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  1. Marvin Lewis would have been too pussy to try a 61 yard field goal with a rookie kicker.
  2. Texans Tonight

    Josh Rosen is my favorite for the #1 pick.
  3. Texans Tonight

    Game balls for this game goes to both punters and The respective defensive lines. Gene Atkins is amazing.
  4. Texans Tonight

    7 quarters, no touchdowns. Aren't we close to a Bengals record?
  5. Either Sam Darnold (USC) or Josh Rosen (UCLA). I think Josh Rosen is probably the more sure bet, with Sam Darnold having the higher upside. Someone could also fall in love with Lamar Jackson if they want to go for broke.
  6. James Brooks? Carl Pickens (great WR despite shitty QBs)? Bob Johnson? Eddie Edwards?
  7. Well I'm done

    The Patriots drafted Aaron Hernandez. Was already very questionable at Miami. Turned out to be a murderer. Nobody is innocent anymore. If you're looking for clean cut character, you're rooting for the wrong sport.
  8. Report: Who-Dey to sign with Lions

    We'll go to war with what we have.
  9. at least we get to pick in the top 10
  10. Getting tired of watching ced o standing while his QB is drilled
  11. I think all it takes is for Andy not to zero in on green all the time Andy build up trust with the other WRs on this team.
  12. Bold prediction. We run twice on 1st and 2nd down, and a short slant on 3rd. 3 and out here we come.
  13. Blatant hold on Geno not called. What else is new ?

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