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  1. Well, she does still have that cheerleader picture pose down.
  2. There are times I'm glad I'm just one of the worker bees. I do not have to deal with anyone's ego or BS if I so choose. I just look at them and say, "I'm sorry I have work to do", and go about my merry way. Also, I do not have to take my work home unless we are very busy, or I so desire.
  3. This last paragraph tells me why we should take Burrow. I know this is a mock, but if so many others teams are willing to part with so much for this guy, don't ya think we should take him ourselves?
  4. Don't forget Tate! Can you imagine Tate running the post or slant and getting the ball in stride.
  5. I had a conversation with my Steeler brother-in-law over Christmas. He said that he would love to see the Stealers get Burrow's to replace bennie. I said Mike brown is a moron, but I can't see him making a trade like that to set up a division rival that well for the next decade. I thought about it and said, yes I could.
  6. I just hope that our current coach is half as innovative as Sam was.
  7. Maybe she likes Skyline Chilli dogs?
  8. I don't think AB seems to be a head case, he IS a head case. He definitely bought in the "steeler" way of doing things, so he feels entitled to do what ever he wants. It's the "steeler way"
  9. I have rooms to paint and storage shelves to build. That is probably more than the crack staff will do.
  10. I had season tickets in 86,87 and 88. some of the best years to watch Bengal football. I will never forgot that Seattle game. My friends and I could see the snowball coming from the second deck. It hits right in front on the holder. We all thought what a great arm on that guy. Then the refs go talk to Sam and we has to walk across the field to the mic and says what he said. We all just went did he really just say that. one of the best people this organization has every employed. Very cool story LT. Sam is one of the few "known" people I wish I could have had a conversation with.
  11. The Pats probably stole the sign for the 4th and goal Dalton sneak and relayed that to the Browns. That is the only explanation as to why Andy got stuffed, right?
  12. Nothing like having a first and goal from the two, a running back that is on fire and trying to throw on first down with an 8 yard lose. STUPID, STUPID, STUPID. Even on the third down play before, why have Andy attempt a throw. Mixon should have been the only one with the ball in his hands. STUPID, STUPID, STUPID.
  13. Would love to see Whit back in the fold, if for nothing else to teach the oline on how to play.
  14. Yep gotta win this one. Hopefully there less Mayfield commercials on the tv next year that the NFL is force feeding it's fans. The NFL jumped all over the browns ass for this year, its great that they are falling apart.
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