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  1. bengalwhodey

    Happy Birthday Kochman and bengalwhodey!!!

  2. Bengals 27 Giants 17 Palmer 278
  3. [quote name='SF2' post='624012' date='Jan 17 2008, 03:43 PM']Well, he only played 4 games I think. If Brian Bosworth and Andy Katzenmoyer had not gotten hurt they would have been great players too. At least they got hurt playing, not hanging out in a bad place (drive by shooting) or driving off the road on a rainy night.[/quote] He was shot walking home from Church.
  4. [quote name='Bengals1181' post='619204' date='Jan 5 2008, 01:43 PM']umm the patriots have a better o-line, better pass catching TE's, a better RB, and a deeper WR corp. Its easy to go 5-wide when Kelley Washington (not a bad WR) is your 5th option on the play.[/quote] And a better offensive coordinator.
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    Tickets for Sunday

    I hope this isn't already posted somewhere but tickets are available for Sunday on Ticketmaster.com.
  6. Received my shirt in the mail today and it looks great. Thanks Dan_Bengals_NJ for getting this done.
  7. bengalwhodey

    Crocodile Hunter dead at 44

    [quote name='Lawman' post='331546' date='Sep 5 2006, 06:46 PM'][url="http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,20867,20362783-1702,00.html"]http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story...83-1702,00.html[/url] "After they got me on to the main boat, Steve helped me get my wetsuit off me and he went below to do something," Jones recalled. "Somebody behind me said 'So what do you think of the Crocodile Hunter?''[/quote] That just doesn't sound right.
  8. bengalwhodey

    Season ticket holders

    Section 149 Row 18
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    About the go-bengals shirts...........

    Go, still waiting for my shirt also.
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    Glad you made it home safely.
  11. [quote name='Lucid' date='Aug 13 2005, 10:21 PM']Ok... After watching the game for a second time (thinking of making it a 3rd tonight) from my DVR I have some observations... [b]Defensive Line[/b] Trying to find the patriots pocket in the 1st qrtr was like playing where's waldo.. Our defensive line seems vastly improved.  The first time I watched the game I was thinking, "Wow, Daveys really sucks". But after re-watching it, it was really a combination of that and excellent pressure and coverage down field.  Bryan Robinson is definitely an upgrade at RDT, and Thornton is more in his element on the left..  Justin Smith dominated on the left side, and Jumpy Jr. did nothing but enforce my opinion that he will be a beast.. He lost containment a couple times against the run on the perimeter, but all in all an excellent outing for the new guy. Langston Moore had a good outing, and is looking to be a solid backup. [b]Line Backers[/b] Again, a definite upgrade over last year.  I am a big Webster fan, but to be honest, Odell looks like he is going to be amazing.  He was out of position in coverage a lot, and seemed to mis-read a bit, but over all, his speed and tenacity are awesome. This guy will be special. Landon Johnson was his regular tenacious self... He needs to be on the field because he knows how to play, but I would prefer to see him on the right side in a year or 2 when he replaces Simmons. All in all, he did his job.  We don't need to worry about Pollack.. Simmons was Simmons. [b]DB's[/b] Our 1st string secondary looked good, and I was especially impressed with Ratliff. He continues to grow into a starter. We really missed Madieu.. Our safeties were the softest part of our starting D.  Brandon Williams started shaky, but he seemed to make up for it later in the game. I have to agree that he faces stiff competition.. But this guy will end up on someones roster, even if it just PS.. He seems to have good upside. Reggie Myles seemed to do a decent job at the SS position, but I didn't see enough of him to form a real opinion. [b]Offensive Line[/b] Our starting Offensive line (-Anderson) was just plain awesome. No need to run down the performance of future pro-bowlers Steinbach and Jones... Andrews looked VERY promising.. He is definitely an amazing athlete, with outstanding balance and agility for a man of his size.. I would go so far as to call him  freak.  Once he gets his footwork and fundamentals down, he should be a good OT. The refs seemed to be taking it easy on him or something because I saw a good bit of holding infractions, but I saw the patriots line doing the same thing, so it seemed like universal slackness on the holding calls.  Larry Moore might make a decent back up guard, but I don't want to see him line up at Center. Over all, I wasn't impressed with him. I Don't have an opinion on Ghiaciuc, but that's probably a good thing.. Didn't see anything bad. [b]Running Backs[/b] I won't go much into Chris Perry, since he seems to be what most people have already commented on.  He looked great and I am excited about him.. But he needs to keep his balance a little better, and keep his feet under him and moving.  He seemed to go down quickly on contact (just being the devils advocate since everyone has pointed out the positives).  He also needs to work on his timing and vision.  I expect this will be corrected with reps. Rudi was Rudi, but he did seem a little more explosive.  He also seemed more agile than I remember him being last year.  I think we all need to remember that he is still basically a second/third year player, and will probably continue to get better. He still isn't even in his prime for a RB yet. Quincy Wison had a strong performance.. I am leaning, with Perry's outing, and considering the fact he could probably be a backup FB, towards keeping Wilson and giving Watson a pat on the back. [b]Wide Receiver[/b] The passing game was probably the biggest disappointment of the night.  Where was TJ?? He was out there, but didn't see the ball.. Due to TV coverage, it's hard to tell why. Chad Johnson was chad, and had the defenders beat on both of the long balls (the first one less so, he would have had to make a play on the ball to get it).  The second one, he might have been able to get to, but it would have meant getting tangled up by 2 defenders, and he doesn't have anything to prove.  As far as him "pouting".. I don't have the information to pass judgement.. Who knows what he said to Hugh? He is an emotional dedicated guy, cut him some slack. Chris Henry looked good to me.. He should have had 2 touchdowns if carson hadn't overthrown him. He ran a nice route and had the seam between the CB and the FS and a clear path to the endzone.  The TD he did get is a foreshadowing of the future.. The dude is tall, fast and has hops.. A definite red zone nightmare. Kelley Washington will be on the team this year... Our TE's still suck.. I have almost given up on Schobel, and I'm not sure who it was, but one of them was also missing blocking assignments (Ghent?). [b]Special Teams[/b] Our special teams play was a terrible disappointment.  Larson was way behind where he was last year, and our coverage and return blocking were not sharp.  Over all this unit performed far below last season.  This is probably due to lack of reps in training camp.. And I'm sure Grahams injury hasn't helped.  But  Darrin Simmons is a great coach, and I am positive he will have us back in shape before the season starts. OK... That's it.. I haven't spent as much time examining the 2nd half so this is mostly about our 1st team performance.  The 2nd and 3rd teams (especially on Defense) played pretty badly.  I will probably reserve judgement on a lot of the fringe players until the next match. [right][post="130395"][/post][/right][/quote] Great observations Lucid.
  12. Thanks Go for taking the time to do this.
  13. [url="http://bengals.com/"]http://bengals.com/[/url] Please delete.

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