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  1. I think they were pretty high on Jalen Hurts. Likely not going to draft a QB
  2. Terrible play call back to back. 2 yards to go and very low percentage routes
  3. Had to look it up to be sure but it seemed the Bengals misfortune with 1st round picks missing most if not all of their rookie seasons. Since 2012: Cedric Ogbuehi, 2015: Appeared in just five games after rehabbing. William Jackson, 2016: Missed season after tearing pectoral in camp. John Ross, 2017: Graduation and injuries limited him to three games, 17 snaps. Billy Price, 2018: Combine pectoral injury, early-season injury limited him to 10 games. Jonah Williams, 2019: missed entire season with torn labrum Joe Bu
  4. Not trying to be funny...it’s just how cursed this franchise and city are
  5. Waiting on confirmation the amputation was successful. Guaranteed top 5 pick now, maybe first or second. Absolutely snakebitten
  6. Takk waived, failed his physical. That worked out well.
  7. What string are we down to at CB? Fifth and six along WJ?
  8. This is the 5th game Bengals lead going into 4th quarter. 5 out of 8. Hard to believe 1-5-1
  9. Seems like a different energy today. Makes you wonder if Dunlap was really affecting the locker room
  10. That’s for sure. I was content giving Taylor a pass this year but now not so much. When a coach loses the locker room it’s just best to move on
  11. Not seeing how a free agent signed off the street this week is a better option than a ProBowl option in Geno. I frankly don’t trust this coaching staff to say this is best for the team. I get it more with Dunlap because there *were* better options with Lawson and Hubbard. But DT has been decimated with injuries and the coaches think Geno is best suited for 3rd down pass rush options. Gimme a break.
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