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  1. I really dont understand how everyone gets so upset. Did anyone HONESTLY believe we were going to win? How many times do you have to see it before you expect it? At no point did I feel we would win this game and you shouldn't have either.
  2. BengalRep85-9


  3. BengalRep85-9

    2016/2017 Reds Offseason Thread

    The Bailey deal is the worst contract in the history of this organization. They've paid him roughly $40M for 8 starts. $5M a start!
  4. Only one from the '17 list that has to come back is Whit. Without him this is probably the worst line in football. I'd offer Kirkpatrick and Zeitler a contract. I think Kirk leaves and Zeitler is 50-50. In '18 I'm bringing back Burfict and Huber. Eifert can't stay healthy for the money he'll want plus I like Uzomah. These last couple drafts have been BAD.
  5. I've never understood rooting for something that will literally do nothing but hurt your team going forward. A dead cat bounce does nothing but hurt you. To the coaching, Marvin has a contract for next year, and Mikey likes him, so hes going nowhere. BUT in the circumstance Mikey is considering firing Marvin (he isn't) which achieves that goal? Winning out or finishing 5-10-1? The pats can draft average players and turn them into stars because they have arguably the greatest coach of all time. We do not. No one does less with more than Marvin.
  6. This L is the best thing going forward. A meaningless win does nothing for us next year. A higher draft pick does. Said at the half they wouldn't score again... We need to get the highest draft position going forward so I'm hoping we lose the last 2 as well.
  7. BengalRep85-9

    AJ Green Update

    Without AJ we most likely lose to Cleveland up there. Wouldn't surprise me at all.
  8. The terrible - Marshall Faulk on the postgame show DESPERATELY trying to not talk about the Bengals. He legitimately verbally attacked Michael Irvin for a good 30 seconds for even mentioning speaking about the Bengals. When Irvin said they should talk about the winners instead of the losers, Faulk said that was ridiculous and to "let the producers produce the show". Rich Eisen even had to step in to break it up because Marshall was getting so belligerent at the thought of mentioning the Bengals. It's embarrassing the lengths he went to to avoid talking about the Bengals. He needs to be removed from working Bengal games (preferably all games) because he has a clear and huge bias. He's insufferable.
  9. BengalRep85-9

    Bengals claim KeiVarae Russell

    The dreaded "bone bruise" for Dennard?
  10. BengalRep85-9

    2016 Season Thread

    The offense has been decent enough to be competitive. The problem is the pitching, specifically relief. They've given up the 2nd most runs in all MLB. Can't be competitive with that. Desclafani, Strailey, and Finnegan show real promise. Reed and Lamb not so much so far. If the young arms take a step forward next year and we get some bullpen help, we might be able to stay close to a wild card. This is the Cubs division for the next couple years.
  11. BengalRep85-9

    2016 Season Thread

    I think the Yanks FINALLY realized you can't continue paying out massive long term contracts to free agents every year then trade away any good prospects you have. Eventually it catches up with you and is the reason they haven't won anything in years. They'll be down for a few years trying to rebuild. The Cubs are here to stay, they'll win the central for the foreseeable future. I don't really have a problem with them and actually hope they win it all this year. They deserve it.
  12. One of the safeties is definitely staying. Williams is going into the last year of his deal with nothing dependable behind him. If you can only keep one then I keep Iloka simply due to age.
  13. BengalRep85-9

    This year still hurts...

    The league got what it wanted with the endless amount of rules and variations on rules. Look no further than Mike "EXPERT" Carey. Whenever they call him in, he and the field ref have different views at least half the time. That opens up TONS of room to keep games more competitive or influence whatever you want. Our playoff game was a prime example. 1. Shawn Williams hits their receiver with his shoulder FLAG 2. Burfict hits their receiver with his shoulder FLAG 3. Shazier hits our receiver with the crown of his helmet NO FLAG 4. Joey Porter gets in our huddle in the middle of the field FLAG on pacman 5. Martavis Bryant is still bobbling the ball TOUCHDOWN Literally every single call like that went Pitt's way. It isn't a coincidence. They're the dirtiest team in the league because they're allowed to get away with it. If ANYONE dare fight back the NFL spins their media machine to label any player or team attempting to do so as dirty. It's disgusting.
  14. I remember them showing Burfict's sack of Ben at least 17 times debating whether he hit him too hard or not..................
  15. So this will be at least the 3rd specific penalty put on the books due to a Stealer cheap shot in the last 10 years. And that's just dirty hits on Bengals players. Kimo, Whines Hard, and now Shazier. I'm sure Harrison has 1 or 2 to his credit also. But clearly we're the "dirty" team...

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