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  1. I'm not so sure he is in over his head, but I was really hoping that we could have talked Wade Phillips into becoming our DC.
  2. Well in CBS defense, they send the "Z" team to cover the Bengals. Why pay good money to cover this crap.
  3. Well Taylor could keep it as it is, that has worked so well. Might as well try something different.
  4. I'd trade Dre for a bag of dried spinach, (and I hate spinach). I'm not high on getting rid of Green, but if the value is there, then yes. The same constant would be whom is making the extra picks we would have. I don't have confidence that they would get it right, or let Taylor pick the guys he feels he needs to fit into whatever system he wants to run here. Big Lou either needs to change up is stupid 2 LB system, or take that nightmare somewhere else. we should be running a 3-4 and 4-3 Defense. with the DL that we have, I feel that is a better fit. We just need LB that can cover and tackle.
  5. I'm thinking they end up in a tie, just the way this year is going.
  6. For what it is worth, on the holding call on Tate, he was engaged with the defender as Phillips ran past. The defender turn and from what I could see, Tate let go as soon as the guy turned. I'm with LeTigre on this. It was a hose job straight up.
  7. I am a Dalton fan, with the realization that he will never be Brady. However, it was not Dalton's fault that there is no Bengal within 10 yards of 49'er receivers all day long, and that they entire defense forgot how to tackle. Dre needs to be cut today. He can't cover anyone close enough to challenge a pass, and when the pass is caught, half the time he whiffs on the tackle. Andy may not be elite, but he far from the biggest problem with this team. I thought after the Seattle game, they would be better than expected, Next week will be the tell. If they fall flat on their face again, it is going to be a very, very long season. There is a good possibility that the Monday night game will be for the first win for either the Bengals or the stealers.
  8. I like how Zac owned the mis-managed clock. Nice to see a coach take accountability, for coaching.
  9. I will be curious to see what he does after Bobby Hart has his tenth false start and fifth holding penalty after the second game if he drops Hart and starts Price at right guard.
  10. I agree with Mike on the 18 game season. Way too long with this sport, however, they should expand the roster to at least 60 players. Why 53? that seems like someone just threw a dart at board full of numbers.
  11. I agree with JC above. Marvin always played not to lose. He never would try to score if they had a big lead. How many times have the Ravens and Stealers scored on the Bengals late in a game, just to rub it in? In my opinion the biggest blow to Marvin's coaching career here,(besides his lack of in-game adjustments) was the injury to Palmer. Prior to that he had a killer instinct, after he was afraid of his own shadow in the pocket. If not for that injury, I believe the Bengals would have at least 1 or 2 SB rings.
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