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  1. This. On the flip side, this is the type of game the Bengals in the past would have gotten beat badly. With all the miscues, rookie mistakes, and turnovers the team should have at a minimum gone to OT. The refs cost us the win by calling that penalty on AJ that they hadn’t called all day on the Chargers. Either way Burrow is the future and he proved it today. Also really think the defense will be at least average this year. The additions all played well and Geno was on the sideline.
  2. Awful clock management yet again to let the other team even have the ball back before half much less let them march right down and kick an easy FG
  3. I wasn’t saying Dalton did what he did in spite of the greatness around him, like I said he is what he is. Decidedly average. Put an elite QB on some of those teams and I agree there would have likely been more success. But the overall record in prime time and playoff games seems more of a coaching and game plan issue than just saying Dalton sucked. The whole team sucked in most of those games, not just Dalton.
  4. I am also ready to move on from Dalton, he is what he is....BUT let’s not crap on the guy on the way out. He gave us a lot of great moments and I still believe the 2012 team would have won multiple playoff games had he not broken his thumb, if not the Super Bowl. Let’s hope Burrow comes in and becomes the next Brady but Dalton has never been the biggest reason the team didn’t win in my opinion.
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