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  1. Thanksgiving Football

    Watching Mike Zimmer today just makes me even more sad about what could have been. His passion on the side lines is undeniable, and for me, that is the biggest flaw Marvin has. Getting in players faces, letting the refs know how he thinks about certain calls and not looking like a deer in the headlights is something is so refreshing to see. And it helps he built his team into a contender as well. Sigh...
  2. Paul Alexander needs to go along with Marvin.
  3. Kroft is a decent TE. We should use him more.
  4. It's not hard. Fade to Aj green in the end zone = touchdown. Works more often than not.
  5. Home Security Cameras

    I like my Arlo cams. Completely wireless, remote, and good SW interface, The nest cams are better now too since they upgraded the resolution to 1080p. The Arlo cams come with a hub that doubles as a loud siren.
  6. Sure, I think we can trade him to Broadway Musical Productions. I heard they are always looking for talented tap dancers.
  7. There goes Elliott

    It's all a silly argument. Marvin would never have the balls to let a rookie kicker try a 61 yard game winning field goal, especially after missing one earlier in the game. Sometimes, a coach just has to trust that his players will rise to the occasion.
  8. Marvin Lewis would have been too pussy to try a 61 yard field goal with a rookie kicker.
  9. Texans Tonight

    Josh Rosen is my favorite for the #1 pick.
  10. Texans Tonight

    Game balls for this game goes to both punters and The respective defensive lines. Gene Atkins is amazing.
  11. Texans Tonight

    7 quarters, no touchdowns. Aren't we close to a Bengals record?
  12. Either Sam Darnold (USC) or Josh Rosen (UCLA). I think Josh Rosen is probably the more sure bet, with Sam Darnold having the higher upside. Someone could also fall in love with Lamar Jackson if they want to go for broke.
  13. James Brooks? Carl Pickens (great WR despite shitty QBs)? Bob Johnson? Eddie Edwards?
  14. Well I'm done

    The Patriots drafted Aaron Hernandez. Was already very questionable at Miami. Turned out to be a murderer. Nobody is innocent anymore. If you're looking for clean cut character, you're rooting for the wrong sport.

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