layin down mostly royal flushes got you lookin all red, all I see on your face is blushes how the hell you supposed to be a pimp? you can’t get past 5th grade crushes sneaky act like he can’t stand me, but it’s me he secretely lusts and lushes thats why whenever I’m performin, to the front of the stage that bitch rushes screamin, “I love you so much,” and then faints when it’s my hand that he touches I don’t play that queer shit, tell security, “put that fag on crutches” proceed to the lady fans, and it’s on my dick, their hand clutches
  15. [quote name='Jamie_B' post='315746' date='Aug 14 2006, 04:23 PM']Ill have to get back to you either tonight or tommorow, my mom is in the hospital and im going to visit her.[/quote] Are you kidding me? What's more important, 9th Mile Freestyle or your mom being in the hospital?
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