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  1. The endless bad luck with this team is almost unbelievable. The odds of this many picks getting hurt has got to be like winning the lottery. Except winning this lottery just keeps us bent over asking for another beat down.
  2. Well, the curse officially continues. Is that six picks in a row to miss part of if not entire rookie year? https://www.cincyjungle.com/2019/6/25/18758545/alabama-football-jonah-williams-surgery-bengals-news
  3. Let’s hope it isn’t serious https://www.cincyjungle.com/2019/6/11/18661465/nfl-injury-news-jonah-williams-bengals-alabama-crimson-tide-football
  4. Something different to discuss. With a new coaching regime coming in, seems like the perfect time to rebrand the Bengals. That could include a new logo, uniform, and marketing. With the frugal owners we have it’s not likely, but I think it could be another reason to get people excited about the team again. What do you folks think?
  5. I know the Saints have been making any defense look silly lately, but this looks like the varsity team going against the 8th grade scout defense.
  6. palmer4mvp

    Injury updates

    Well, don’t know if the Bengals can recover from this one. Unreal the amount of injuries and the big names going down every single game. https://www.cincyjungle.com/2018/11/4/18061242/bengals-wr-a-j-green-visiting-foot-specialist-during-bye-week
  7. palmer4mvp

    Injury updates

    Lol you guys have a point there. Hope we don’t get Monty Pythoned on this one
  8. palmer4mvp

    Injury updates

    Cincy Jungle has an update that it is simple precautionary and he is fine. Good news in an otherwise terrible year of injuries so far.
  9. A win is a win but afraid we are kidding ourselves of being able to compete with the better teams. Think about the fact we almost lost on a day we score 37 points and get 4 turnovers.
  10. Just ridiculous. Not even a first down in the second half. Terrible clock management and play calling. Foot off the gas, and here comes another three and out. We will lose this game, calling it now
  11. Clock management again. Absolutely no reason to not run the clock down to under 5 seconds every down. Just keep at least a minute plus on the clock, plus another 2 the previous three and out.
  12. Looks like the players bought into their own hype and thought they would just show up and roll over the Fins. Not sure we can’t come back, we did have two red zone opportunities so we are moving the ball. Won’t matter if the defense can’t stop the run or pass.
  13. Living in Dallas figured I would go check out this years squad. Count me as one of the believers who thinks this team will surprise people this year. The OL will be better than last year and if we get any luck with health we should make noise. Who Dey!
  14. palmer4mvp

    Bengals v Titans Game Day thread

    This team is just about impossible to watch. The offense finally does something to win and the defense give it up. Pisspuke also just drove the entire field to kick a FG to win the game. Being a bengals fan is infuriating.

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