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  1. Smart move. He’s now essentially in a contract year. Put up or shut up.
  2. How about intense porpoises? Kid you not, knew someone that thought the saying was about focused marine mammals.
  3. Hmm, I realized yesterday that there is a young, attractive lady sitting next to me on the couch. She tells me she is my wife. She seems nice, and I feel like I should get to know her with all this time on my hands now,
  4. I think Tibor is just saying that the Bengals are a graveyard for Buckeye talent. Not that the Buckeyes can’t produce NFL talent.
  5. I bet a lot of this No Trade stance has more to do with Mike Brown seeing some of the impacts of our former players at other teams (Whitworth, Burkhead, Sanu, Marvin Jones, Zeitler). Remember, once upon good old Mikey Boy used the excuse that he'd rather re-sign our own talent than bring in high priced FA. Even though he's clearly proven that he is incapable of keeping/rewarding our own talent, he's probably playing hard ball out of fear that our talent could propel other teams to levels he couldn't while they were here. I bet it's all about personal stubbornness with Mike why these guys aren't on the trading block - and ultimately, that will continue our futility. We aren't going to win anything the next 2-3 years, so why not trade in your chips regardless the perception, and start a rebuild with a clear cut strategy, one that is transparent to fans - we are the ones he will have to win over first of all.
  6. I’m amazed that we never seem to have any money under the cap to sign key FA, yet the Patriots can add a 15 Mil one year contract to their payroll AFTER the season start and the Stealers can trade a 1st round pick and also add to their payroll after the season start. It all starts and stops with our conservative team management.
  7. Yeah, but having the Playoff without a Pacific Coast team could be a weighing factor. Need to attract viewership west of the Rockies as well. I wouldn't be surprised if they picked Stanford over OSU to ensure a) there aren't two teams from one conference, and b) to ensure they aren't labeled with the "east coast bias".
  8. It's the female version of Chris Farley's Motivational Speaker living in a van down by the river
  9. Www.fanatics.com works best for me. Plus, free shipping.
  10. Someone tell these big ten referees not to favor the underdog if they want the big ten to have more teams ranked in the Top 10.In the SEC, all these BS calls would be going the favorites way to ensure the rankings aren't affected. That said, shooting ourselves in the foot doesn't help.
  11. Noah Spence looked like a Man amongst boys in the Under Armour game yesterday. Can't wait to c him in action at the shoe.
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