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  1. Someone also needs to teach this putrid defense how to tackle! It is pathetic that year after year we have all these so called talented players, but none of them seem to have a clue of how to actually make a tackle. Next cut the entire right side of the line. Williams, Jordan and Hopkins are fine, but Johnson and Hart have got to go.
  2. I feel after watching this game and comparing it to the National Championship game, along with Burrow's comments, that they need to go to a more up-tempo offense. Burrow seems to be better suited to a get to the line and go style of ball. He has better rhythm mad seems to see the field better with that style. I hate when they break the huddle and get to the line and there are 10 to 15 seconds left, then they hurry and run the play called whether it works against the D or not. I for one would like to see a more up-tempo offense, but I wanted that with Dalton as well.
  3. Even the announcers said I guess the Bengals new strategy is to NOT block Bosa.
  4. Gio needs to get back to the running back he was earlier in his career. The type that breaks peoples ankles, like the one Dolphin game. He isn't they type to consistently run over people, he is the one you get the ball to in space and let him do his thing. This can be a very dynamic one-two punch out of the back field. The fact that both of them are good receivers should really open the offense, IF they put them in together once and awhile.
  5. Now all I have to do is get the quitters name removed from my jersey sand replace it with Burrow
  6. Wow, I guess he really does want to play for the Bengals. What will they say at ESPN??
  7. Maybe it's just me, but I think 18 million for a year is big money!
  8. He seems to not have known how cocky Boomer was. To say they never had a QB with no confidence or attitude is just plain wrong.
  9. Yep, Stealers and Raven are allowed to be tough hard-nosed football teas, but the lowly Bengals need to stay in their lane or else the league will come down on them. Man it is hard being married to a stealer fan.
  10. Yep and what punishment did he receive? NOTHING!!!
  11. I want this team to play tough. One of my favorite Whitworth moments was in the Jacksonville game when he got into a scrap with one of their D lineman. They were trying to bully the Bengals and Whit had enough. Those are the type of players that I want on this team.
  12. OK I guess this was taken wrong. I am not saying I want them to play dirty and injury anyone. I want this team to be like the 49's of the 80's or the Bears in the 80's.
  13. If Burfict and Pacman had played for the Stealers or Ravens, they would have been lauded over as just playing the Stealer or Raven way, good ol hard noised football. The fact that they played for the Bengals is why they were not given any benefit. Not saying that some of their crap was wrong, but the Stealers have been punishing other teams, especially the Bengals for decades and is has been allowed, because they are the Stealers. When the Bengals started playing hard nosed football, all of sudden its wrong, because they are the bengals and it must not be allowed for them to overtake the chosen few. Look at the crap coming out before this years draft, every talking head said the Bengals did nit deserve to have a talent like Burrow on it's team. F all of them. I hope we have a few hard nosed players coming out of this draft that will light up WR/TE/RB coming across the middle like RAy Ray used too. I want a SS that will make the other team plan around him like the hair. I want our team to be a team that other teams do not want to play.
  14. Hopefully they 1) either resign him at a lower cost, 2) find a quality veteran QB to be the backup. I do not want to go into the season with the garbage we have for backup QBs.
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