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  1. This would be a solid pickup…wonder if this is if they don’t end up with Collins or in addition to that deal. https://www.si.com/nfl/bengals/news/report-bengals-interested-cornerback-stephon-gilmore
  2. Also, will be very interesting if the former Saints now in Cincy can recruit Armstead to come join them for another SB run. Maybe he won’t command top dollar knowing he is coming in to a winning program and the Joe factor. Move Jonah to RT or LG (Spain move to RG), and sign a quality replacement where Jonah doesn’t end up and we could be cooking.
  3. Good post, I agree completely. The front office tried and had a pretty good plan going into the season, it just was the one area we couldn’t afford a major injury. Reiff was the guy…if he plays in the playoffs and Super Bowl, I truly believe the Bengals win all of them and by bigger margins. If Burrow can do what he did behind this line, just imagine what he will do behind a better line.
  4. My point was he seems like the type that would rather surround himself with talent to get deep playoff runs every year than to push for the largest deal in the NFL. Seems he understands that once you have that kind of crazy money he sets up generations of his family whether it is 100 million or 400 million. Like I said, could be wrong and his agent will certainly try and get him the biggest deal.
  5. Too early to give him a lifetime contract? I know technically we can’t, but team has to keep him in stripes his entire career. I could be wrong, but I can see Burrow accepting a contract that keeps helping the team build around him instead of the highest paid QB type deal.
  6. Decades of misery and near misses. Of being bullied by serial cheaters and having the worst injury luck ever. ALL of it exercised like a demon being cast out by Jesus himself. One more to go, and it’s gotta be San Fran to complete the ultimate exorcism.
  7. Peter especially pointing out the Chiefs mistakes and “drops” is just cherry picking. Of course if a couple of plays go the other ways the outcome could have been different. A penalty isnt called on 4th down at the 1 and Bengals get no points lots of people probably call for Zac to be fired. Peter should rewatch and realize the Bengals had two interceptions that were dropped. If even one of those is caught, perhaps the Bengals win by 10-14 points. No “expert” should say one team made those kind of mistakes and lost the game. A choice to punt lost the game? Not in that game it didn’t. What if the Bengals went 3 and out after the punt? regardless, the Bengals have been given small or no chances all year. Joe takes it personally and plays better because of it. Has his whole life. I’m taking Bengals tomorrow, and I think it will be a 10 point win minimum.
  8. Ya think? Season is over if he gets hurt, and they have so many other weapons. I see your point though…whatever it takes mentality.
  9. Allen can run…just doesn’t seem to be a smart option at the risk of injury
  10. Realistically they need a RT, whether that is a free agent or they move Jonah over there if they get Orlando Brown. Like I said, Hopkins is likely to come back stronger and has shown he is at least average if not a little above average. RG becomes less of a problem if both the C and RT are higher quality. Spain has had a good year and 30 isn’t old. Draft two guys and whoever loses the battle in training camp becomes backups that have starting experience. Just my two cents. even the teams with the best OL don’t have five Anthony Munoz playing.
  11. Agreed…they had a rough game but this is an overreaction. Burrow said they had new looks that weren’t on film, and two sacks were on Burrow. Another “sack” was when Burrow pulled it down and tried to run and the spot put him behind the line so they credited a sack but it wasn’t really a sack. Jonah is fine, Spain only gave up one sack, and the other three will likely look for upgrades or maybe Reiff resigns. Hopkins will also have an entire off-season removed from surgery and can train differently, I expect him to come back better.
  12. I see them already adjusting. Burrow is settling in. We are a 2nd half team and get the ball. Feeling confident
  13. Clock was running before the ball was snapped on that punt. Some home cooking there bs
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