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  2. This is making me nervous. Grimm is one of my favorite shows and when I saw Juliette again I yelled out NO! at my TV. She was getting annoying and I thought we had moved beyond her character, to the benefit of the story line. We could finally move past all the Juliette is ruining everything every week BS. I hope she isn't around long. I feel the story can get better and move faster without her.
  3. As the email leaks show, they have no direction and literally no idea what to do with him going forward.
  4. All kinds of rumors flying around that Marvel and Sony are in discussions to bring Spiderman into Marvel's cinematic universe. Sony is losing money and needs an infusion of cash. Renting out spiderman could fix that issue and help them with their spiderman movie universe at the same time.   Spiderman plays a big role in the Civil war comics too. So with these rumors starting before the Civil war news with RDJ and Cap 3, could it be progress has been made between Marvel and Sony?
  5. Guardians is REALLY good. I mean REALLY good.  I was honestly worried about it going in but man did it deliver.   Groot stole the show for me and whoever played Ronan just crushed that role.
  6. I second 1181. I don't really understand the hate. I enjoyed the film quite a bit. Lots of action. Lots of transformers screen time and I loved the dinobots.   For only hearing his voice, Goodman kinda steals the show.   It is on the long side but you don't FEEL it, if that makes any sense.   Also echo 1181 about Wahlberg as the smart geeky type. When I see him I think brawn, not brains.
  7.   Saw it tonight and they are both good. The second one is really short but really good   Me and the girlfriend were literally the only 2 left in the theater for the last one.   Amazes me that people still get up and walk out right when the credits start rolling.. even at marvel movies like 3/4 of the theater will leave.
  8. Cumberbatch for sure.  I just don't see Hardy as Doctor Strange. Strange seems tall and lanky to me. Cumberbatch fits that frame much more so than Hardy.   Hardy seems more the Wolverine type, short and stocky.
  9.   They want to go younger and Neeson is 62 already.   I wouldn't mind a relative unknown so that when I look at the screen I see Indiana Jones and not the actor playing him.   Whoever they get will almost certainly be under 50 by time production starts.
  10.   The scenes with Farley and the eagle might be my favorite comedy scenes of all time.   His face is priceless lol and then "all I needed was the shell".
  11. Kristian Harloff from schmoes knows/amc movie talk on youtube called a million ways to die "super juvenile" and "this movie is over 2 hours and you feel it". Ouch.   I didn't know it was over 2 hours long
  12. The trailer I saw for A Million Ways To Die In The West in theaters was HILARIOUS.   Whether that translates to a good film or not remains to be seen.   I'll probably do the buy a ticket for 1 movie then sneak into another after it for that one.   Most likely a Maleficent/Million ways to die weekend at the movies
  13.   I remember when there was talk Bryan Cranston was going to play Lex Luthor.   He would have owned that role IMO
  14. It's so depressing this is still 2 years away
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