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  1. [quote name='BadassBengal' post='490380' date='May 24 2007, 01:00 AM']haha. not at sycamore apparently.[/quote] hahahahaha mr good had it coming to him...
  2. how can you download the beta... do you have to get crackdown?
  3. [quote name='A-Men-HouseofPain' post='444061' date='Feb 22 2007, 02:53 AM']i like it. you build up different ratings in the game. i havent played it a ton because i have a lot of shit due this week, but i find it way more fun than GTA or Saints Row (which i bought and put away after a week or two). Having rooftops and jumping up and having to do a lot of moves to make the game more fun makes it enjoyable for me. It has more to do than GTA or Saints Row because of that feature. I believe they put Halo 3 Beta with it because it is made by Microsoft Game Studios, which works with Bungie a lot. This was a way for Bungie to help them out. Not to mention there isnt any other games out or coming out right now that are that big.[/quote] how's the halo 3 beta?
  4. alright... I've had enough. dont talk about liking noodles long and making them short. just tell this "bradley" orange and black that you'd be totally down for moving in and fucking mass. and then you wouldnt have had to talk about how "WANGin" shit is for 5 million posts. ps: good luck brad... and show that vagbox who's boss. NINJA FACE x5!!!!!11
  5. [quote name='Jamie_B' post='405990' date='Dec 12 2006, 04:04 PM']For some reason this one reminds me of BAB. [img]http://i.thefairest.info/funniest_thumbs/ooUMgd.jpeg[/img][/quote] now if that kid was 10 times darker itd be a dead match.
  6. The situation: my band has just started playing our first shows and we had to film a live video for a battle of the bands try out. The porblem: we want to transfer the video onto the computer. but you cant transfer the video from the camera to the comptuer through a usb port or anything like that... its just on the little cassette in the camera. What I think I can do (but not sure): We are thinking we should plug the camera in the tv, then record the video from the cassette onto a DVD with a DVD recorder. Then we would put the DVD on the computer... and we are wondering if there is a way you can rip the video and save it onto your comptuer as a video file. I've got no idea what kinda of format the files might be and if we would be able to save the video from the DVD to the computer or not. i've got no clue on this issue. So any help or information would be greatly appriciated.
  7. ha... i didnt see this till just now. Thanks alot for the happy birthday... it was the big 18 for me. im an adult now. which is some fucked up shit. hittin the titty bar tonight or tomorrow.
  8. went to the mall on tuesday with two friends to play it and when we got to electronics botique.... standing in the middle of the store talking to the clerk is Chad Johnson. 2 seconds later my friend is playing some racing game on the wii with chad johnson and beats his ass. You know you are surrounded by nerds though when Chad Johnson is standing there playing the wii and some kid walks into the store and doesnt notice Chad but instead says "OH MY GOD! The Wii." It was classic.
  9. [quote name='tracenuts' post='375616' date='Oct 30 2006, 10:32 AM']plus theres going to be a serious amount of shortages on these systems, i don't remember the exact amount but each store is only getting like 30 on launch. personally i can't wiat for the Wii to come out, its going to be the cheapest of all the systems and it looks badass[/quote] i think its 15 per store... or something like that. i heard like 400,000 in the U.S. at launch or something. wii will pwn ASS.
  10. [quote name='WhoDeyForever' post='372069' date='Oct 25 2006, 05:02 PM']Is it just me or did we blitz a lot more Sunday? It worked good espically with Ahmad in the middle..I hope to see this Sunday also aganist ATL.[/quote] definetely blitzed more... i was so releived to see bres not be so damn conservative. who knows what he will do against vick though.
  11. [quote name='tracenuts' post='371840' date='Oct 25 2006, 10:53 AM']thats retarded... having a team give up home games is stupid, if theres growing interest out the US then start NFL teams in those countries, such as baseball did with Toronto.[/quote] the way i see it is thats the point. they arnt going to start a football team in say china if they have no clue how well the games would be attended. i think the nfl is trying to get a grasp on how well the nfl would do in these countires. then after this little experiment they will have a better idea on if they should expand or not
  12. im scared of jerious norwood. it was here, on this site, that i first saw him because someone started a thread in the preseaon with a compilation video of him. the dude is fast as fuck (fastest 40 at the combine if i remember right) and very agile... and how we often have trouble with tackling... im afraid he (dunn and vick too) could break off some huge plays agasint our sometimes poor tackling defense. should be interesting.
  13. what a bunch of douche bags. i can understand how our team has "Questions" but do we not get ANY respect for beating carolina?
  14. [quote name='schotzee' post='357381' date='Oct 2 2006, 02:43 PM']For some reason we suck at home to +500 teams.Did anybody see that stat they showed yesterday before the game about us losing to those teams during the Marvin era?[/quote] i saw it. that was a suprising stat imo.
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