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  1. Man I forgot about Jess. He was fun to watch, also Essex Johnson.
  2. I went with the Kens. Anderson, because he deserves it. Riley because how can anyone not have voted for him to be in the HOF???? He's been retired since 1983 and he is still #5 ALL-TIME IN INTS. He is also my favorite all time Bengal.
  3. The problem is they will call a unnecessary roughness for hitting the steeler LB to hard.
  4. I really don't put much stock in combine numbers. I think its a waste of time to run an OL in a 40 yard dash. I grant you there is a little value to the combine, in person interviews, maybe you see if they have the work ethic to try and improve themselves. Watch what they do in college, that should tell you the type of game they have. I remember a lot of folks saying that Emmitt Smith was to small to very good in the NFL and Jerry Rice was to slow. I go back and forth between Chase and Sewell, I see the benefit to either one.
  5. I guess they fell the young LB's they drafted last year will be enough?? I'd like Bynes back as well, plus at least one thumper, need that in our division.
  6. Or Maybe JB got in the ear of someone, and said " I WANT CHASE".
  7. Did Dukes dad smack him upside the head!! Maybe Mikey boy had a "christmas carol" visit from Paul. The last two years of FA has me feeling optimistic about the future. I'll keep it in check until the year plays out, but i'm hopeful
  8. I would at least thought we would have one veteran OLINE out of FA??? Hopefully we get an upgrade by the end of the week.
  9. I wouldn't mind seeing John Brown signed. He always seemed to be a guy the QB could rely on, plus if memory serves me correctly, he does have some speed.
  10. Hopefully they sign a free agent "D" coordinator, that would be our best free agent move.
  11. Ya know I'm glad they went all in on the "social connection group" with all the added personnel, how about doing the same for the scouting staff?
  12. I don't think it is fair to discount pre-super bowl champions. Since the Super Bowl is nothing more than the NFL Championships, they still count. I use this argument with steeler fans and "we have more than anyone bs" I was going to post the list, but it is rather large. Link instead. Professional American football championship games - Wikipedia
  13. For what it’s worth, I hate the 2 LB defense. It barely works against any team in the nfl, and it is stupid to use in the AFC north
  14. Well neither did Ken Riley, but Charles Woodson makes it. go figure
  15. Chargers, Texans, Falcons request permission to talk to Joe Brady (yahoo.com) And the chance to get Joe Brady probably just left the building, if it was ever there in the first place.
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