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  1. The Pats probably stole the sign for the 4th and goal Dalton sneak and relayed that to the Browns. That is the only explanation as to why Andy got stuffed, right?
  2. Nothing like having a first and goal from the two, a running back that is on fire and trying to throw on first down with an 8 yard lose. STUPID, STUPID, STUPID. Even on the third down play before, why have Andy attempt a throw. Mixon should have been the only one with the ball in his hands. STUPID, STUPID, STUPID.
  3. Would love to see Whit back in the fold, if for nothing else to teach the oline on how to play.
  4. Yep gotta win this one. Hopefully there less Mayfield commercials on the tv next year that the NFL is force feeding it's fans. The NFL jumped all over the browns ass for this year, its great that they are falling apart.
  5. Keith is just pickled. He may have actually already past away, but with the amount of drugs in his system, we may not be sure for years.
  6. For some reason I only remember the 2-14 season. thanks for the correction. It's hell getting old.
  7. They did fire LeBeau after only one year with the 2-14 record, so there is that.
  8. I'm 60 years old, 5'-8" and 185lbs, I'm better than Hart. I would like to see Williams play, but only if he is completely healed. I would not want him to re-injury himself in a couple meaningless games. This season is over, might as well let him heal.
  9. Jerry knows how to make money, plus having the Super Bowl trophy sitting in his office strokes his ego. Mikey is just content to roll along.
  10. I just have a bad feeling that this weekend may be it for Mr. Finley. The Stealers are going to be mad that their boy got banged in the head and will be looking to inflict damage on an opposing AFCN QB. Finley will be just the meat they desire to do all kinds of nasty to, so Mr. Dalton will get to showcase his talents until the end of the year after the Stealers pull another Kimo on Finley.
  11. That he will want starter money? It's how I feel. He has always wanted starter money, but he isn't starter material, especially after setting out for 3 years. He would rather be an activist, so he should just do that.
  12. Kap won't sign anywhere. He will want Tom Brady money and the best offer he will get is Jan Brady money.
  13. You could put the galloping ghost behind this line and he'd get killed. I think they need to address O-line and LB for the next draft, then QB. I do like AD, but he has been awful this year, even when he has had time. The picks yesterday, no excuse for any of them. O-line coach needs to go, D-coach needs to go. His defense scheme seems to be none. I have no idea that not matter what LB's we send out, they can't cover RB or TE and cannot tackle.
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