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  1. Unreal…gotta burn at least three minutes and with the way they were running the ball makes no sense. Either way I don’t think the stealers have the offense to come back
  2. How different than Marvin ball. Would have run the ball three times and punted only to let the stealers get a FG as time expired before half
  3. If the Bengals can land Eichenberg or Jenkins at 38 that should shut up any of the national pundits claiming the Chase pick was stupid. The draft is playing out exactly how we had hoped with the OL depth being there in rd 2.
  4. Any chance Geno comes back on a smaller deal? With his relationship with the new DT and familiarity?
  5. Dang, that sucks. Options dwindle makes the price go up. Besides now the Pats are saying they want to keep Thuney. Less optimistic we land a difference maker than I was last weekend.
  6. How did they already sign him? Wasn’t there a deadline they had to wait for?
  7. I think they were pretty high on Jalen Hurts. Likely not going to draft a QB
  8. Terrible play call back to back. 2 yards to go and very low percentage routes
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