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  1. I wish Kiper would have called out Dan as one of the trolls that said Burrow should not play in Cincinnati. I agree, F the media. It will be great to have him shut up everyone and see this team as the team I think it can be.
  2. Maybe someone here remembers, I don't. I know Carson was the certain pick for Marvin and the Bengals. Did he do the combine? I don't recall him being there.
  3. Hopefully Hart goes as well. He's like a screen door on a submarine.
  4. I like him as well, I just do not think it would hurt the entire o-line to spend the offseason learning from one of the better players that this team has ever had.
  5. He needs to take a trip to Atlanta and enroll in Big Willie's "how to be an NFL offensive lineman" class.
  6. I have a feeling that the stealers will try to take Fromm as Bens replacement. Just a gut feeling.
  7. But i'm sure they know how to use the Surface Pro, so it's an upgrade. Maybe they will be in next years commercial.
  8. Now that worries the crap out of me. Mel Kiper is wrong more times than he is right.
  9. My understanding is the Burrow could not pull an Eli even if he wanted to. I believe that the NFL changed the rules so that if that is the case he would have to sit out the year and re-enter the draft next year. I cannot see ANYONE taking a complete year off and expecting the be a high draft pick, Kapernick the exception. Burrow will be the next QB for Cincinnati or mickeyboy will have a full on riot on his hands at PBS. Even he isn't that stupid, I hope.
  10. Maybe, just maybe, good ol Mikeyboy realizes that he is pass the age that his father died and will have an epiphany that if he wants to win a championship and had his fathers name to the trophy he needs to change his ways. Maybe, I doubt it, but maybe.
  11. I wish they would go back and read some of Paul Browns books on coaching. Mikeyboy must have forgot the first player PB drafted to start building a BRAND NEW TEAM, was a center!
  12. I give you he is better than Webb, most rookies are. The problem with Dre is he talks a good game, but he gets burnt on simple moves and whenever the QB throws a pass 20 yards over whomever he is supposed to be covering acts like he did something. The only thing Dre is good at is celebrating.
  13. I think Tate is going to become a beast. A lot like Bolden was.
  14. I agree, that is why I feel that an incentive based contract is the best he is going to get and if I was the GM is the direction I would go. Being as its Mikeyboy, all bets are off.
  15. Just to speculate here. It may be a good thing that he did not play last year. With all the little nagging injuries that AJ has had, he basically has not played for almost 2 years. Would that have helped to have those finally heal up completely? Who knows, certainly not the Bengals crack medical staff. I thing a 3 year contract around 30 to 45 million total, with incentives built into it, would be fair to both sides. AJ has to realize that his injury history makes such a contract reasonable and is probably what he would face on the open market. When he is healthy, he is still going to be one of the best, but if he can't get on the field, he is not going to make any money, here or elsewhere.
  16. I wouldn't mine a KJ Hill. My issue with him, is if he is not involved early in the came, he seems to shut down. Other than that I want at least one good o-line , a LB that can actually play LB, and a DB/SS that will hit people and make the opposing O afraid. I want this generations version of David Fulcher.
  17. Well, she does still have that cheerleader picture pose down.
  18. There are times I'm glad I'm just one of the worker bees. I do not have to deal with anyone's ego or BS if I so choose. I just look at them and say, "I'm sorry I have work to do", and go about my merry way. Also, I do not have to take my work home unless we are very busy, or I so desire.
  19. This last paragraph tells me why we should take Burrow. I know this is a mock, but if so many others teams are willing to part with so much for this guy, don't ya think we should take him ourselves?
  20. Don't forget Tate! Can you imagine Tate running the post or slant and getting the ball in stride.
  21. I had a conversation with my Steeler brother-in-law over Christmas. He said that he would love to see the Stealers get Burrow's to replace bennie. I said Mike brown is a moron, but I can't see him making a trade like that to set up a division rival that well for the next decade. I thought about it and said, yes I could.
  22. I just hope that our current coach is half as innovative as Sam was.
  23. Maybe she likes Skyline Chilli dogs?
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