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  1. Only 2 games are determined by last year’s results. As a division winner NE gets Houston and KC. The rest is based on rotating through other divisions and 2 games against teams in their own division.
  2. Yes, David Dunn was also a decent third for a while. Anybody remember James Hundon?
  3. You’re missing the mid 70’s trio of Curtis, Joiner & Myers.
  4. ctfan73

    John Ross

    He dressed for the game because Core and Boyd were out. I think the only way he would have seen significant minutes was if another receiver got hurt.
  5. Yes it was a dump. The first Foxboro stadium was worse. It might have been passable for a division 3 college team.
  6. Shea Stadium Original Yankee Stadium Giants Stadium Metlife Stadium Riverfront PBS Old Foxboro Stadium Memorial Stadium (Baltimore) Buffalo Veterans Stadium (Philly)
  7. Harold Green Ricardo McDonald Jeff Cothran
  8. Lies, damn lies and statistics? You introduced statistics to the debate. The problem is you made them up. The figure you gave was so far removed from reality I felt compelled to correct it. Was there bias in that series? I don't know, I watched it and don't remember any. I am a Knicks fan so take that for what it's worth. It's very easy to see bias against the team you're rooting for, very hard to prove. I do agree with the idea that star players can get calls that normal players don't. The Jordan's and LeBron's of the world have often received the benefit of the doubt on close calls. I'm sure the same happens in other sports. I don't think there's any conspiracy involved, more a sub-conscious reaction on the behalf of the refs.
  9. I don't care about your NFL bias argument. You posted BS stats that you pulled out of your rear end to back up your point. Why should anyone take you seriously?
  10. For the record the Rockets shot 43% against the Knicks in the 94 finals. Why would you post nonsense like 68% when you could have looked it up in two minutes.
  11. ctfan73

    Playoff Scenarios

    The Stealers currently have a better strength of victory. If the Bengals and Stealers finish tied it would come down to that. Head to head, division record, common opponents and conference record would all be tied.
  12. If the Bengals and Stealers finish tied common opponents will be a tie. They only have two non-common opponents. They both went 1-1 in those games. Houston and Buffalo for Cincy, NE and Indy for the Stealers.
  13. Yes it does. Head to head, division record, common opponents, then conference record.
  14. In the unlikely event that the Bengals go 1-2 and the one win is against Denver, the Bengals clinch the division based on conference record, even if the Stealers win out. I'm still pulling for Denver against the Stealers. In all likelihood the Denver Bengals game decides the bye and the division can still be won against Baltimore. Would love to see the Stealers out of it.
  15. The Bengals would have a better conference record, 9-3 to 8-4.

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