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  1. i'd definatly salute him and his outfit if i saw it in person. the hat was especially great. actually i wil lsalutethe outfit now. *salute*
  2. honestly from what i've read so far... BJ probably won't remember half of what happened last night... but that half he remembers should be a good ass story. i wonder if he knows we lost?
  3. also boomer 07... good point about the eclipse being small on the inside, didnt really think about that
  4. could possibly be carsons hummer but...given that you were in kenwood it could be one of the local highschool QB's hummer that their rich ass parents got for them, the highschool around kenwood are all rich i would guess itd have to be one or the other
  5. doesnt chad have an apartment in the "1 lydle place" right near paul brown stadium? i remember hearing something about that...i think on "Chads Corner" on fox 19 during the season not sure though
  6. today i saw a truck and on the back window they had a browns helmet sticker on the left side and then a bengals sticker on the right side... must be a torn household during football season
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