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  1. Can’t his dumbass just be banned, I don’t know, for being an dumbass douche bag?
  2. I wonder what brand of crack-crap this moron takes everyday. How unprofessional is it of this half-baked so-called journalist to still be trying to spew this garbage when Joe himself came out and said that this garbage did not start with his camp. FO all of them.
  3. If I remember correctly Falco had a broken bone in his neck last year. Not sure he would be a viable option as a backup.
  4. Sarcasm is so hard to get across on a computer screen.
  5. Rivers to the Colts. Dalton price keeps going up! Source: Philip Rivers to join Colts on 1-year, $25M deal
  6. Now go get a OL and LB, DB (even resign Dennard), Cut Dre and Hart, Trade AD to NE for whatever they have. I'd be happy with that.
  7. And Schobert is gone. Joe Schobert joins Jaguars on five-year, $53.8M deal
  8. Well I guess the market for Dalton just went up Brees agrees to two-year, $50M deal with Saints
  9. All I am asking is do something that looks like you are trying to improve, really improve. Sign one GOOD player at a position of need. I should know after all this time, it really won't change. Maybe it's over dramatic since it is so soon, but it's ground hog day all over again. In the words of Austin Powers, "Throw us a freaking bone"
  10. I am not expecting this team to go ape-shit crazy in free agency, but I at least would like it if they would make ONE DAMN MOVE of need!. Get either a LB or OL that is a proven player and young enough to be here a few years. Always waiting what kind of blue-light specials they can find is tiresome. I know today is the "official" start, but look at all the other teams that at least made a move to better a known weakness, especially the freakin Browns.,
  11. Mikey and the family are still trying to figure out how the camera on the laptop works before they can skype with potential free agents.
  12. And the Texans just traded Hopkins to the Arizona for David Johnson and picks.
  13. Does his health have any direct relationship to the crack medical staff? I'd rather have Dennard that Dre.
  14. It's like he is the anti-Mayfield. He has the confidence, but also the humility and maturity to realize that he has to prove that he can do it at the next level.
  15. I feel that we won't see Dalton moved until draft day #2. I think most teams will wait to see what is left, and then go after him.
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