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  1. BengalRep85-9


  2. One hell of a game tonight. But.... why do u put in a kid that hasn't played all game and have him get the inbound pass and bring it up the floor? How? Stupid coaching move. 6 seconds left and you give it to a cold Dixon off the bench and not Stephenson? Stephenson was carrying this team the entire 2nd half, get him the ball and see what happens. Bad coaching on that last play for sure. Then huggies boys hit the miracle 3 and its all over.
  3. Memphis writer just reported on espn that calipari has accepted the Kentucky job
  4. And thats it for another season of bearcat basketball. Lost tonight 70-64 against pitt in big east tourney but they put up a very good fight. Vaughn went off for 30 but got no help... Oh well, heres looking forward to next year and watching the man-child yancy gates put it down!!
  5. OUCH 45 point blowout loss tonight at UConn... never in it from the start and will now play Pitt this Wed in the tourney. Lets hope they actually show up for this one or thats it for another season of bearcat basketball.
  6. looked like huggy bear was thoroughly embarrassed toward the end of the game... and WVU set a new school record for lowest shooting percentage ouch
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